Party chairs Wasserman Schultz, Priebus have it out in ‘Crossfire’ showdown

In an incredible feat of restraint, neither conservative on Tuesday’s edition of CNN’s “Crossfire” felt compelled to bang their heads against the wall listening to Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s liberal logic on all things Obamacare.

During a very contentious debate that devolved into a lot of talking over each other, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus and Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz went at it over the Affordable Care Act – from its implementation to how it will impact the 2014 elections.

Host Newt Gingrich sat back and smiled, while Priebus got the look all conservatives get when trying like hell to debate “the facts” with liberals.

But Priebus was unrelenting, twisting in his chair to respond to, and hit back with, question after question neither Wasserman Shultz, nor former Obama strategist and Crossfire host Stephanie Cutter, could or would answer.

It’s a must-watch, two-part segment via CNN:

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  • bornfreeamerican

    NO RINO’S!! Cruz/Lee2016

  • morstar150

    I saw this argument on CNN when it happened. I don’t know what you were watching but it was embarrassing.

    There is a simple fact here with regard to the Republican party. Republican talking heads (Priebus, Rove, even Newt) and the Republican leadership (which is a sad oxymoron) cannot and have not communicated to the American people the total chaos that this law has inflicted on our nation. Instead, Priebus insisted that DWS answer a question about who’s going to campaign on this law.

    The talking points on Obamcare are sooo……. simple. “You are selling the American people a lie.”

    For some reason Republcan elites are not allowed to use the word LIE, even though that’s exactly how it was sold. If you like your plan, you can keep it. LIE! If you like your doctor you can keep her. LIE! The costs of healthcare will go down. LIE! The Republicans have offered no alternative to Obamacare they just want to defund it. LIE! The website is working now. LIE!

    DWS says, Then there are people like me who are cancer survivors who the Republicans would say because of my pre-exisiting condition can’t get coverage and just let me die. The most grievous of LIES!

    Instead of just repeating the truth, that the Democrats and the media are lying they get into these political discussions that the Democrats frame user their terms. And Priebus fell right into it without looking her in the face and saying LIE!

  • Special Operator


  • Ted Strickland

    To paraphrase: “The GOP Leadership has left the building”. Keep putting up crazy people as candidates, keep giving the elections to the Democrats. Simple. I even see someone suggested Cruz and Lee as a Presidential Team. If this is the case, just give the election to the other side and save your money. The candidates just don’t have to be good people. They have to be electable. Where in any of anyones’ imaginations could these two guys be electable? I am a Democrat, but, even I am sad for you guys. And, that’s really sad.

    • Doug

      Priebus is on the hot seat. If GOP can’t win back Congress he’s a goner. Dick Morris is already a pariah maybe Rove will also disappear.

      • morstar150

        Hot seat? He should be in the equivalent of the political electric chair. The lack of leadership in this party is astonishing!!!

      • JJBuck

        with any luck they’re both gone

  • JJBuck

    Candidates don’t matter as much as the level of stupidity of the people out there voting. How IS that “hopey changey” thing working out for everyone? Just remember we told you so.

    • Ted Strickland

      going forward in comparison to dead in the water and in need of a tow. the GOP is going to be eligible as a true charity instead of a political organization. its really pathetic. I mean Cruz, Lee, even Dementia Mint is still hanging around. Halloween is over guys. get real. please.

      • JJBuck

        Again, just remember we told you so.

        • Doug

          Maybe there’s another witch in Delaware they can put forth.

          • morstar150

            No matter who we put up the Democrats and the media will always try to burn them at the stake. That’s just a part of this liberal fantasy world we live in where the truth is not important and only selling the lies has value.

        • Ted Strickland

          Yeah. By then, Hillary will be the President and Debbie will have kicked GOP butt once again. Nothing qualifies as success. Got any?

      • morstar150

        Must we always hear from the Democrats about what is wrong with the Republican party? Ted your views are nowhere close to being aligned with mine. You can live in your Obama loving fantasy world if you like but when your world comes crashing down, as JJ has told you it will, don’t act surprised.

        How about if you answer this question: what is wrong with the Democrats that they cannot speak the truth anymore?

  • Julyette J

    I see why she is called Debbie “blabbermouth” Schultz. Kudos to the panel for not beating “her” head into the table.