Uh oh SpaghettiOs backlash; company apology for inappropriate tweet pic

Campbell Soup was reminded Saturday that the road to hell is paved with good intentions after a tweet by its SpaghettiOs brand commemorating the anniversary of Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor resulted in a backlash from many Americans.

‘He was not an AMERICAN!’: Sheriff defies
Obama’s order to lower flag for Mandela

The tweet, which was soon deleted, featured a picture of its smiling mascot holding an American flag, asking everyone to “take a moment to remember #PearlHarbor with us.”


Campbell Soup came to see the error of their ways and apologized Saturday evening for the misguided effort to tie its brand to Pearl Harbor:

But the proverbial cat was out of the bag, and Twitter users unmercifully ripped the company, to include photo-shopping the SpaghettiOs mascot in some other tragic moments in American history:

In the end, the unfortunate incident was summed up nicely by Patton Oswalt:

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  • http://eradica.wordpress.com/ Firepower

    You “ought” to be grousing about why OBAMA did not emphasize (at all) Pearl Harbor remembrance. Was it “The White Man’s War?”

  • Julie Forrest

    Omg on face book ? What a great president he reports things on facebook! Wow what a joke!:

    • Garrett Joyce

      It’s the world we live in now…

      • Boobie_The_Rocket_Dog

        Unfortunately, you are correct.
        Back in the day, the president could commandeer the three networks for a television speech.
        Today that would require suspending programming on, as Letterman put it, “2500 channels,” and dumping the revenue from that lost commercial time down the toilet. The MSM love their Obama, but not that much.

        • Doug

          Boobie. Good to see you back and with a very cogent comment.

  • Andy Jorgensen

    I saw nothing offensive about that tweet!!!! People need to get a life. I am more offended by obummer ordering flag fly at half mast for a war criminal and yet totally ignoring a true american hero CHRIS KYLE!!!!! His priorities are conmpletely screwed up!!!

    • Hargraves Ian

      Well said Andy, Mandella killed and was responsible for killing many many of Obama’s sons. But I guess real African blacks don’t come into the equation!

    • Hargraves Ian

      I was floored when Scumbama did not order American flags to be flown at half mast when his uncle Osama Bin Laden was killed!

  • Hargraves Ian

    At least the honored the victims and asked YOU to honor them Scumbama was absent from even mentioing them, these people gave HIM a place to illegally emigrate from his birth place in Mombassa Kenya. Maybe he will put spagetti O’s on the banned food stamp list thus increasing the black market in cans of spagetti!

  • obama-sux

    Our stinking president is a P.O.S. Obama should stick his Affordable Care Act up his own azz.

  • Boobie_The_Rocket_Dog

    This Tweeter comment sums it up best: “tone-deaf, Tweeting corporate interns.”
    They went to public school, were never taught history as recent as WW2, their college experience included everything about the black civil rights movement, how to administer welfare programs, and the 70′s antiwar movement, but nothing about actual history. To them, Iwo Jima is a knockoff brand of Iphone and Pearl Harbor was a comedienne on the Ed Sullivan Show.

  • Doug

    Campbell’s stock has been a big underperformer this year.

  • Doug

    Campbell’s stock has been in the soup this year but they say they don’t care beans about it.