Jay Carney spin: I wouldn’t say ‘mission accomplished’ on website goals

Despite the Obama administration’s assurances that it has met its November goals and the upgraded HealthCare.gov is functional, White House press secretary Jay Carney stopped short of saying the job was done.

“In terms of the goals you set for this moment in time of the website being functional for the vast majority of users, is it mission accomplished?” ABC’s Jonathan Karl asked Carney.

Not one to answer a question directly, Carney said the website was undergoing necessary fixes and progress was being made.

“And the focus here is not on, the endgame here isn’t the best possible and most effective website that we can build, but a system by which all those millions of Americans who are clearly interested in enrolling and purchasing quality affordable health care insurance are able to do so,” Carney said. “That is our goal, and that work continues today. We have passed an important milestone in that effort, but the work continues.”

The answer was not acceptable to Karl, who asked the question again.

“Let me try to crystallize down because we try to pin you down on what ‘vast majority’ means, and you guys didn’t want to quantify it,” Karl said. “Very clearly, in terms of the goal that you set for this moment in time, is it mission accomplished? Have you accomplished that goal?”

“Using that phrase is not one I would employ,” Carney said.

Watch the exchange here via National Review Online:


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  • LindaOregon

    “What I would say is what Jeff said” and just regurgitate the talking points that his “transparent” leader told him to regurgitate.

  • Doug

    Baby steps at best.

  • George Allegro

    If today’s liberals will callously murder the unborn, why would anyone trust them with centralized power over medical care?

  • George Allegro

    Those who preach from collectivism’s altar attempt to justify centralized power with the fatally conceited notion that the order around us can only be maintained through the leaden threads of centralized control.