Megyn Kelly shames Obama-bot: ‘Stop it, you’re too smart to believe that!’

Fox News host Megyn Kelly was in a “take no prisoners” state of mind last night when she grilled President Obama’s former campaign press secretary on the administration’s broken promises and lack of accountability on the Obamacare rollout, at one point admonishing him to “Stop it!”

Kelly played a clip of U.S. Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, stating, “I think the current administration has taken lying to a new level” on “The Kelly File” for her guest, Ben LaBolt. LaBolt referred to the remark as “misguided and unfortunate,” and even blamed the GOP for many of Obamacare’s woes, according to Fox News.

Kelly pressed LaBolt on the president;’s broken promise — “If you like your plan you can keep it” — but LaBolt continued to waver off course.

“But you’re not answering my question,” Kelly said at one point. “You’re dodging it,” she said at another.

When Kelly moved from the President’s broken promises to whether heads should roll over the fiasco, LaBolt said, “I think the real accountability is have we put in place a system that ensures that the program works.”

“Stop it! You’re too smart to believe that,” Kelly shot back. “Accountability is to say you screwed up and here’s the person – I don’t know who it is. Is it Kathleen Sebelius? You tell me.”

Watch the exchange.

Those who bore witness to the slaughter took to Twitter to cheer her on. @marypcracraft could hardly contain herself and recorded the event with a photo:


Here are a few more “atta girls” and assessments:





H/T the Twitchy Team.

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  • rangerbanger

    The American people SHOULD HOLD THIS LIAR ACCOUNTABLE–not the double-talking heads like Labolt who will throw his mother under the bus to osculate the posterior of the white African in the white house. He would have you believe that going from one percent to four percent success is a 400% improvement! It’s jerks like this through the years, totally amoral men and women, whose ambitions compromise their very worth as human beings, that have brought us to the mad house we find ourselves in. We have a totally incompetent community organizer with nothing but an ideological programmable brain of sorts leading our country over a cliff!

    Good for Megyn Kelly’s aggressiveness–we need more of that–just like Woodward and Bernstein, we now have to hound the impostor from the oval office immediately!

  • Pamela K. Cahoon Laub

    BHO’s apology was just one more lie. It wasn’t really an apology. It’s more like “I’m sorry you got hurt when I threw you off the cliff.”. This guy is still covering up for BHO, his lies and his destruction of peoples’ lives and medical coverage.

  • Jeff Coulter
  • Dave Phelps

    There is not one oz of truth in a democrap anywhere in the government or their worshipers

    • eaglechick

      Well said..thank you

  • JJBuck

    The revolution is coming…even the stupid people can grab onto this lie…

  • Wraith Against RichOligarchy

    She is brave for telling the truth as it is. I like her, we are with her :)

  • Washington76

    Strassman vs. Obama: “corporate power” vs. “common ground”–August 1995

    Ace interviewer Marc Strassman exposes pre-Presidential Barack Obama’s tragic misreading of American history, in this excerpt from the August 11, 1995 “Lost Obama Interview,” revealing the personal traits that prevent him from boldly confronting the corporations now blocking heath care and energy reform