Programmers build alternative that works — in a weekend!


Michael Wasser, Ning Liang, and George Kalogeropoulos (l-r) designed HealthSherpa as an answer to glitch-ridden Photo credit: CBS News

Three San Francisco programmers in their 20s proved just how inept’s architects were, taking just a few nights to design a simplified version of the glitch-ridden contraption.

Michael Wasser, Ning Liang and George Kalogeropoulos, who share office space with other Bay-area techies, built an alternative website,, that resolves users’ main complaint – easy access to plan descriptions, according to CBS News. And it didn’t take them $600 million to do it.

“They got it completely backwards in terms of what people want up front,” Liang said. “They want prices and benefits, so that they could make the decision.”

He then showed how the team addressed that problem: “You come to our website and you put in your ZIP code — in this case, a California ZIP code. You hit ‘Find Plans,’ and you immediately see the exchange plans that are available for that ZIP code.”

CBS News reported:

They have plenty of experience working at places like Twitter and Microsoft before setting out to build their own Internet companies. But this project is a public service.

* * *
Using information buried in the government’s own website built by high-priced government contractors, they found a simpler way to present it to users.

“That’s the great thing about having such a small team,” Kalogeropoulos said. “You sit around a table and say, ‘OK, how does this work?’ There’s no coordination meetings, there’s no planning sessions. It’s like, ‘Well, let’s read the document and let’s implement this.'”

At this point, I’d suggest that Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius sue the Canadian firm that stole our money for a failed website, turn those dollars over to these three enterprising young men, and give them an additional weekend to finish things up.

We’d keep the money in the country and end up with a workable website. Besides, I’m sure the guys could use an extra $600 million — they’re young and struggling entrepreneurs.

Watch the report from CBS News. When you finish, honor our vets today, and catch, Thank you to our vets; BPR remembers your sacrifice

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  • Thomas E Sewick

    funny how American’s did this over the weekend and the other company had 3 years and still failed, we need to get our money back and thank the men who worked it out

  • Mike Mittleberger

    But these 3 didn’t go to college with Michelle
    Obama like the VP of the canadian company
    Named Townes-Whitney. Why don’t you look
    Into that CBS

    • Robert P. Le Count

      how come it was a no bid contract? how much of that over 600 million dollar is gong to end up in a back door overseas account and in Obama an his wife’s pocket???

      • Sloppy Joe

        Gee Robert, you sound like you don’t trust our President. Amazing! Now why would you ever think such a thing?

        • badsanta2

          can you give me a couple of reasons why I should, TRUST are President they have over 40 excerpts on video of him lying. if you lie to me I should trust you?
          Joe this is Robert. badsanta2 is my handle

  • lynbur

    But the government doesn’t want that information given out till they bleed all your information out of you.

  • Jorge Recarey

    Let’s hope to god that it doesn’t get completed, because this is the begining to our end!

  • bobfairlane

    What’s with the survey? Obama’s idea of “immigration reform” is cramnesty for 100 million illegal aliens.

  • samiam

    too bad it was all a sham to spread some money to obamas cronies hoping no one would find out who they were. I said this a few weeks ago, does Paypal work? Ebay? they have millions of people accessing their site 24 7 and no issues. Could it be because they are American made? IDK, but these idiots should be held accountable. But like the senator from Texas said last week, “the only thing true with this administration is that no one can be fired for not doing their job”

  • Sloppy Joe

    Ya gotta love it. Government inefficiency at it’s finest. Just another example of great American ingenuity.

    • badsanta2

      Don’t forget they don’t do back round checks on navigators on so you figure out who your giving your personal information to.

    • badsanta2

      watch this

      The Petition for “Mandatory Euthanasia” for Senior Citizens Under Obama Care!

  • Doug

    They should put all us old people out on an ice floe and let the young run the world.

  • seazen

    Great to get so many comments from folks that have a lot of experience with complex information systems, massive data bases, and web-based interfaces. These kids are probably really good but they only adjusted a front-end that represents about 1% of the system beneath it.

  • Dane Clark

    It goes to prove this website that cost $600million was done intentional. It proves to me that its all design to fail so it will tunnel and funnel everyone to a one payer system. It also proves they do not have any respect for the hard working American tax payer who pays for all this wasted time and money. Obama and his cronies want this system to fail. He said they were going to get to the bottom of this and get it fix just like everything else going on around him. What has Obama done to fix anything? Nothing. Play gold, play basketball, go on vactions, etc everything but put in a real days work like the rest of us have to.

    • Doug

      You were a fine actor.

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