Study shows parents with daughters more likely to be Republican


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Pew Research Center reports that a study by two sociologists found that parents who have daughters are more inclined to be Republicans over Democrats.

The report shows that having more daughters than sons and having a daughter first “significantly reduces the likelihood of Democratic [Party] identification and significantly increases the strength of Republican Party identification.”

Not only is the daughter effect statistically significant, it’s substantively large, Pew Research reported.

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The researchers wrote that “compared to those with no daughters, parents with all daughters are 14 percent less likely to identify as a Democrat … 11 percent more likely to identify as a Republican than parents with no daughters.”

The effect is considerably stronger among better educated, wealthier parents.

The researchers note that their results contradict other studies and “speculate that men and women might want more socially conservative policies when they have daughters and thus be more attracted to the GOP,” Pew Research stated.

In an Independent Journal Review report, Emily Hulsey offered: “It is likely that having daughters ignites a ‘protection mechanism’ and encourages a desire for traditional, conservative values, especially when it comes to social issues such as abortion and gun rights.”

All of which wreaks havoc on the faux “war on women” narrative the Democratic Party has invested so heavily in.

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  • Mamatex

    Enjoying my morning chuckle that the study was done and what the cost might have been. Not a Sociologist but a grandmother using common sense thinks most of both sexes lean towards the party of their parents

  • Lorraine Stuart

    Wish i could agree with this. One parent is a republican and i am a Conservative/Independent and my 45 yrs older is a liberal and is just amazing the stupid things she says.

    • nanainmontana

      We feel you pain!!!! is looking for comment moderators. If you’re interested, please review our comment policy page and submit your request.