Megyn Kelly dishes to Leno about her alter-ego ‘Rachel,’ why Weiner bugged her most

Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly appeared on “The Tonight Show” Monday night – and showed why the cable channel is destroying its competition in the news market.

And it’s not just her looks.

megynkelly1210“I’m a straight news anchor, I’m not of the opinion hosts at Fox,” Kelly told host Jay Leno, fielding the inevitable question about political bias at the otherwise conservative network.

“I don’t care about pandering to the left or the right, I care about protecting my audience. My boss, Roger Ailes, pays me a decent amount of money to go out there and ask questions, because he thinks I know the questions my audience wants answers to.”

In the Leno interview, Kelly talked about how she started a career as a corporate lawyer, after learning the art of persuasion in a telephone sales job using a persona she called “Rachel” because she was embarrassed to use her own name.

“Rachel” got paid on commission, Kelly said, during a discussion about the federal miniumum wage.

“Rachel was very good at her job,” Kelly said.

From “Rachel,” Kelly went into a decade of corporate law, which she decided to switch after realizing she didn’t want to spend her life “paper pushing and arguing with the other side.”

Now, she said, she argues with everyone.

“Straight news anchors like myself give a hard time to both sides.”

Can a “straight news” anchor at one of the broadcast networks make that same claim with a straight face? NBC’s former Carter White House intern Brian Williams? ABC’s Diane Sawyer, whose interview with Mitt and Ann Romney last year boiled down to variations of “why should Americans like anyone as rich as you?”

In the Leno interview, except for a clearly profound dislike for former Congressman Anthony Weiner – “I couldn’t believe the hubris he had” — Kelly came off as non-partisan.

“I always tell people if they think I’m this conservative operative, ask Karl Rove if that’s true,” she said, alluding to election night 2012, when Rove refused to believe the Fox news projection that showed President Obama winning Ohio and the presidency. In one of the more memorable moments of a dismally forgettable evening, Kelly ended up taking a camera crew to the “decision desk” to interview the men who stood by their projection.

It’s a barometer of how far the libs control the media when a news division at Fox is defined as “conservative” just by virtue of not be being liberal. The same standard makes Leno a “conservative” late-night comic, just because he’s not the boot-licking liberal like David Letterman. (A Megyn Kelly appearance on Letterman would be something to see, actually.)

On the GOP-Democrat divide in D.C., she said simply, “I don’t know how to change it, but I do know it’s great to cover as a newsperson.”

Words of a pro.



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  • ObamaVoters

    The only reference I see to “Rachel” is in the title. ???

    • Jeane

      Did you not read the article….it’s there !

      • ObamaVoters

        …was not there when I first read it. I even used the search function in my browser.

    • Utahlady

      read it again.

  • Utahlady

    She really is a pro and gives anybody hell that gets in the way of common sense,logic and she does it like a classy lady!

    • francoamerian

      Actually she is where Bill O’Rielley wants to be. She pulls no punches and is fair. The main thing is she gives the person she is interviewing time to say their piece, but she will come right back at them is she thinks they re BS ing.

      • Doug

        She’s flat out gorgeous!

  • Patrick McCarthy

    Great interview I always liked Megan and it was nice to see her as just one of us.

  • Doug

    It’s not too bad if he bugs you just don’t let him bugger you.

  • DebraJMSmith

    At least she admitted to not being a conservative. –I’ve known this about her for some time. But many conservatives want to look the other way with people like her.