Bizarre ‘War on Christmas’ ad airing on MSNBC

A seemingly pro-Christian ad comes with a strange twist, but it’s hard to say which is more bizarre, the ad itself or that it’s been airing on the pro-Obama network MSNBC.

The ad, titled “War on Christmas,” features a smiling little girl named “Amy,” and starts out with a narrator saying: “She lives in America. She’s free to smile to show she’s happy. Everyone’s OK with this.”

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Amy’s smile turns into a frown as the narrator adds that she’s a Christian, “free to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ to show she’s happy. But not everyone is OK with this.”

The ad concludes with an ear-piercing scream from Amy as an ornament falls from a Christmas tree behind her, breaking on the floor. The strange sequence takes place after the narrator says:

“We are one nation under God. No man owns Amy’s happiness, and no man will define how she shows it.”


A YouTube page for the ad, belonging to St. Mary’s At Large, indicates that it was created by Kundrat Productions, which is owned by Lee Kundrat, a New Jersey heavy metal musician who goes by the name “Rat Skates,” according to Raw Story.

Skates did announce the ad on his Twitter account:

Raw Story pointed out that Rat Skates wrote and directed a short video last year featuring teens puzzling over the policies of President Obama, which he described as “the boldness of Bill O’Reilly meets the encouragement of Joel Osteen in this street-level documentary and study guide.”

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  • Grimora

    Well, they’re right. The FFRF has been attacking normal everyday Christians since their creation. Too bad these people can’t spend the money elsewhere useful, like cancer treatment for kids/adults or medical research or something. Instead they erect billboards to frown upon their ever-loving Christian brothers and sisters.
    By the way, there is still no mention of “separation” in any of our historic documents. But there is FREEDOM OF RELIGION.

    • lovinspoonful

      Why don’t they do something useful and worthwhile with their time? What they do and say ads nothing and benefits no one. It just shows how bittter they are because they don’t believe in anything worthwhile.

  • capnjack43

    What a stupid ad.


    people will do almost anything for money, including use a 4 year old child! SAD

  • edjuk8

    What in the world was that? What a bizarre commercial!

  • Dee Bratton

    Why aren’t they attacking Muslims or their holidays or the fact that people have to stop what they’re doing to accommodate them praying five times a day to their god?

  • laurachatfield

    I guess someone’s gonna havta ‘splain that ad to me, ‘cuz I don’t get it. The end is really bizarre.

  • Joseph Morgan

    My take here. Happiness on her face when what she is(happy) is fine with other people, sad when she finds that people are against her freedom of choice-ball dropping representing us as a society dropping the ball on “religious freedom”-her laughter maybe a representation of “society is a friggin joke” or maybe a representation of youth getting the last laugh or perhaps the authors idea of us as the “joke” because we say one thing and do the opposite OR PERHAPS I am way off.

    • Orrie Froloff

      It’s anyone’s guess as to what is being conveyed in this ad. I found the ending to be very strange.

      • Doug

        Your name sounds like a bubble in a bathtub.

  • Hello Dolly

    Amy creeps me out…

  • Doug

    Amy is adorable. Keep her away from that J. Christian Adams.

  • S.L. Rachford’s Ire

    Amazed that no one got what was said. Open you ears not just the eyes people. Simply freedom of choice. FREEDOM #pvmedic is looking for comment moderators. If you’re interested, please review our comment policy page and submit your request.