A cappella group’s amazing version of ‘Little Drummer Boy’ goes insanely viral

The five member a cappella group Pentatonix,  posted their version of “Little Drummer Boy” to You Tube on November 25. The video is being picked up and shared by publications all over the Internet and has become a viral sensation with more than 7 million views in a week’s time.

It’s hard to believe an old Christmas classic can be made into something that garners so much attention, but after you hear it, you discover why!

According to the group’s Facebook page:

Mitch Grassi, Scott Hoying, and Kirstie Maldonado formed a trio during high school together in Arlington, Texas. They added the final two members, Avi Kaplan and Kevin Olusola, the day before their audition on Season 3 of NBC’s “The Sing-Off”, and PTX was born. Pentatonix has that special a cappella swag, something that most singing groups tend to lack.

You can also download the group’s Christmas album on iTunes.

H/T: The Blaze


  • Isabella1709

    Beautiful! I am intriged by the singer Avi Kaplan….but then remember Yeshua was a Jew as well.

    • Roy Rain


  • Brenda Williquette

    Absoutly Beautiful !!

  • David William Reid

    Watch some of their other vids. They are fantastic!

  • bobmead1960

    Nothing better than songs of what God did for us! He exudes the only truest of loves, which is sacrificial in giving, in our best interest and eternal in its workings. May we lift up the name of Jesus Christ during the season of Christmas and seasons of the year (all the time).

    • RealityAlwaysBites

      Explain your gods love to all those starving to death this season, I’m sure they will agree with you that your imaginary friend is very loving and helps them a lot.

      • bobmead1960

        Tks for the question. God is not the magic puppet to be used for our every beckon whim. Because our ways are not his. Two things contribute to this situation; the evil of man – greed, oppression and power make others suffer; God brings good from bad – people depend and look for God when in times of trouble. When in affluent times we forget about the need for God. Hope this helps.
        God seeks to spend eternity with you. He earnestly desires that, but you must come to terms with him on his terms. That’s why one is called God. We have to obey his rules, and they are in our best interest. Life is short and eternity is ,very long.

  • Detfan1

    May the ungodly who view this reconsider their world view, and may we, as Christians be reminded of the gift of Grace and Forgiveness that is our Lord Jesus Christ. An absolutely stunning performance.

  • Doug

    Drummer is absolutely the worst Xmas song. Completely mindless.

    • Egon

      You are one sorry, pathetic creature, get some help.

      • Doug

        It’s a boring repetitive monotonous dirge.

    • Nancy Ozmun

      Well you use Xmas, so it is pretty clear you just DON’T get it-Hope and pray someday you will..

    • Heidi

      Go away

    • josh

      I don’t like it either. The tone, melody, choice of words, rhythm, etc. Its a boring song.

  • Wraith Against RichOligarchy

    God bless Pentatonix, bless them all! :)

  • Angie Sawyer

    This is just beautiful, it is my favorite Christmas song.

  • S.L. Rachford’s Ire

    Sound of Heaven. When heaven sings, we all listen. Blessed

  • JeffSJeffS

    It is probably my least favorite Christmas song (so repetitious) but this version by this group is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!

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