Obama blames Ronald Reagan for poor public perception of government


Having apparently run out of George W. Bush excuses for his own failures, President Barack Obama blamed the public’s distrust in government — especially the federal government — on the late President Ronald W. Reagan.

Obama acolyte and MSNBC “Hardball” host Chris Matthews asked the president what the source of America’s distrust in government was. Obama was all too willing to answer, according to IJ Review.

“We’ve had a politics, frankly, you know, the entire Republican Party brand since Ronald Reagan has been ‘government’s the problem,’” the president said. “And if you, day after day, week after week, election after election, are running on that platform and that permeates our culture and it’s picked up by, you know, ordinary citizens who grow skeptical, then it’s not surprising that over time, trust in government declines.”

President Obama had obviously referred to Reagan’s line at his 1981 inauguration: “In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.”

Although the majority of Americans have probably forgotten those words, there are plenty of examples that “government is the problem” without excoriating a dead president.

We have “Cash for Clunkers,” Operation Fast and Furious, the IRS targeting of conservatives scandal, the Department of Justice targeting of the press, the Benghazi debacle and, of course, Obamacare.

The president doesn’t need to parade out a 32-year-old quote to show why the people believe government is the problem — he has only to look to his own administration.

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  • Tabitha Bliss

    Reagan was right..

  • copperpeony

    Maybe he should point that finger right up that narcissistic nostril when he takes his “selfie”. What arrogance! He is destroying our country and has the balls to blame Reagan?

    • lovinspoonful

      He’ll get to blaming Washington before he is done. Of course, democratic presidents don’t count for him. He doesn’t want to talk about how the democrats have damaged our nation and put us in debt. He is a good one to talk since he has spent more money than all previous presidents since Washington put together. He must be proud of of that.

      • Diane Badget

        He’s already blamed the Founding Fathers for drafting “an archaic, restrictive” Constitution. He complained that the Constitution doesn’t say what can be done – that it’s a negative document in that it restricts the role of government. Well, DUH, Mr. Constitutional Professor…that’s what it was designed to do!

        • Mark Meeks

          I know, Diane. How clueless can this guy get?

      • Mark Meeks

        Especially with the National Debt well over 17 trillion. He wanted the debt ceiling raised. He never should’ve been elected in the first place, He never governed anything before. He never ran a business. He knows nothing but socialism.

    • Ian Lyle

      I am reminded of the saying when you point your finger at someone remember how many are pointed at you. The American people better wake up and impeached this liar and glory seeker before he does enough damage to your country and you may never recover

  • Brandon Johns

    Obama reminds me so much of Adolf Hitler. Obama and his braindead supporters are doing so many of the exact same things Hitler and the Nazi supporters did in the 1930s. It is really scary.

    • vince

      Exactly. The department of homeland security is the Gestapo. Many people Dont realize that
      . Wake up america . its happening

    • Mark Meeks

      I said the same thing. I’ve read Mein Kampf, and Obama is leading us the same path that Hitler did 80 years ago.

  • Brandon Johns

    I don’t have a distrust in all government, I just have a distrust in the Obama Administration. They brought that on themselves.

    • lovinspoonful

      And, at one time ,he compared himself to Reagan. Another flip flop of his or “evolvement” as he calls it. He can’t hold a candle to Reagan or any other president, democrat or republican, either.

  • Independence_R_US

    Ah yes Oblamo is at it again as it couldn’t be him that’s the problem. Firsts is was Bush. Then Romney. Then the GOP, then the Tea Party. Never Obama.

  • Chico Hinojos

    obama the sorry pos is such a pathetic liar cant own up to his sorry no good for nothing self,dude is evil and scum of the earth

  • Tatiana A Klimenko Kostanian

    Obama: Finally. Obama is definitely NOT a role model! Obama IS: Know WHO you have in the White House today: Obama: IS a gay prostitute, a very confused man, a USA traitor, a known mass killer of children and to all defenseless helpless women, babies; a seller of children, men, women, even babies into the sex slavery trade globally, a genocidest, an very evil sociopath, a woman hater, a cocaine druggie, a lackey of Zionist Mafia Israel, cow towing to every/all demands of theirs ! In sum, Obama ARE/ IS the main sell out of American Lives ALL AGES. Obama iS the personification of evil and the Devils apprentice! SHARE!

  • frankly2

    Government is the reason for the bad reputation of government. Reagan was merely stating the obvious. And now we have Obamacare to reiterate what we already knew.

  • frankly2

    Now the divider wants to get the government involved in solving the mythical problem of “income inequality”. We should rename it as the “Democrats last chance” problem.

  • frankly2