Judge threatened after ruling Detroit’s bankrupt: ‘Expect to either be beaten or run over’

A U.S. bankruptcy judge ruled Tuesday that Detroit is eligible to seek relief under Chapter IX of the Federal Bankruptcy Act, but pensions payable to retired city workers will receive no special protections because their unpaid balances are subject to revision like any other creditor’s.

Judge Steven Rhodes’ ruling came in the largest municipal bankruptcy case in U.S. history. Detroit has debts totaling $18 billion, including a $3.5 billion shortage in pension funds, according to Fox News.

“This once proud and prosperous city can’t pay its debts. It’s insolvent. It’s eligible for bankruptcy,” Judge Steven Rhodes said in announcing his decision. “At the same time, it also has an opportunity for a fresh start.”

Watch the Fox News report from Mike Tobin.

As one might expect, the news that pension payments would be subject to revision wasn’t greeted favorably by everyone, especially Wayne State University graduate student Dominic Nanni. He tweeted something that sounded suspiciously akin to a threat directed at the bankruptcy judge.

Nanni deleted his tweet shortly after others began to take note, but not before one enterprising tweeter took a screen shot and sent that out to the masses:

Here’s Nanni’s tweet with the desktop cropped out of it.


A spate of tweets soon followed. Here are a few examples:




At the same time, Nanni began walking back on his original, deleted tweet:



H/T the Twitchy Team.

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  • OldmanRick

    Ah shucks, he’s a dim voter so all is good. Move on. Nothing to be seen here. Holder, chief jackass of the Department of Jackasses, won’t do anything even though a federal judge was threatened.

  • Socialism is Organized Evil

    Since a free nation cannot eliminate discontent due to envy, if we are to preserve liberty, we must not sanction envy with “social justice”.

  • pupster40

    Totally agree that the so called education system and the progressive mentality are responsible for the students(?) lack of basic education.
    It would prove wise for these and other students and teachers to take this as a learning experience.

  • afanaglenn

    That happened to Detroit is no different than what Obama and the democrats are doing to America. Democrats have done this to cities throughout America.

    • Lorraine Stuart

      If you look at the States where there is a Democrat Governor, that State has problems. The Republican States are doing well. Florida is one of them, Governor Scott is going after companies and getting them to move here. Just today Hertz is moving there Corporate office here.

  • Press Watchusa

    The TWEETER will be arrested and spend some time in the
    Federal Prison
    This is a Federal Judge he threatened – What an A$$

  • Rod Armes

    This guy sounds just like Obama, “if you like your health insurance you can keep it, PERIOD.” then, “I am sorry that people misunderstood me.” Wow, liberals always have an out.

  • Robert Hopfer

    Interesting that the people of Detroit feel no sense of responsibility. I’m sorry, can you please tell me who elected your officials over the last 20 years??? Ohhh wait, it was you. That’s what happens when you vote for a party or a race instead of voting for qualified people. I know, I see the fools I live with in California. So much debt even though we have so much coming into the State financially.

    • http://kankurosdoll.deviantart.com/ Grimora

      I always wondered, where the hell are the funds going to? Detroit got part of the “bailout”, and it now down the crapper for good- you’d think people would wake up but only choose to keep sleeping.

      • Michael B

        There isn’t any bailout money to pay the 20+ billion dollars of debt that the City owes.

        The bailout money was spent on payroll. The City can’t pay the pensions and contracts that go back 100 years. (Widows and orphans, etc)

  • themotivat

    There are those in society that are at the lower level of the human species when they make violent threats

  • Jean Nelson

    It is sad. I know because we lost a lot of money when our company went bankrupt ………very sad.

  • Jean Nelson

    As long as the local governments are burdened with the illegals and the freebies, we can expect this to happen more often especially after this case is breaking the mold

    • Michael B

      This case breaks no mold. Bankruptcy law was written back in the late 1700′s precisely for this sort of thing. When an organization (including a city) spends more money than they make, they can declare bankruptcy, which allows contracts to be voided/cancelled and promises to pay are annulled.

      Perfectly legal. Expect the US Government to follow the same course in the future, and they can void your pension plan, Social Security, and all other “promises” made by hundreds of dead politicians.