‘And I carry:’ See the faces of real Americans who carry firearms

The mainstream media and progressive politicians would like the public to believe that those who carry weapons are a somewhat crazy bunch of oddballs. Minnesotans for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms wants to dispel that image with its video, “And I Carry.”

The video depicts techies, teachers, students, businessmen, moms and grandmas — people in the mainstream — all of whom legally carry firearms.

A concealed weapons license requires a rigorous background check — felons, druggies and lowlifes need not apply. Here’s the video:

One of the fastest-growing groups applying for concealed-carry permits are female real estate agents — chicks with guns, according to (WHAT SOURCE??). And for good reason. They’re often showing an empty house to a complete stranger they know nothing about.

According to the Santa Barbara Sun:

In October of this year, a 29-year-old sales agent in Ohio was attacked and robbed by two masked men in a model home.

In 2011, a 27-year-old real estate agent was shot to death in Iowa during an open house.

A 67-year-old Ohio woman was strangled, robbed, and killed in 2010 when two men, targeting agents, set ablaze the house that she was showing.

In 2008 a 71-year-old Wisconsin grandmother and real estate agent was attacked and killed by a man posing as a prospective buyer.

In fact, 26 real estate and rental professionals were homicide victims in the workplace in 2012, according to the most current data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and hundreds more are victims of non-fatal attacks on the job each year.

One of those women is “Amanda,” described by the Sun as “an attractive, self-assured 30-something Santa Maria real estate agent,” who purchased a .45-caliber semi-automatic handgun, complete with pink and white crystal hearts on the grips.

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  • TCguns_carry

    Thank you so much for sharing our video! Twin Cities Gun Owners & Carry Forum / Minnesotans for the Right to Keep & Bear Arms :-)

    • justme

      Great video guys. Its really sad the direction this country is heading. I remember the 80′s where it was common for every other pickup truck in town to have a fully loaded gun rack in the back window and now if you even say the word gun everyone freaks out.

      • Douglas Moore

        Yes, it’s just crazy. As a little boy, I could go into the store across the road and buy a box of .22lr for less than 50 cents and walk down the road to shoot them up. Didn’t hear a peep from anyone.

  • Kerry C Conner

    Very nice video, next year here in ILLINOIS “THE PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC” WE will be able to add to the I CARRY call of FREEDOM

  • Tec Sg Beatty

    While my 2nd ex and I were dating, she was a rental agent in a condo complex in Aurora, Colorado. This was in the late 80s, and around that time there were several attacks upon people like her, some fatal, and many involving rape and other sexual assault crimes.
    I bought her a gun (a Beretta .22 Bobcat) and trained her to very efficiently use it. Since it was so concealable, it was better than nothing. Keep in mind that this was before the advent of .380/9mm/.45acp miniguns. 7 rounds of CCI Stingers were something to take seriously. I also instructed her in common sense ideas like situational awareness, and to trust her instincts. If a situation felt bad, either ask the boss to go with her to show a place, OR DON’T GO, PERIOD.

  • Nick the Enforcer

    BRAVO! :)

  • James Sellers

    Great video. I love it! I work in transportation, and I carry.