Oliver North predicts Russians will kill Snowden: ‘He’s a dead man walking’

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Photo Credit: Foxnews

Ever the crack military analyst, Lt. Col. Oliver North predicted that the Russians will kill famed National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden and pin the murder on the United States.

“Edward Snowden is in the hands of the Russian intelligence services. Everyone he meets every day with is a Russian intelligence agent,” North said Tuesday on the Fox News show, “Markets Now.” “They’re all asking the questions: ‘How do the Americans do this? Can we do this? How do we protect ourselves from what you’re doing? How do we penetrate things like the American data system for, let’s say, the Affordable Care Act?’ And at the end of the day, what will happen is the Russians will kill Edward Snowden. And we will be blamed for it.”

Given Russian President Vladimir Putin’s momentum in the Middle East and the tenuous relationship between the Obama administration and the Russians, prospects don’t look good, for Snowden or America. Snowden’s death would benefit Russia, North said. He also offered this advice to Secretary of State John Kerry:

“And the reason they’ll kill him is because they don’t want us to know how much he gave away. This is a very, very serious problem. And what Mr. Kerry really ought to be doing is traveling to Moscow to see if he can convince Edward Snowden’s dad to get the kid back home to face the music because the Russians will kill him.”

When asked about Obama’s handling of intelligence matters and the NSA scandal, North said the president hasn’t done his job well in either case.

“I don’t think this president has handled anything in regards to national security in this country well.”

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Matt Labo

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  • Ted Strickland

    Then, as convicted criminal, we should listen to Mr North? He might be right about Snowden, but, as long as he can be of value to the Russians, he will live. Afterwards, he could be dead. But the damage is already done, so, are we really concerned about the safety of Mr Snowden? I don’t think so.

    • Dr. Ronald Cutburth

      Looks like North is getting controlled by the New World Order freaks. So sad. I see they are trying to scare Snowden into leaving Russia to they can kill the truth. There are criminals cases going on right now. They need to make a hit using one of their assets. Also if they can kill Snowden and blame Putin so much the better. PUTIN WINS Olly North has lost.

    • John C

      Are you the convicted Criminal? Mr. North’s conviction was thrown out by the courts so he is not a convicted criminal, Bill Clinton on the other hand is and had to give up his law license because of it.

      • onwego4k

        oliver north was charged for putting up a fence around his home to protect his family with govt money and he warned us said he was threatened by bin laden remember that name and here we are that is why it was thrown out and no conviction he was warning the country but no one listened til 9/11

        • John C

          Actually North was threatened by, Abu Nidal, the Bin Laden “threat” was just an urban legend.

      • Judy Evans

        Clinton got is law license back after 5 years though, and I suspect Obama and his wife will get theirs back too, although we’ll never know why they were taken.

        • John C

          Yeah that’s the way it works in the Law field, they cover for one another so a life time ban is only 7 years. Well we know Bill lost his for Perjury, which is pretty significant for an attorney, but you maybe right about them trying to cover up for the Obamas, but with the loss of a law license, the reasons are usually out there to be found.

  • Don Scoby

    Because North had been granted limited immunity for his Congressional testimony, the law prohibited a prosecutor from using that testimony as part of a criminal case against him. To prepare for the expected defense challenge that North’s testimony had been used, the prosecution team had—before North’s congressional testimony had been given—listed and isolated all of its evidence.[citation needed] Further, the individual members of the prosecution team had isolated themselves from news reports and discussion of North’s testimony. While the defense could show no specific instance in which North’s congressional testimony was used in his trial, the Court of Appeals ruled that the trial judge had made an insufficient examination of the issue. Consequently, North’s convictions were reversed. After further hearings on the immunity issue,Judge Gesell dismissed all charges against North on September 16, 1991.

    • Ted Strickland

      North’s convictions were vacated on a technicality, just like someone in the mob. He admitted lying to congress. Convicted, or not, who really would believe him now, you?

      • hp b

        Yeah. Nixon was pardoned by Ford.
        Marc Rich pardoned by Carny Prince Bill Clinton.
        (not to mention his cocaine dealing brother)
        All are innocent now. What a pathetic joke.

        • Ted Strickland

          right on the head.

      • onwego4k

        you dont know what you all are talking about north didnt lie to congress in fact he warned us about bin laden he was threatened by him for his family he put that fence up for protection with govt money.

  • NC Conservative

    Sounds like typical gov fear mongering to me! A way to scare and trick Snowden into coming back so that Obama can have him executed or assasinated!

    • wildjew

      What’s next? Will we hear (referring to Obama), “my” president or “our” president? Obama is not my president. Obama is bent on the destruction of this country as we’ve known it. He is destroying its institutions. Snowden exposed Obama’s massive surveillance on law-abiding Americans. Snowden said he is not a hero and he is not. To North and other patriots Snowden is a traitor. Not to me.

      • P_Ang

        Yeah, for eight years I had to hear “He’s not MY President, I didn’t vote for him” from libs around here when Bush was in office. I have no problem repeating the same mantra back at them. The stunned looks on their faces are priceless. How dare someone not worship at the altar of the Bam with them, facing towards DeCca, five times a day!

  • jdelaney3

    Though the Russkies are quite capable of anything, unless Snowden’s “disappearance” serves its national security interests, Russia will, most likely, permit Snowden, a huge embarrassment to the USA, to remain alive in Russia.

  • Doug

    Since Stan Laurel passed away Ollie’s lost a lot of clout.

  • Grant Ritchie

    Nonsense. Snowden is one of the greatest intelligence assets Russia has ever had. If anyone kills him, it will be us. Idiot.

  • reinhold

    It is utter nonsense to declare that Ollie North is a “crack military analyst! The only thing “crack” about this cute little criminal is “Crack Cocaine.”

    The brave and nobel acts of Edward Snowden is a blessing. Any damage that his revelations may cause promoted LIberty. The truth always damages the apparatus of the anti-Christian Kosher Kabal of The Bogus Bank of Credit Fraud. This is who paid liar Ollie North serves. Like them, Ollie North is doomed.

    Because of the good conduct of men like Edward Snowden and Russian President Vladimir Putin we can expect liberation! The fight may be enormous but liars like Ollie North and all those that serve the synagogue of satan are doomed.

    Guilty of Treason, Ollie North is a dope dealing criminal murderer. This narcissistic liar is merely a paid surrogate for the Kosher Kabal of the Bogus Bank of Credit Fraud.

    The ridiculous LIE purporting that Russia will kill the heroic Edward Snowden and give credit to America is the wishful thinking of the synagogue of satan that Ollie North serves.

    Ollie North is among the Renegade Public Servants that engage the current insurrection. We The People must apply all necessary means to suppress and remove these insolent hostile anti-Christian aliens.

    Please Mr. Putin Liberate America ! Please come and take away these liars and help us take down this evil tower!

  • Fascist Slayer

    Vladimir Putin recently said that trying to negotiating with the United States and Barry Soetoro was like “…playing chess with a pigeon. The pigeon knocks over all the pieces, poops on the board and then struts around like it won the game.”

    • SRQTad

      I think that was Bill Whittle

      • P_Ang

        I think you’re thinking of when Khrushchev was going to read Kennedy the riot act. After the meeting his aide asked him why he was so upset. Khrushchev informed the aide that with a leader as terrible as Kennedy he felt sorry for the American people.

  • Doug

    My sources say Ollie predicted the Cardinals over the Red Sox.

  • hp b

    Another traitor who has (so far) escaped the firing squad.

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