Rep. Issa: Obamacare website cost could top $1 billion

The cost of the website will probably reach $1 billion by the time the Obama administration gets it working properly, House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrel Issa predicted.

“The fact is, eventually they’ll get this website working, at the cost of probably over a billion dollars,” Issa told Fox News’ Bill Hemmer on Wednesday. “They’re probably closer to $700 million now and they’re going to spend a lot more doing the hard parts on the back end.”

A large percentage of the technology systems needed to support the Obamacare exchange has yet to be built, Henry Chao, chief information officer for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, said in congressional hearings last month.

There’s “no question” the site will get more expensive, Issa said, adding that some costs should be passed on to the vendors that did such a poor job initially.

Issa questioned whether Obamacare could be successful even if the site was up and running.

“The real question, though, is, does the Affordable Care Act work?” Issa said. “In fact, this market is not working because government cannot mandate lower prices.”

Watch Issa’s comments here:

H/T: Politico

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  • OldmanRick

    As I understand the latest information, the obummerscare website has already burst the one billion dollar bubble and the cost is still rocketing skyward. Yep, folks, just another example that the feds do reward ineptitude, incompetence, and failure. And, even with this gigantic fail, dims want a larger more intrusive nanny(totalitarian) government when the current one is overblown and totally out of control.