Gowdy: If Obama can ignore laws on immigration, health care, why not election laws?

A dismayed U.S. Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., wondered what the limits to executive power are given many of the actions that President Barack Obama has taken with respect to immigration and the Affordable Care Act.

At a House Judiciary Committee hearing Tuesday, Gowdy questioned a panel of legal experts on “The President’s Constitutional Duty to Faithfully Execute the Laws,” according to HotAir.

“If the president can fail to enforce immigration laws, can the president likewise fail to enforce election laws?” Gowdy asked Simon Lazarus, senior counsel to the Constitutional Accountability Center.”

When Lazarus replied in the negative, and noted that “we live in a government of laws, and the president is bound to obey them and apply them.”

“Well he’s not applying the ACA [Affordable Care Act], and he’s not applying immigration laws, and he’s not applying marijuana laws, and he’s not applying mandatory minimums. What’s the difference with election laws?” Gowdy shot back.

“We have a disagreement as to whether in fact he is applying those laws. My view is that he is applying those laws,” Lazarus said.

The president has arguably made substantive changes to his signature health care law and has decreed by executive order that he would not prosecute a class of undocumented immigrants who arrived here illegally at a young age.

John Turley, professor at George Washington University Law School was far more definitive in his replies. He expressed a fear that Congress “is being denied the ability to enforce its inherent powers” when questioned by Gowdy.

“The president is outside the line, but it has to go in front of a court, and that court has to grant review, and that’s where we have the most serious constitutional crisis I view in my lifetime, and that is this body is becoming less and less relevant,” Turley said.

Watch the exchange below, and when you finish, check out A cappella group’s amazing version of ‘Little Drummer Boy’ goes insanely viral.

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  • Ben Franklin

    The reason he won’t get away with ignoring the elections laws like he has so many other laws is that it would limit the opportunity for others to benefit from the graft that comes with the office. That and it would keep other politicians from gaining power. And those are the only things politicians care enough about to fight for. They want their turn at screwing us.

  • Don Sebold

    The senate and congress that has bowed before Obimbo were so caught up with individual gains,that they failed to see Obimbo speaks out of both sides of his mouth….little by little they allowing him to rule almost free handedly,blinded by their own greed gave up little by little there own ability to legislate….for Obimbos ultimate end is not just destroy our nation at every turn,but to rule as a dictator controlling every aspect of life…..he has no respect for the constitution,the balance of power….or the people’s right to choose….

  • Joseph Morgan

    In the second video it was said that Hackers may have already gotten in the healthcare exchange website. They already have for fact and stated they found absolutely no security in place to stop them!

  • Dave Francis


    Here are a few immigration issues that need to be resolved–FAST,
    before any new policies are designed in Congress. 1. Build the two layer fence
    the 700 miles promised by former President Bush administration. 2. Demand from Washington
    a mandatory federal biometric ID card, containing a fingerprint, iris scans
    that when implemented no other person can use. The E-Verify system has limited
    safety concerns, and quite easy to circumvent. If a biometric Social Security
    ID card is adopted, it strengthens American workers in being hired, stopping foreign
    nationals stealing American jobs; can additionally be used to vote, so
    non-citizens cannot commit a felony in fraudulently voting; lastly but not all–a
    security measure to stop credit fraud, that is now unbridled. 3. Instead of
    easy access through borders or arriving by plane the ENTRY/EXIT program, with
    those who intentionally avoiding the law; be punished as a felony and not the
    slap on the wrist as a civil misdemeanor offense. The way these laws have been
    administered is for politicians to manipulate the “Rule of Law” so THE PEOPLE assume
    the laws are severe, but in actual fact ascertained a full wide open loopholes,
    so millions of foreigners can pour through for the benefit of business concerns,
    agriculture and special interests. 4. The high court of the land must be
    confronted with the Birthright Citizenship Act, to cease illegal alien children
    claiming instant citizenship; a law written solely for the descendants of
    slaves to gain their rightful citizenship.

    Annually hundreds of billions of dollars are siphoned off by
    suspect lawmakers, who have done nothing to halt this abuse, while many of our
    own exist in poverty. Sen.Harry Reid of Nevada
    leading the pack, along with Pelosi, Holder and President Obama’s elected
    official selling the hurting American worker and charging us headlong into a
    Socialist dominated wasteland. He and the Lib-Democratic editorial press are
    pandering to the waves of illegal aliens still slinking into nation of laws.
    Call it what it is? Policies written by politicians whose main objective are
    stealing from taxpayers to support the illegal invasion and lowering wages for
    the middle and lower manual worker. The Senate bill will add another 30
    million, while enforcement services like ICE still has to detain the truly
    unknown numbers already here. Census population figures of foreign nationals
    cannot have any credence, as unknown numbers of illegal aliens hid from
    government counters. Read more on this mind numbing subject through the grass-root
    eyes, such as the national and regional TEA PARTY (not the general Republican Party);
    Numbersusa concerned with overpopulation; the Watchdog group investigating
    corruption, as does Judicial Watch, a legal team using the law, in digging deep
    to uncover the criminal enterprises at state and federal levels. JOIN THE FIGHT

  • Estella Bunny Howe

    So happy to live in SC where we have men like Rep. Trey Gowdy and Senator Scott and Rep. Sanford to fight for our rights. Thank you gentlemen. Keep the pressure on.

    • Doug

      You neglected to mention Lindsey.

  • joe cartwright

    Do you know how you can tell if Obama is lying??? His lips will be moving….

  • Doug

    Old tiresome stuff.

  • Cynthia J. McCoy

    Oh, I want Tray Gowdy for president.!!!!

    • Doug

      What about James Woods, Judge Jeanine, Clint Eastwood, Chuck Norris and others who have been nominated here.

      • Kenneth Clark

        I still think Snoopy is a front runner. He doesn’t speak much and takes the Red Barron very seriously…

  • Socialism is Evil. Organized.

    Since liberty leaves it up to each of us to use our abilities toward the circumstances we face, it becomes positive only in our use of it.

  • Randy Coombes

    Uh, he’s right. The president cannot pick and choose which parts of any law to protect and defend. If it’s law, then he’s constitutionally bound to follow it. The only remedy he can seek is through Congress, not executive order and not through agency regulatory methods.

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