Bowing to dictators again: Did Obama just bow to Cuba’s Raul Castro?

USA Today tweeted a picture of  President Obama shaking hands with Cuba’s Raul Castro early Tuesday morning that is soon to travel the web with the question, “was that a handshake or a bow?”

Weasel Zippers’ Nickarama got the ball rolling by posting the tweet with his clear opinion, “it was a bow.” He also noted Castro didn’t bow back.

Playing devil’s advocate here, Castro is a pretty short guy and some bending may have been necessary for conversation, but given the president’s track record, the question is a valid one.

H/T: Weasel Zippers

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  • Hargraves Ian

    Scumbama would bow to any dictator such as Mugabi, Castro or Islamist Ayatola or Immamm. He has no moral fibre at all!

  • SD

    That’s ok he’ll need a nice communist country to settle down in when we throw his a$$ out.

    • Andrea Richardson

      Do you honestly think that Obummer will be thrown out? By whom may I ask? Seems like every Congressman and senator are in Obummers back pocket to
      .include the supreme court. So just who will throw him out? He needs to be impeached and then tried for treason. But I don’t see that happening either. Do you?

      • pete

        the commander of jsoc would be a good place to start.

      • ron

        If in 2014 the republicans win both houses Obama is done. Harry Reid and his Democratic Stooges will not be able to protect him…………………

      • SD

        Ron is right, we’ll have to wait until then and Even then who knows? Just wishful thinking on my part.

  • EliseR

    What a stupid assertion. Have you ever shaken hands with someone shorter than you? It’s natural to bend to be more level with them.

    • rascaltherat

      Stupid assertion?? You had better check his track record. And yes, I have shook hands with someone shorter and won’t bend over. I think it would demeaning. It most certainly WAS a bow.

    • boriswart

      Maybe it would have been just better to pull up a low chair to talk with that sawed-off dic-potator.

    • Brandon Johns

      Castro is a dictator regardless. If Obama was a real American president he would have ignored him.

      • EliseR

        So if you are in a situation where you are greeting a line of people, at an event dedicated to forgiveness, and its being filmed and watched around the world, you would just walk by someone you didn’t like and refuse to acknowledge him? What President would have done that?

        • Brandon Johns

          Absolutely! Castro is an evil dictator who even has Americans imprisoned down in Cuba. We are enemies with that nation. Face it, your beloved Obama is a joke.

        • Brandon Johns

          Obama also wasn’t walking down shaking hands with a line of people, he walked right up to the Castros at his own free will.

  • DNS

    That Castro fellow is very short and I am sure it was noisy there thus Obama’s posture. But I do prefer to have a President who would know better than to be in that situation. Having said that, let’s impeach that frigging idiot for being a frigging idiot.

  • EliseR

    So, if you think Obama shaking hands with Castro at a memorial service is so bad, do you think Bush kissing the king of Saudi Arabia is OK?

  • Thomas Aquinas

    In a related video, we have Hussein Obama blabbering incessantly about raising electricity prices to attack the financial situation of the middle class:

  • Thomas Aquinas

    Since civilization advances fastest when success is delivered with least sacrifice, and thus least merit, merit is near useless to consider.