Video of boy on bike crashing into tree while dad laughs goes viral

I took a lot of tumbles on a bike when I was a little boy. I don’t remember my father laughing, but who knows, maybe he did.

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  • AprilJean

    I think most parents would be running at full speed to prevent something like this. I don’t think it was funny at all.

    • unclebuck7

      Who died and made YOU judge?

  • Pamela K. Cahoon Laub

    The boy rides his bike well, but he needs steering lessons. When his mom sees this his dad won’t be laughing.

  • Lorraine Stuart

    This happen to my younger daughter when she was that age, i could see as her father was teaching her to ride her bike. But she was headed for the mailboxes and i went out and yelled to her to stop. She fell but was ok. This father might think it is ok but as it was more important to video this accident instead of running to stop this or yell to him to stop. I do not see the interest or humor in a child getting hurt.

  • Dean Scholl

    bumps and bruises are a part of life….its what makes us tuff enough to shrug it off and go on…its what makes us strong…but anymore as parents we are to quick to run to the rescue and we weaken our children creating a society of wimps….

  • edjuk8