Machete-wielding clerk chases gang of 5 armed robbers as shots fire at him

A machete-swinging clerk chased away a gang of would-be robbers who stormed a Georgia supermarket last week. The store owner was so amazed, he bought the clerk a gun.

Closed-circuit surveillance video shows five men, with their faces covered, rushing into the store. One, brandished a gun at a clerk, was met with more resistance than he expected, according to WALB News 10.

“One of the suspects asked for money. The clerk then reached under the counter and grabbed a large knife,” Cordele, Ga., Police Detective Ketorie Sales told WALB. “It looked like a machete-type knife, and the suspect then fired several shots inside of the store, one striking one of the clerks.”

The robbers then ran out of the store, with the machete-wielding employee in hot pursuit. Dennis Barot, the store owner, vowed to do whatever it takes to protect his employees in the future.

“I just bought a gun for my employee to shoot the person if it’s left up to them. Also, I have some other things to protect,” Barot told WALB.

But officers cautioned against resisting robbery attempts, especially with a machete.

“You don’t bring a machete to a gun fight,” Sales said. “Actually, they’re lucky they didn’t get more serious injuries than they got. Don’t fight back. Life is precious. You don’t want to get hurt over a few dollars.”

WALB reported:

The store owner says other groups have targeted his store. One week ago, masked men broke in and stole lottery tickets, cigarettes, and soda. On Friday, burglars used a sledge hammer to smash two windows.

Barot says if crooks come back when his store is open, his employees will be ready.

“I think they need to learn a lesson that if you try to hurt someone, someone will do the same to you,” Barot said. “Now my employees will keep the gun here.”

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  • Brock Powers

    maybe 7 eleven should read this story and get a clue. they fire any employee who protects himself.

    • francoamerian

      Maybe the corporate big wigs who came up with this idea of firing employees who protect themselves should work in the Seven-Eleven themselves and deal with the thugs and degenerates who try to rob the stores.

  • proudwhite


    • rangerbanger

      More of the ‘president’s’ sons I guess