Voice of Girl Scouts is ‘homo punk’ front man; organization takes troubling radical turn

homo punk 2It says something about the Girl Scouts of America’s radical approach in recent years that its chief spokesman is none other than Josh Ackley, front man for a “homo punk” rock group called “The Dead Betties.”

Ackley is not new to the Scouts. He’s been with the group since 2008, and a year later, he began blogging for it. He now appears to be both the face and voice of the 101-year-old organization after the recent departure of its public relations chief, Michelle Tompkins, according to Breitbart News.

Breitbart reported:

If you are a national reporter writing on the Girl Scouts and you call their national office in New York City, you will talk to … Josh Ackley.

If you are a Girl Scout mom concerned about the sometimes-troubling drift of the Girl Scouts in recent years, Josh Ackley may be the one you’ll meet with.

To put that drift into perspective, for the first time ever, the Girl Scouts marched in the San Francisco Gay Pride parade in July, according to LifeSiteNews. The following is a YouTube video of the girls’ appearance:

You may want to chalk that up to “that’s just San Francisco.” But what about Ackley?

When questioned by a LifeSiteNews reporter in March, Ackley made no effort to disassociate the national organization from the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts.

That global organization, which purports to speak for and on behalf of all its members, including the Girl Scouts of America, supports the Ball Global Youth Forum Declaration of December 2012 supporting “sexual rights” and abortion for the world’s youth. LifeSiteNews reported that the declaration:

asserts “sexual rights” for youth (including 10 year-olds) on nearly every page and demands, over a dozen times, youth access to “abortion” or “reproductive rights” and services. It marginalizes families — decrying parental consent and “age of consent” restrictions in sexual and reproductive matters — and casts religious objections to LBGT lifestyles as “religious intolerance.” Not surprisingly, the pro-abortionchorus embraces the Declaration.

“GSUSA does not have an official position on the Bali Global Youth Forum Declaration,” LifeSiteNews said in its official response.

The Girl Scouts welcomes girls as young as 5, if that puts the group’s impact into perspective.

I think the Girl Scouts of America can do a lot better. And I know the girls deserve better.


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  • Independent Voter

    “Girl Scouts”…”Boy Scouts”…

    The name or M.O.???

  • Rob

    Man, I gave up on the catholic church, boy scouts for my son and now NO cookies.

    • Eric

      I am right there with you!!! Just the other day I saw some Girl Scouts in a parade and I thought to myself, at least I can still buy Girl Scout Cookies,…………. NOT ! ! !

  • James hegarty

    No cookies for you!

  • robertdavidhummel

    Perfect is something strived for…but never obtained…until that day..or..moment…When in the Blink of an eye…The Lord will come and Reward us for the Sins we chose to idol, and the lives we chose to dispair. This Former Scouter is embarrassed that ..”We allow more effort toward deprivation, than the surety of positive Christian values that are woven in the Oaths of scouting. May Our Lord in Heaven reach down and remove the sinners of this venue…before they fall as in Babalon.

  • Eric

    What a totally worthless queerbait!

    • Doug

      This guy’s even scarier looking than J. Christian Adams.

  • Monster Patriot

    I bought my last girl scout cookies 2 years ago when they shorted the amount of cookies in a box. The boxes are the same size, but if you hold the thin mints next to the box, you can see they had 4 more cookies in that package. That is 8 less cookies per box!! Then they have the nerve to charge more!!

    • Alice

      Funny, it is not smart to come between a person and cookies. I don’t care for the cookies so I used to just buy them support the org. Now, I no longer need even to do that.

      • Eric

        I know,…. Liberal Activists screw up EVERYTHING for EVERYBODY ! ! !

      • Doug

        Thin Mints and ice cold milk. A great combo.

    • EliseR

      Yes, homosexuals really control the cookies in this country, which is an outrage since you are required to purchase them against your will.

      You realize many people buy expensive GS cookies to support the girls scouts, not because they are a great deal.

      • Monster Patriot

        Hmmm, gee I couldn’t possibly know that! You’re so smart! oh and Jesus loves you, Merry Christmas! :-)

        • EliseR

          Happy to enlighten the ignorant. Joyous Solstice!

          • Monster Patriot

            I guess you don’t get sarcasm! Move on Libtard!

          • Honest Indian

            So Elise, it makes you happy to enlighten the ignorant. So you’re one of those that can only make themselves look good, smart, witty, always at somebody else’s expense. You seem very unhappy, must be something to do with the Solstice. I promise you, if you just turn to love and blessings and some positive energy, you will find Jesus. And don’t think that Christians don’t like to dance around a fire naked. It’s just that we prefer to watch happy little dancers like you. Now why would you try and make other people feel bad over cookies? Are you so cursed by bad Karma that even cookies can’t make you happy? I’ve always thought it was offensive to put thin in the thin mints. Some fat people like mints too.

      • Rob

        you don’t have to worry Elise, now that the scouts have gone queer they will be included in the foodstamps benefits and receive full government support from this administration.

        • plantmouth

          Oh, yes, because that’s exactly how gov’t benefits work.

    • Tom Duritsky

      Last time i got them,they were only 25 cents a box….

    • Doug

      I’m with you. Package shrinkage is rampant in the grocery aisles.

  • madgrandma

    lgbt scouts…

  • Alice

    Can we assume that is bettie with the rags.

  • Margie

    My oldest son attended 2 boy scout meetings year ago. We were badgered for money endlessly. I understand the need to buy certain things but it was ridiculous. I am extremely thankful I don’t have any girls as girl scouts are not what they use to be nor are the boy scouts. :(

  • RPW

    No more GS cookies in this house.

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