MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry equates term ‘Obamacare’ with N-word

Melissa Harris-PerryMSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry equated the term “Obamacare” with the N-word on Sunday, saying it was “conceived by a group of wealthy white men who needed to… render [a black man] inferior and unequal and diminish his accomplishments.”

Buoyed by righteous indignation, Harris-Perry advances the white superiority narrative that is standard fare on the left in a full-on effort to run interference for President Obama.

Or, in other words, the failures associated with Obama’s signature healthcare law cannot be because of incompetence because he is a black man, so it must be whitey’s fault!

Texas defies feds; we shut the border down ourselves, said Lt. gov.

“I want to talk today about a controversial word,” Harris-Perry began. “It’s a word that has been with us for years. And like it or not, it’s indelibly printed in the pages of American history.”

“A word that was originally intended as a derogatory term, meant to shame and divide and demean,” she continued. The word was conceived of by a group of wealthy white men who needed a way to put themselves above and apart from a black man, to render him inferior and unequal and diminish his accomplishments.”

The deep-seated hate for the white man is hard to miss here.

In the end, Harris-Perry said the “Affordable Care Act will loom large in the president’s legacy,” which is what all this is really about — ensuring the first black president in American history is remembered as one of the countries greatest feats.

Even if he does destroy healthcare.

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  • Todd Zeigler

    sooooooo tired of this bullsh**** she wants to see a racist,she should look in a mirror

    • Terry


  • Greg

    The on-going cheerleading for Obama never ceases to amaze me. Obama’s legacy or for that matter any president’s legacy is judged by the actions of the individual and the results. Not the color of the person’s skin.

  • steve riddle

    how silly!! Kiss his butt enough, you might get a interview.

  • jill

    LOL!!!!! Honestly, when I first saw this I found her anger so flagrant and her perception of reality to be so eschewed that I thought it was a spoof from SNL. POOR ANGRY WOMAN! I can’t stop laughing. All she did was confirm that *she* perceives him to be inferiorer.

  • David Kerr

    MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry equated the term “Obamacare” with the N-word on Sunday, saying it was “conceived by a group of wealthy white men who needed to… render [a black man] inferior and unequal and diminish his accomplishments
    Obama doesn’t need help to be rendered inferior.

  • johnlaw484

    You’ve heard the term, the “smeller’s the feller” Seems it applies to racists as well.

  • Tony Zambos

    hustilin…….lets see, he’s half white, half black… that his white side hustilin because he works hard or his black side hustilin because he’s tellin another fib. I don’t know, Melissa, can ya tells me some more about the care in Obama. Is there nothing wrong with it at all. Has he done everything right in his tenure? Your little speech made you a cheerleader, not a member of the fourth estate.

  • Lisa

    If it was working the way it was supposed to then there would be no problem. However, but it is a piece of crap law, then it’s “whitey’s” fault. He dreamed it, he and his Dem’s voted it in…so all fault lies with them.

  • E. Newton

    After that list of Obama accomplishments, I’m now a dedicated supporter of this President. He is the world’s greatest African-american leader, ever.

    • Rob

      I trust you’re statements are tongue and cheek . .

      • Eric

        “in cheek”

  • Rob

    the left is all over the place…sucks to have no character, morals and dignity. Never a straight argument worth listening to.