Barbara Walters questions politicians swearing on Bible, saying ‘so help me God’

Barabar_WaltersDuring a discussion Thursday on ABC’s “The View,” host Barbara Walters bemoaned the fact that most politicians use a Bible when taking the oath of office.

The ladies on the program where discussing a new political ad by U.S. Sen. Mark Pryor, D-Ark., who is up for reelection next year and is feeling the heat for his support of Obamacare.

In the ad, Pryor is pictured holding a Bible as he declares his belief in God — it’s only “Bible-thumping” when a conservative does it.

“The basic tenet in America is the separation,” Walters offered. “And it’s very important. And it’s very important, the separation of church and state.”

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Secular progressives continue to perpetuate the myth behind the separation of church and state, manipulating the expression to push a political agenda, and Walters proved she was up to the task.

When cohost Jane Seymour said “it’s really unfortunate when you have to bring religion into politics,” Walters replied:

“That is very true but it starts almost with the oath of office which usually ends with “so help me God.

“Now, most presidents swear on a Bible before taking office, even though we have the separation between church and state. You see it again and again. You don’t have to use a Bible.”

“We talk about the separation between church and state and almost every president ends up saying so help me God,” Walters further grumbled.

Walters fails to mention that the words “separation”, “church” and “state” do not appear in the First Amendment, or that when Thomas Jefferson first referenced the expression in a letter to the Danbury Baptist Association of Connecticut, the wall he spoke of was to protect the church from the state.

Perhaps Walters, 83, should move up that retirement date.

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  • John S

    And we care what Barbara Walters says because………

  • buck

    Like anybody listens to Ba-ba Wa-wa.

  • Cynthia J. McCoy

    Even the great (as some would say) Barbara Walters will call on God one day. I only pray for her sake that it is not too late. When she closes her eyes here and meets God it will be too late then. You have to make that decision while on this side of eternity. My heart breaks for those who do not know Jesus and what He is really like. He is loving and kind. Loves you enough to give His life in place of yours Barbara. So that you would not face the penalty…complete separation from God forever. If that does not scare the he** out of you then you do not know what is coming. Not made for man, but man still makes that choice. How sad. Father God open the eyes of the folks in the world. You said You came to save the world, but we can’t find You without Your help. Thank You that You answer our prayers. I expect great things.


      Cynthia, Barbara is Jewish. We do not believe in jesus. Some christians are almost as bad as islamists in that you are lost if you don’t believe what they believe. You should do some studying about the Jewish religion, you might learn a thing or 2

      • Ronald R. Johnson

        Janet you have the right to be stupid if you want to and we don’t require anyone to be killed if they are not smart enough to believe in Jesus! Seems funny with youe belief you still choose to live in a Christian Country rather than a Jewish Country. Trust me we sure wont hold you here, You can leave for Israel any time you like !

  • Doug

    I’ve always felt we should use something uniquely American….The Farmer’s Almanac and say so help me good weather.

  • Jonny Toepper

    Bab’s is old and ugly, who cares?

    • lovinspoonful

      So are the rest of them on the view.

  • Dianna Zerbe

    Ms Walters should keep her opinions to herself.

    • Jeff Roland

      But she is on the view and thinks hers is important as most liberals mistakenly do.

      • lovinspoonful

        That’s why I don’t watch the view. All the intelligent ladies left and only the leftists are on now and we all know how one-sided they are.

    • Brandon Johns

      OK Dianna, I am no Walters fan, but she has the right to freedom of speech as well. When you say stuff like people should keep opinions to themselves that makes you just as bad as the liberals who work overtime to try to shut down those who disagree with them.

      • Ronald R. Johnson

        It’s her private opinion she should leave it off the show!

  • Eric

    Baba Wawa engaged in bestiality for 11 years so she needs to shut her wrinkled trap.

    • Doug

      When did she stop?

    • Ronald R. Johnson

      And was sleeping with Black married Judges too! What a trashy Pig!

  • lovinspoonful

    Hey, Barbra keep your opinions and beliefs to yourself. It has been tradition to be sworn in on the bible and state “So help me, god.” It goes with the Constitution, the LAW OF OUR LAND because we are a christian nation whether you like it or not.


      I am a conservative and NO fan of Barbara and I have NO problem with “so help me g-d”. Her show is called the view for a reason…they give their views. One more thing..this is NOT a christian nation. This nation was founded on freedom of religion and by many faiths. Christians might be the predominant religion but that is where it ends. This is where the separation of church and state comes in…no national religion

      • Jeff Maxey

        Janet brown, This is a Christian nation. We were founded on Judeo Christian beliefs. There is proof all over Washington. D.C. There is nothing in the Constitution about separation of church and state. That is a myth. If you say it enough, sooner or later everyone will believe it

      • Ronald R. Johnson

        Janet you sure seem to have the brains of a dead Goat! If you don’t like the way we do things in a Christian Founded Country get your Fat A*S on the first plane out to your Jewish country!

      • James Robinson

        For supposedly being a conservative you certainly spew a lot of liberal b.s.

        Yes, this was her view, and what we have here are views from other people. Just because she is giving her opinion doesn’t mean others can’t publicly disagree with her.

        This nation was not founded by “many faiths”. Almost all of the Founding Fathers were Christians, with the exception of Jefferson and Franklin, a theist and a deist respectively. The country was founded on Christian ideals, and that is made evident with many of the writings of the Founding Fathers. Yes, people of any religion are welcome and there is no national religion, but it was no intention to eliminate God from people’s lives. As was stated earlier, the term “separation of church and state” was to protect the church from the government, not prevent a national church or protect the government from religion.

  • Olie Gnol



      I am NOT an Obama fan but he took his oath of office on the same bible as Lincoln. Keith Ellison from Minnesota used the koran. I am sure there is no law that it has to be on the bible

      • Ronald R. Johnson

        If there is not a law it sure needs to be and why aren’t you on a plane to Israel!

  • reinhold

    We care what Barbara the Comminist Courtesan says because… that enables us to identify the Enemy Target. The Watchman warns: The Infamous bogus journalist, Jewess Barbara Walters, read directly from the script that she was directed to declare. Like That Malignant Mulatto From Kenya Barbara Walters is surrogate that is incapable of independent thought. The other courtesans merely dress the table.

    These Enemy Targets are Reprobate Renegades like the many other Communist Courtesans appearing on trashy television shows like “The View.” Enemy Targets include all these and all Renegade Public Servants and the private interests they serve. All these are surrogates for the Synagogues of Satan.

    To declare that Christianity, said to be a religion, is therefore prohibited while yet claiming that Atheism and Paganism are not a religion and therefore privileged is of course, poppycock. We celebrate the fact that the Rising Christian Resistance to Anti-Christian Tyranny will cause fear in the belly of the BEAST.

    “Do not be deceived: [God] Yahuwa is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap.” Galations 6:7

    Know ye not that whose law you obey is your God?

    There is a clear and present danger in the Current Insurrection by Renegade Public Servants. For this reason, We The Christian People enacted the Bill of Rights For The Constitution. We therefore have the authority, power and duty to enforce that Law using any and all necessary means to suppress the current insurrection by insolent renegades that act to abrogate and abolish the Doctrines and Law established by the Christian Society that established the Law for the peaceful and just governance of these several and sovereign States within this Union.

    Be glad the Common Enemy rages on about their lies like their spurious notions for the “separation of Church and State.” Thus, do they declare they are the Enemy Target. What is prohibited by the Constitutional provision is the separation of federal and State powers from the power of the Christian Church. Public Servants are prohibited from impeding, interfering or obstructing the Free Exercise of the Christian religion by the Church – the Christian Church. Other religions not withstanding.


    “CHURCH: In its most general sense, the religious society founded and established by Jesus Christ, to receive preserve and propagate His doctrines and ordinances.”

    “No man can serve two masters for he will love one and hate the other.”

    For this reason elected pubic servants are required to swear an oath on the Christian Bible to give Public Notice of their promise to obey, support and defend that Christian Law embodied in the Constitution for the several States within this Union. Of course Atheists and Pagan will object. They are free to do as they wish where they wish but not here within our Christian Society whose governance is declared by Law.

    “And if it seem evil unto you to serve [the Lord] Yahuwah, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve [the Lord] Yahuwah.” Joshua 24:15

    Arrest, Abolish and Exterminate the Kosher Kabal of the Bogus Bank of Credit Fraud.

    Because they are noisy, Enemy Targets are easy to acquire.

    No King But King Yeshua
    In His name and by His power


    • Gracie Love

      Very well said. Merry Christmas.

      • reinhold

        How Gracieous of you! YOU are so nice to tell me my effort is worthy. All Praise, thanks and glory to our Father! Merry Christmas to you too!