Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck take on the Republican Party together

Conservative radio and television personalities Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck came together on FOX’s ”Hannity” Monday to chat about the state of the Republican Party and the glaring divide that has occurred among conservatives.

“I consider myself a tea party conservative. I think you do too,” began Hannity. “Why are the establishment Republicans now fighting the guys like Lee, Cruz, Rand, and Marco? Why this divide?”

“Progressivism” is the problem, answered Beck, who has long contended that it is a “disease” that runs in the Republican party the same as it does in the Democratic Party.

Listen to the two media giants talk through the dynamics of the current political landscape ( or land mines) of this country’s Right.

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  • OldmanRick

    Balderdash, Hannity and Beck are taking on the go along to get along, old boys club, establishment Rinos like Lindsay girly Graham, John McLame, Carl Rove, etc.

  • Arden Hale

    Yeah, Glen Beck is many things but he is not a conservative and is best taken with a grain of salt. Sometimes he’s right and sometimes he isn’t.

  • LindaOregon

    American people will never elect a tea party conservative. If one stays home and does not vote because they are not voting for a tea party conservative, but are instead voting for a moderate, they may as well cast their vote for the liberal democrat. Until republicans, both tea party and moderates, begin to understand this, we can kiss elections goodbye. Same goes for any third party candidate. They will not win and until republicans understand this, the third party candidates, including those supported by the democrats to steal votes from the whoever is on the republican ticket such as happened in Virginia in the last gubernatorial election when the third party candidate was financed by the democrats to steal votes from the republican candidate, will continue to help the republicans actually lose. IMO it would be much better to have a moderate republican than a Hillary or a Biden for another at least 4 years. Wake up America!

    • Shea Lockerby

      I am one of those and I will not vote for a “moderate” “Republican”. I will not vote for a Communist pretending to be a Republican, or a sell out like Boehner. I WILL VOTE FOR THE COMMUNIST “DEMOCRAT INSTEAD! AS i DID WITH bho IN THE LAST ELECTION! And pray that they do so much damage that America wakes up before it’s too late.

      • LindaOregon

        It may already be too late. By voting or Obama instead of Romney, you are part of the problem. You reelected Obama and have nobody to blame but yourself for the mess we are in now. If we elect another democrat, it WILL be too late.

      • Timothy Collins

        When did being moderate become equal to being a “Communist”?

  • Timothy Collins

    The fact is that the GOP is no longer the party of Eisenhower or Lincoln or Teddy Roosevelt… it’s the party of Palin and Hannity and Beck. That’s a pretty steep fall from sanity that it will never recover from.

    Basically any person who still calls themselves a republican can just be assumed to be an idiot at this point and disregarded as a source of useful ideas.

    • awenshok

      IRRELEPHANTS all…..

    • LindaOregon

      The fact that republicans disagree with your “progressive” ideas does not make them an “idiot.” Republicans want to take this country back and save it. As you will see in 2014, there are still a lot of “idiots.” In the end, those that cannot argue with facts, resort to the childish behavior of calling names. Sad for you.

      • Timothy Collins

        Of course, just disagreement doesn’t make them wrong. It’s when they disagree just to disagree that makes them wrong.

        The GOP has been arguing against it’s own ideas just because they were passed by a Democratic Congress and signed by a Democratic president for years now… that is what makes them idiots.