The ‘historic mistake’ deal: Iran set to build second nuclear plant

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Photo Credit: AP via Indian Express

While the Obama White House was busy presenting a misleading version of the interim nuclear agreement reached with Iran to tout its success, the Iranians were busy making it clear to the world they have no intention of dismantling their nuclear facilities.

To that end, Iranian President Hasan Rouhani announced Saturday that Iran will soon begin building a second nuclear power plant.

“The first nuclear power plant is in operation in Bushehr province, and the construction of the second one will soon kick off; development of new atomic power plants in the country will start in earnest and there will be nuclear reactors in most parts of Bushehr province,” Rouhani said, according to Iran’s Tasnim News Agency.

Bushehr nuclear power plant Rueters:Stringer Iran

Bushehr nuclear power plant
Photo: Rueters/Stringer Iran via JPost

In a wide-ranging interview with The Financial Times last week, Rouhani was asked if he would concede to the demands of Israel and the U.S. Congress – that Iran must dismantle its nuclear facilities – in order to reach a permanent agreement.

“One hundred percent no,” Rouhani answered.

Last month, Iranian officials accused the Obama administration of misleading the American public by presenting an “invalid,” “modified,” “one-sided” version of the interim nuclear agreement reached with Iran in the form of a fact sheet published on the White House website.

The fact sheet used wording like, “Iran has committed to halt enrichment…halt progress on its enrichment capacity…to no further advances on its activities at Arak [nuclear site].”

But to Iran, who countered the misleading fact sheet by releasing the full text of the agreement reached with the P5+1, “the deal tacitly recognizes Iran’s right to enrich uranium.”

According to Tasnim News:

Rouhani said that a big step has been taken in nuclear field as the six major world powers have admitted to Iran’s nuclear rights, and expressed hope that by the end of the negotiations all sanctions imposed on the country over the last years would be lifted.

While Iranian officials stress that the deal tacitly recognizes Iran’s right to enrich uranium, White House officials and Secretary of State John Kerry repeatedly said that Iran’s assertion of a “right to enrich” uranium would not be recognized in an interim deal.

But the text says the “comprehensive solution” will “involve a mutually defined enrichment program with mutually agreed parameters,” suggesting that the United States and its partners have already agreed that Iranian enrichment activity will continue indefinitely.

Iran maintains that this is no concession but is, rather, recognition of the country’s inalienable right under the [Non-Proliferation Treaty] to enrich uranium on its own soil.

More from Tasnim News Agency.

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  • Mamatex

    It is a sad day indeed that I have to realize I can no longer have any trust in what the Federal Government says!

    • sirguywilson

      That`s not so. There are plenty of well-intended, God-fearing leaders in this Administration. They are not,however, Obama, his appointees, Democrats, and some Rebuplican chameleons that have made a life of doing whatever it takes to stay in the Senate.

  • Arden Hale

    So, when they lob a nuke at someone will Obama turn himself in for conspiracy to commit murder?

  • Change Iran Now

    It’s really hard to watch the president and secretary of state and not think how they cannot be embarrassed by this deal. Think about this, for half a dozen times, the Security Council has passed resolutions which said Iran has to stop all enrichment. Otherwise, there will be no change in the sanctions. No relief. Which means six times China and Russia, not exactly hardliners on Iran, have signed onto this. And what is the result of this agreement? Iran retains the right to enrich. It continues to enrich during the six months. It is promised a final deal in which we’re going to work out the details of its enrichment. And remember, enrichment is the dam against all proliferation. Once a country anywhere can start to enrich, there is no containing its nuclear capacity. So it undermines the entire idea of non-proliferation and it grants Iran a right it’s been lusting for, for a decade. That’s why there was so much jubilation in Tehran over this