Church ordered to stop delivering Thanksgiving meals to homeless in Fla. park

Thanksgiving is a time to appreciate what you have and share what you can with the less fortunate – as long it you don’t do it in a Palm Beach County park.

Acts 2 Worship members in Loxahatchee, Fla., decided to deliver meals to the homeless in Lake Worth’s John Prince Park. But as they were handing out the packaged food, a park ranger ordered the church members to leave, according to local CBS affiliate WPEC.

“God takes care of us,” Steven Griffin said, who lives at the park with his wife Dominique. “We don’t starve. We’re grateful. You get all these other people coming in. I guess it’s because of the economy.”

Tereza Del Rio and about a dozen other church members brought meals to the park on Thanksgiving Day.

Acts 2 Worship members said they couldn’t understand why they were told to leave.

“We brought our kids out here so they could see what it’s really like for people that are struggling,” church member Brian Oakes said. “It’s very disappointing. We didn’t intend for this today. We just wanted to give the food and be able to bless people.”

CBS reporter Israel Balderas found the park ranger and asked why the church group couldn’t feed the homeless. The ranger said he couldn’t comment, then called a dispatcher at the reporter’s request.

No one would speak to the reporter directly, but he was told that feeding the homeless was not a permitted activity on park property and that the church was violating the law. The station researched county ordinances and could find nothing applicable.

Watch the report here via WPEC 12:

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Cheryl Carpenter Klimek

Cheryl Carpenter Klimek has been a political consultant handling public affairs, political campaigns and PAC management for nearly 20 years.


  • Arden Hale

    A park ranger prevented an act of Christian Charity? He needs a career change and so does anyone who gave such an order.

  • themaintrain

    Bring it up at the next city council meeting or talk to the mayor.

  • Mary Jane Roseberry

    Did the order to the Park Ranger come from the White House?
    US Forest Service can’t take care of National Forest as they should because of stupid federal regulations pushed through Congress by EPA and Lobbists.

  • james71

    Never hear any stories about the LGBT community trying to feed the homeless. But they have more rights now. The moral direction this country has taken is disgusting me.

    • ChitterChatter

      That is for sure! They didn’t even care that Ambassador Stevens was murdered by 0v0mit and hitlary either :(

  • Norbit Peters

    Palm Beach County is still primarily populated by Leftist secularist Jews, who vote Democratic at nearly the same rate blacks do. That explains it, because they’d rather have government controlling the situation, not religious Christians.

    • ChitterChatter

      I was wondering about that thanks! Sometimes I wish we could have 2 Floridas North above Orlando and South — Orlando and the rest of the state.

      • lovinspoonful

        I prefer living in the Florida North above Orlando. We don’t have a problem helping other people. And we don’t have Alan (Nsty) Grayson and Debbie-Wassername Schultz.

        • Boobie_The_Rocket_Dog

          …or Lois F. Frankel

        • ChitterChatter

          Me too :)

        • Doug

          Alan Grayson is from just outside Orlando.

    • Boobie_The_Rocket_Dog

      Same group of “leftist secularist Jews who vote DemocRAT” which forced the Church across Congress from the park to stop selling Christmas trees.

    • lovinspoonful

      What difference does it make how one votes? It is an act of kindness and mercy. Shame on them. They should be doing the same thing.

  • patricia lockwood

    all these good Christians were just helping out those that most likely would not have turkey that day.hope park ranger chocked on his turkey.

  • Eric

    Tell the park ranger to GTH.

  • Boobie_The_Rocket_Dog

    This is the “leftist secularist Jews’ who vote DemocRAT” on the county commission interpretation of a DON’T FEED THE PIGEONS law they brought from New York.
    Did Christ obey the Romans’ laws?
    What’s surprising is that WPEC came out on the side of the Christians. That’s certainly not like that station’s management.

    • lovinspoonful

      How selfish can a town get? What law says you can’t help those less fortunate than you.

    • CRITman

      Since Obama/Valerie Jarrett is throwing Israel under the bus and favoring the Shiite Wacko I have a feeling that the Democrats are going to be losing the Jewish vote.

      • Boobie_The_Rocket_Dog

        Never happen, at least not the old ones down here. ‘RAT voting is in their DNA, just like the blacks.

  • rhodes autry

    doing good is illegal… explain that to God on That Day

  • BRwoman

    Can’t give food to the hungry? What????

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