Florida cop, Marine vet, arrested for wearing ‘Anonymous’ mask warns of ‘a war coming’

oath keeper

A veteran South Florida police officer and former Marine arrested late last month for refusing to remove his Guy Fawkes mask near an anti-Obamacare demonstration has now come forward to say what motivated him.

Ericson Harrell, 39, a 15-year veteran of the North Miami Beach Police Department who spent four years in the Marines, was driving through Plantation when he came upon the rally, according to the Sun Sentinel. He parked his vehicle, donned his cape and mask and grabbed his banner — an inverted U.S. flag, signifying distress. .

When police later stopped him and told him to remove the mask, Harrell said he politely refused, asserting his First Amendment rights to free speech and peaceful assembly.

The arresting officer and her supervisor assumed Harrell was part of demonstration, but “in actual reality,” he told Red Pill Philosophy. “I was alone at the time. I was a soldier of one.”

Harrell said he only identified himself as a police officer “after the fact, because I didn’t want to get any preferential treatment.”

The simple response would have been to remove the mask. Had Harrell done so, the officer would have moved on and that would have been the end of it.

But Harrell isn’t a simple man.

His Facebook page describes him as a “Front Line Oath Keeper 1992 to present.” Oath Keepers are current and former U.S. military and law enforcement personnel who advocate disobeying orders that violate the U.S. Constitution.

Florida Statutes 876.155, under which Harrell was arrested. had been revised since it was originally drafted, he said. It was signed into law “sometime in the 1950s because of the Ku Klux Klan trying to intimidate a certain group of people — a certain race of people,” Harrell said.

Here is the statute.

In short, he’s not a criminal and is not looking to overthrow the government of the United States. Quite the opposite, he’s just living up to the oath he took as a Marine and as a police officer, to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

His oath isn’t just a collection of empty words — his service appears to be exemplary. The Sentinel reported:

According to the North Miami Beach city website, Harrell was named Officer of the Month in August 2007 for stopping a burglary to a business, which began after he noticed a turned over trash can on the corner of a strip store. He investigated further and found a broken front window of a nearby business and found his suspect hiding in a trash bin.

He was praised at the time for his “keen sense of observation and immediate actions.”

Harrell told Red Pill he wouldn’t have done anything differently.

“There’s a greater issue,” he said. “I have a daughter — I have children. I don’t have the luxury of not being involved.”

Of his oath, he said, “We are the front-line defenders to the Constitution. Our job is greater than just arresting people for petty crimes.”

“There is a war coming, and we’re in the midst of it,” Harrell added. “I no longer can be afraid.”

Until the charges against him are resolved, Harrell has been placed on administrative leave, the Sentinel reported.

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  • Dean El Loca

    Good man. we need more good people.

  • Rob

    Harrell you are a good man, puts a little faith in me about police officers and the topic.

  • capnjack43

    If he had a Muslim face covering, would be have been treated this way?

    • Julie A

      That was my thought too. Now they are bending over backwards to protect Muslim women from not having to show their identity (even for a drivers license). We should all go around with our face covered. Why should we be treated differently.

      • Doug

        I’ve seen your picture and I agree.

        • CafeConservative

          With your head so far up your a$$, how can you see anything?

    • robbiedobbs

      well if that is the case, then jews shouldnt be aloud to wear their hats, and Latvian orthodox christians should be banned from wearing hats too. Lets just say, anything on the head/face area is banned.

      • capnjack43

        Are you really this f**king stupid?

        • Chris Wesley

          are you CApnjack? freedom. would you rather be told what to do what to wear and what to believe in?

        • justme

          Why yes…..as a matter of fact he actually is that stupid. Trust me…I’ve read enough of his comments to know.

          • Chris Wesley

            well I see some things he says are stupid but her has a few right things said. and you people are taken what he says kinda wrong. he isn’t agreeing that people shouldn.t be allowed to wear headgear.

          • Chris Wesley

            well almost everyone in this chain including me has said something stupid here. Capnjack especially

        • robbiedobbs

          how am I stupid. Everything I say has EMPRICIAL EVIDENCE. god has none.

          • robbiedobbs


          • capnjack43

            Thanks for proving my point. Wise up.

          • Eric Koernke

            Empirical evidence? Really, so where are the necessary billions of variations between then and now in the “fossil record”? If there were supposed to be gradual changes in man, then why can’t we seem to come up with anything more gradual than something that looks like an ape skeleton? So nothing suddenly became something (the size of a tiny dot) which then suddenly started spinning (for some unknown reason) at a velocity fast enough to create a “big bang” which created the entire Universe as we know it in a fraction of a second. Then our big rock formed somehow or another, it started raining, until eventually the rock seeped out 250 proteins, perfectly aligned them, and were struck by some unknown catalyst, it found the food it needed, and slowly we evolved from that all by mere chance? These theories of “Evolution” and “The Big Bang” are 99% speculation, and about 1% science. The Bible had scientific knowledge long before the scientific community even recognized it. You seem to have a lot of faith in these theories though, you’re more than welcome to believe in your religion of Evolution, but keep it out of our public class rooms. I don’t force you to learn the Christian faith, extend us the same courtesy.

          • robbiedobbs

            you idiot. evolution occurs of millions of years. way to generalize

      • [email protected]

        the difference is YOU CANNOT SEE THE FACE of a muslim and we have laws that are supposed to be for the majority, not for special groups! duh

        • CafeConservative

          No, the difference is not about majority and minority groups, it is about necessary identification and individual rights.

          With a driver’s license, identification is necessary and regardless of faith or ideology, the person must be identifiable and thus no one may obscure their face regardless of their rationale.

          When freely associating in public, the police have zero right to detain you unless they suspect you of a crime. Once they detain you for reasonable suspicion, they have a right to identify you which requires you to remove your mask, religious head covering, head covering worn to protect against the elements, motorcycle helmet or any other head covering.

          The issue here, is the off-duty police officer did not warrant detention thus, he was not obligated to remove the mask. The on-duty officer was probably incensed that his authority was challenged and so he arrested the off-duty officer falsely based on a law he didn’t fully understand.

          Watch enough YouTube arrest videos and you’ll see this pattern over and over again. Many officers seem to believe they can demand your “papers” at whim and should you dare resist, which you have a constitutional right to do, they get visibly upset and are inclined to arrest you under false pretenses.

          Are cops a bit more lenient with certain “groups?” Sure, but it’s more about not wanting to deal with the fallout rather than wanting to show favoritism. Moral of the story is to start b*tching and moaning just like those groups so that they stop messing with your group whatever that may be.

        • robbiedobbs

          who is the majority? If the majority wants it, than the majority will VOTE for it. that is how a DEMOCRACY works. But you want to live in a communist fascist state. much like the Nazis.

          • Orthospinedoc

            Yeah but dude we live in a republic..please look up the difference because you are so wrong!

          • Carl Brown

            One problem is that we are not a democracy WE ARE A CONSTIUTIONAL REPUBLIC big difference than a democracy.. look it up.. the people runs the government the government doesn’t run us… however the democratic party thinks the majority should rule and the government should control everything.. just look at what they have done to the country.. look at Chicago and Detroit, and California all run democrats – worst economies and highest crimes rates in the country..

          • robbiedobbs

            cuz the gov’t is run by big business pawns. we need a fundamental override of the entire gov’t. Dems and Repubs. They should ALL go.

          • Dem274

            OMFG… Are you a retard, you dont loose rights in this country because of mob rule.. You are really stupid huh… Nobody looses natural rights because people vote..If they did, then we can Just vote for stupid people like you to be hung…

          • RunsRed

            Any person, Democrat or Republican, that cannot spell lose is the real retard. And Dem274, if they hung people for being stupid, you would already be dead.

          • Eric Koernke

            That didn’t stop Democrats from defining “Negros” as being less than human, and therefor subject to be slaves did it? That doesn’t stop Democrats today from defining unborn children as being less than human either, and therefor not subject to the right to life either. Democrats were very effective at denying people their rights for almost 2 centuries. Democrats formed the KKK and lynched about 4500 Republicans (1400 of which were white). In fact that is where the term “vote or die” came from, the KKK was trying to intimidate Republicans to vote Democrat. Unfortunately Mob rule tends to be the most effective way of taking from others what is theirs. It is allowed (wrongly) on a daily basis in the form of Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, Food Stamps, and now Insurance.

          • robbiedobbs

            no we cant. we vote for leaders and laws. that law would never pass.

          • Eric Koernke

            Good thing we don’t live in a Democracy like Germany, Russia, or Italy, then we would have a communist/fascist state. You clearly don’t even know what NAZI is short for, it stands for National Socialist German Workers Party. Our Founding Documents, Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights Insure that ANY law created that in any way contradicts them is Null and void. Article 6, Section 2 of the united States Constitution. I suggest you read it before buying into the claim that it’s “outdated” and “need’s to be done away with”.

      • Joey Owen

        robbiedobbs, you are one dumb ass!

        • robbiedobbs


          • Lou Rowen

            we do not live in a DEMOCRACY we live in a REPRESENTATIVE REPUBLIC

          • robbiedobbs

            who votes for the reps???

  • copperpeony

    This police officer makes me proud. Thank you.

    • Joey Owen

      Hell No, these coppers gone mad HAS GOT TO GO!

  • hlgbahamas

    Keep up the good work and the fight for our Constitution Office Harrell. We thank you!

  • allan

    I do commend Harrell for his action of LOYALTY to these united REPUBLICS; The reason for the Federal Government was very clear; it was designed to protect not only the other Nations within the NATION; but to protect it from all enemies of this NATION of Nations; one might say it is a collective CO-OP protector for all; not just a few; What common people do not realize; once a VETERAN gives his oath to protect the country is like a marriage of it’s own; Let NO MAN put it ASSUNDER; SEMPER FI !!!

  • aliswell

    Officer Ericson Harrell exemplifies what a true American is supposed to be. Good to know real American men still exist.

    God bless you, sir, and thank you for your service.

  • Lawrence John Long II

    “Front Line Oath Keeper” , that oath is the one the President and all who serve the PEOPLE of the United States Republic should understand and comply with. President Obama and the Democrat’s have turned the U<S< into a Banana Republic. Every American should by a Guy Fawkes mask has in the Movie "V" for Vendetta and wear the outfit to show their distain for Obamacare. I thank Mr. Harrell for his Honor !

  • Joseph Morgan

    What right does the officer have to tell another person to remove the mask that person is wearing? NO right at all! Thank you MR Harrell.

    • Joey Owen



    Once again….Another example of why Americans no longer respect law enforcement and look how they treat their own!

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