The Hollywood Kings of obnoxious behavior – the worst of the worst

Alec Baldwin

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Hollywood is a diseased town, full of sick people. It is a city in the business of making money, and its denizens have no qualms about deep-sixing all standards of decency, all while deploring capitalists. Hollywood is full of creatures whose careers live or die based on exposing their antics to the world’s media, setting the stage for some of the worst displays of poor judgment and bad taste.

Hollywood’s leftists have played a starring role in the breakdown of the American family and in the growth of violence. Take a gander at Academy Awards ceremonies, and you’ll get a wake-up call about where America’s entertainers are trying to push us as a nation. Here’s what some of the scuzzier ambassadors of Tinseltown, those who consider themselves in the culture-shaping business, say and do:

Alec Baldwin: Blaming the American public’s fixation with celebrities “on their own spiritual bankruptcy,” he threatened to quit show business. This Republican-hater seems to become more angry and extreme as the years pass. An example is this quote from the younger Bush years: “Everything that Bush touches turns to manure in public policy.” Or this: “Cheney is a terrorist.” He went after Fox News host Sean Hannity, calling him a “McCarthy-esque figure,” a “political pornographer” and a “no-talent, ex-construction worker hack.” During President Clinton’s impeachment, Baldwin fantasized on a “Late Night” show about stoning then-U.S. Rep. Henry Hyde to death and killing his family. Charming, don’t you think?

 George Clooney: He may be the king of celebrity liberalism. Consider this statement to Touch Magazine: “I spend at least three or four hours a day in the bathroom. Being sexy day and night is a big responsibility. And I like taking it.” He made a controversial comment about Charlton Heston suffering from Alzheimer’s and refused to publicly apologize. He got himself arrested, cuffed and hauled away after blocking the entrance to the Sudanese Embassy while protesting a human rights drama.

 Sean PennSean Penn: As he practiced his worldwide anti-Western habit of excoriating the country that gave him fame and fortune, he became buddies with Cuban President Raul Castro and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. Penn called George W. Bush a “traitor” and said Bush, then-Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Vice President Dick Cheney were “criminally obscene.” He spouted that during Hurricane Katrina, the Bush administration was guilty of criminal negligence. Walking around New Orleans with a shotgun and painting himself as a hero, Penn lied to CNN host Larry King about when he arrived in the flooded city and how long he stayed.

But here’s what’s worse. The hard-left media has been successful in firing up Americans – especially its youth – by enlisting these celebrities and an army of other Hollywood liberals like them to instill “progressive” propaganda into the collective mind of Americans. The lefties hijacked the “dream factory” to undermine American exceptionalism and promote a national way of thinking that deviates remarkably from the national character that made America great.

There used to be in this country a link between celebrity and merit. The media has now mesmerized us into an obsession with unaccomplished celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton and Kate Gosselin. But great countries cannot survive the kind of cultural values and behavior being promoted by Hollywood entertainers.

Hollywood has isolated itself from ethical humanity. Need examples? The attempts by Hollywood to deify brutal revolutionaries like “Che” Guevara. Fawning over O.J. Simpson. Promoting anti-American movies like “Lions for Lambs,” “Platoon” and “Wall Street.” Pushing the belief that humans have unleashed vile, irreparable pollution on the Earth. Vilifying businessmen as a worse threat to society than gangs or terrorists. Showing violent perversion, mass murder and bloodlust as socially acceptable, cerebral – even artistic. Promoting movie stars who cannot govern their own lives as spokespersons for some new world order being hawked by the media.

Let’s enjoy entertainers for what they are and how they make us feel, and push their political utterances out where they belong — stage door left. Celebrity does not equal wisdom or virtue.

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About John R. Smith

John R. Smith is chairman of BIZPAC, the Business Political Action Committee of Palm Beach County, and owner of a financial services company.

  • ClarkeB10

    we can’t always get rid of crap wth one flush

    • francoamerian

      Yeah, the voters in these past two elections really laid out a tremendous turd.

  • Don Sebold

    They get a pass because they $pend at the diners for the liberals,campaign money is the radicals lifeline ask Soros he funds plenty of them….behind the scene of course his way the libtards grovel at his feet…..California is an insane asylum without walls or padded cells

  • Carol Chadbourne

    If the ‘actors’ in Hollyweird ever stopped to consider HOW they got where they are and how some of them had stayed on, maybe they’d shake that ugly liberalness off themselves and become TRUE Americans and fight for the Country and it’s people who got them where they are today…..if not, they are truly hypocritical, slamming Capitalism against socialism. Stop and think about it….not ONE of you has stood up to any of these creeps who want the change to America that will kill the way of life of our God-given rights and FREEDOMS… STINK….I have not gone to a single ‘movie’ of anyone, nor will I, trying to change America to their socialistic views….’ain’t’ gonna happen. I wait!! You do know what ‘redistribution of wealth is, don’t you??? If the tyrant-in-chief has promised you riches and gifts galore, you do remember that he lies, right…..and those who HAVE now have to share with those who HAVE NOT….aw gee, You are going to have to share your wealth….and possibly step ‘down’ from the lifestyle you are used to living….oh, dear. There goes the Gucci and Armani…for the goodwill and ‘army’….You make me sick turning on America!!

  • Chance Hammond

    These Hollywood and TV people are scaring our children to death. Anti-smoking photos of a man with a cancerous red hole in this throat. Mass-murders of children. Menacing, foul-mouthed rappers. Daily global-warming alarms telling us the earth is doomed. International terrorists using biological weapons. “Every day, 2000 children are reported missing…” Why are children being flooded with stuff that life is unsafe and full of blood and pain and random death? Because there is money in the sickness that Hollywood and TV sell to us. The liberal response to all this is: “Don’t like it? Change the channel.” But there is no safe place to go, not many other channels to click to where you wont see more of the same.

  • Cynthia J. McCoy

    If we get hit on our own soil again that would be the best place to be hit, Hollywood!!!! It has destroyed a lot of lives. Those guys are so full of crap!!! I don’t think they are very popular right now.. They got rich on the backs of the saps that like them. I have never liked any of them. They are spoiled little brats acting like little kids. And people make excuses for them, they are drunks, they had a bad break up!!!!!!!! Who cares, act like your age!!!! Grow up you live in a fantasy world, not the real one!!!!!!!!!!! Get a life boys, try doing something for others and not always for yourself..