Upgraded Obamacare website crashes during CNN test

After the Obama administration announced HealthCare.gov had been upgraded and is now functional, CNN put it to the test Sunday – and came up short.

CNN business correspondent Alison Kosik attempted to set up a health insurance account on live television, with disastrous results.

“We know the first thing you have to do when you go to this website [is] you have to select your state,” “New Day” host George Howell said. “Is that working?”

Kosik, working with CNN medical producer Matt Sloane, said it seemed to be working while logging on.

“But then came the road blocks,” Kosik said. “So tell me about what happened, because we’re getting another error message here, and it’s supposed to be running smoothly. We’re just not seeing that.”

Sloane confirmed problems persisted with the site.

“Yeah, so, you know, we’ve been trying to get into the site since Oct. 1 on and off again,” he said. “I have to say it did work a lot more smoothly this morning. I got through. I picked my state. I put in all of my information, and I got through the whole process in eight minutes. And then it said my status was in progress. So I went to refresh it, and I got the error message.”

Watch the exchange here via NewsBusters:

H/T: NewsBusters

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  • Doug

    No more interviews for CNN.

  • Lucktoday

    This only a web site, I wonder what the end cost will be when it’s actually complete. Can you imagine how bad and costly the actual health care is going to be. We knew this would be bad when Hillary tried to push it. Obama is even more incompetant.

  • Arden Hale

    Popcorn anyone? As a conservative it’s time to just sit back and laugh.

  • grannykate62

    CNN Clinton News Network just lies about anything! Still support destruction of America and waste of tax dollars

  • Joanne Styslinger

    CNN doesn’t get it, the govt website is collecting their personal info so each time they log in their sweet lovable government is getting as much data as they can to later use it against them. Such sweet justice. For myself I ain’t going anywhere near that site, prefer the old fashion way by snail mail go ahead govt cut down a couple of trees for me will ya’.

  • Jon Newman

    It “crashed” to protect him from being charged twice.