Obamas heading to Hawaii for Christmas, not everyone’s thrilled

The first family will spend the Christmas holiday in Hawaii again this year, marking their sixth annual visit since President Obama was elected.

The White House hasn’t released official details yet, but according to a Hawaii News Now source, the Obamas are expected to arrive around Dec. 20.

Each year, the first family has rented houses on Kailuana Place in the town of Kailua, so the neighborhood is already preparing for the visit. Some enjoy the buzz and the extra security, others not so much.

“It’s exciting,” neighborhood resident Lanette Hayashi told Hawaii News Now. “It’s really an honor to have him here, and when he’s around – actually the place is super safe because we have all this security around.”

But some find the extra security inconvenient.

“We go through two security points, and so the second one, we have to get out of our car,” a resident identified only as “Madeline” told Hawaii News Now. “We have to be searched ourselves, plus our car has to be completely searched.”

The Obamas are expected to stay in the area until Jan. 5.

Watch the report here via Hawaii News Now:

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  • samazf

    Plus it costs taxpayers a gajillion dollars for them to live like royalty. Disgusting.

    • EliseR

      Taxpayers do not pay for the house. They pay for the security detail.

      • LindaOregon

        We do pay for the expense of flying AF1 for 11 or 12 hours though. They haven’t gone “home” for Christmas since they moved to DC!

        • Lynnz

          The first family will spend the Christmas holiday in Hawaii again this year

        • francoamerian

          They haven’t gone home for Christmas since they moved to D.C. you said. That’s because Kenya Africa is a lot further to travel.

        • blackirishblonde

          Why go to Chicago when they can bring their Chicago thugs to Hawaii with them??

      • Lynnz

        Obama has a credit card issued to him at the tax payers expense how do you know he pays for the house ???

        • EliseR

          It’s standard policy. Just like bush paid for his vacations and taxpayers paid for security and also security upgrades to his ranch.

          • Marine68

            If that were so, the Obingos would be destitute. That African trip was 100 million dollars

          • sickandtired

            The Bush’s always vacationed at the the ranch.

          • falling321

            Bush always stayed in DC over Christmas so that the majority if his staff and Secret Service could have uninterrupted time with their families…and he went HOME to his OWN ranch for his holidays. When he traveled, it was for the same political purposes that any president might travel for…While the Obama’s dozens of their friends along with them to foreign places, send their daughter to Mexico, go on ski vacations, etc. and yes, the majority of the expense falls on the back of the American taxpayer, many of whom are not going to be having much of a Christmas, if any, this year thanks to Obama’s complete incompetence!

      • patrioticus

        Taxpayers also pay for the people that surround the president and most aspects of the visit. Rooming, feeding, travel, gas ect ect.

        1.5 Bilion tax dollar funding of the Obama lifestyle in 2012–

      • Marine68

        Stupid comes by choice, and you have made it.

      • Dmgdriver

        I am sorry, You can not convince me that the taxpayer is not picking up the tab for the house. With a salary of $400k I don’t see him picking up the tab when he can write it off as an expense. If the Obama’s fly together, and they have been known not to, the cost of the round trip flight at 10 hours each way, to Hawaii will be in excess of 3 million dollars. This does not include anything but flight.

    • Guest

      100 plus million. Nice huh?



  • Glenn

    Obama may pay for the house. HOWEVER, the taxpayers pay for secret service accommodations nearby which are, collectively, more expensive. Comparatively, GH Bush vacationed at his personal residence in Taxes and GHW Bush at his home in Maine. Why can’t Obama just go to Camp David? I’m sure it is a very nice place to stay for the holidays!

    • falling321

      The Obama’s are not paying the rent on this house! It costs tens of thousands of dollars a night and you can bet he either had it donated to him or taxpayers are covering it. All he has to do is call into DC once a day and even his vacation home becomes a writeoff!

  • Doug

    Mele Kalikimaka to all!

  • Lynnz

    The tight security is because Obama is in fear of his life because he knows he is very unpopular with the American people.

    • Doug

      Previous Presidents used to walk around the streets without any security. They were all beloved and felt safe.

      • EliseR

        Yes, remember when Reagan was so loved by the people? No one would ever try to harm him. Oh wait…..

    • Wendy Shershen

      All the presidents have tight security. It just comes with the job. And it costs us millions. Don’t be deluded by propaganda from the WH. All presidents are potential targets. And I don’t believe he knows that he is unpopular. He is a megalomaniac.

      • falling321

        Yes, all president’s have tight security around them, but the Obama’s have made it a point to make their security obvious and in the face of those around him. Unlike past presidents, for whom the Secret Service was a needed intrusion in their lives, this president thinks the Secret Service is there to make him look important and if four limo’s were enough for past presidents, then this one demands 15 and once demanded 21! He has a taste tester, even when eating in the WH or on military bases, while President Bush just went in and sat down with our guys and ate what they ate.

        • Wendy Shershen

          I agree, that is why I said this man was a megalomaniac. And he couldn’t lower himself to eat with the troops like Bush did. He believes he is better than the rest of us.

    • francoamerian

      He is in fear for his life with good reason. I heard that he has Joe Biden taste test all of the food before Obama will eat it. I mean I’m just sayin! lol

      • Doug

        No, I know that’s true Pat Robertson said it.

    • Brunodarkhorse

      Yeah right no other presidents had to have security before Obama, because they were all so well loved. Especially that GW fella.

      • Lynnz

        Obama had his own soldiers remove their firing pins at the memorial day parade. What other president has done that? If im wrong please enlighten me I am open minded to the truth but you will not convince me that Obama is very afraid of the American people.

        • Desertcatn

          Yep, just like thieves always think others are stealing.

        • falling321

          He is well aware that our average enlisted man has no respect at all for him! That is one of the reasons he is working so hard to replace all of the reliable, battle tested upper echelon in every branch with his own liberal yes men!

          • Roberta Bebko

            I guess they will eventually call it the Muslim Militia.

  • autofixer

    It is worth every penny to get this Marxist and race hustler out of D.C. Maybe he will decide to stay this time?

  • Bobbi

    oprah, jayz and beyonce going with????

  • C Evans

    Another few million dollars that we cannot afford. Our country has a debt in the trillions and he goes and waste money on a trip that we, the tax payers, are paying for. Many people are staying home for the holidays because of the economy and they should too. Just more proof that they do not care about this country or it’s citizens. They are going to drain this country dry. It is my belief that Obummer is initially trying to bankrupt this country. I wonder if he is going to have a private plane to fly their dog over separately again like they did last time.

    • patrioticus

      Obama slams the rich–and you never hear about how rich he is and how he has lined his pockets at the taxpayer’s expense.
      He is not interested helping the poor. He is a dictator waiting to happen, intent on breaking the country down and dividing it to defeat it.

  • 1alphanumeric4600

    They should pay for their own vacations–they are filthy rich.

  • 1alphanumeric4600

    Obama loves to poop off our money. The more money he spends, the sooner America will be bankrupt, which is exactly what he wants–a bankrupt America! Notice how he never complains about our staggering $17 trillion debt! In truth, he loves it and tries to make it bigger faster.

    • Desertcatn

      It will take years for us to find out how much has been stolen from us!