Obama administration to allow wind farms to continue killing eagles

Bald Eagle in mid-air flight

The Obama administration is expected to finalize a new rule that pits two of the president’s support groups against each other — green energy versus environmentalists — by allowing wind farms to escape punishment for killing bald eagles, America’s national bird.

The rule would allow heavily subsidized wind farms to continue killing hundreds of thousands of birds each year — including the iconic eagle — when they unwittingly fly into turbine blades, according to The Hill.

The Interior Department has been working “for more than a year to gather public and stakeholder input on the proposal,” the agency told The Hill, and wildlife groups have been arguing strongly against giving the farms a 30-year pass on killing birds.

The Hill reported:

In August, green groups met with the White House to make the case that the 30-year permit is too long, even if the deaths are unintentional. 

They argued the administration should be more diligent in reviewing the effects large wind farms have on the environment.

What’s next on the president’s agenda? Melting down the Statue of Liberty to make coins?

Watch the report below, then check out A cappella group’s amazing version of ‘Little Drummer Boy’ goes insanely viral.

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