Megyn Kelly’s devastation at man’s life or death decision due to Obamacare

Fox News host Megyn Kelly shared a heart rendering story Thursday night of a South Carolina man with cancer who is being forced to make what he sees as a life or death decision after his health insurance plan was cancelled because of Obamacare.

Bill Elliot, who voted for President Obama, contacted “The Kelly File” via Facebook and said he can no longer afford to pay his medical bills and does not want to take on the new costs because he does not want to put a “burden” on his family, according to Fox News.

Saying he feels “misled,” Elliott told Kelly his new insurance will cost him $1,500 per month with a $13,000 deductible, adding that he will opt to pay the minimal fine for not having health insurance and “will just let nature take its course.”

The devastation of that comment could be seen clearly on Kelly’s face.

When asked to respond to Obama apologizing on Thursday, Elliot said, “I believe that was more of an insult to me and other people who have been cancelled.”

More and more, it’s beginning to look as if the Democratic Party’s cure is more deadly than the disease when it comes to addressing the “healthcare crisis” in America.

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Tom Tillison

Tom Tillison

Tom is a grassroots activist who distinguished himself as one of the top conservative bloggers in Florida before joining BizPac Review.
Tom Tillison


  • TheMediaFairy

    That’s unforgivable. Sadly, his story will not be unique.

    • Cliff

      Sadly his story is a lie. The law clearly states that the most out of pocket expense in a year is $6350. So clearly the figures he states are not real (especially since he even says he hasn’t been able to log onto the website at one point in the interview)

      • TheMediaFairy

        It’s even sadder then, Cliff, to think Ms. Kelly’s staff didn’t vet this guy’s story before they aired it. The fact remains, he’s not the only one whose insurance has been cancelled, in spite of Mr. Obama’s promise that we will be able to keep our current policies if we’re happy with them.

        • Cliff

          not disagreeing. But don’t air stories where people give false information

          • Mikey

            Keep your interpretation of information to yourself.

          • Tom Jones

            where’s your source of proof it’s false?

          • cliff

            i find it funny you want me to provide proof yet you accept his story on face value. 1. he clearly states in this video that he was not able to get on the web site. But then he says his new insurance will have a 13000 deductible just for him. And my proof is anywhere google takes you. It’s a mouse click away to find out that the law caps out of pocket for an individual at 6350

          • Sloppy Joe

            Hey Dude, out of pocket is a lot different than the deductible.

          • Barry Draper

            Sloppy Joe – the Maximum out of pocket expense, or MOOP cannot excede $6,350 on a bronze plan, and must INCLUDE any deductible.

          • Teresa

            Cliff, if the web site was the only place to get that info maybe you could be correct but you can call and get it also. Fox news is the most trusted news source. They are excellent for verifying their info before airing it. I’m no saying they can never be wrong but it’s very rare.

          • Barry Draper

            Tom, I don’t have proof either – but I am an insurance broker and I know this pretty well. First, I believe that his insurance was likely cancelled. But that he can’t get adequate replacement is highly questionable, as is his claim of what it will cost, and what his maximum out of pocket expense will be. If his household income is where it should be for someone in his condition, it is likely that he won’t be paying much at all for health insurance. And as someone has already said, under the new law, his maximum out of pocket expense even on a bronze plan would be $6,350 per month.

          • Teresa

            Yeah, right and you have read the entire healthcare bill? So you know every dime someone is going to have to pay right?

        • LilyMae

          This man was either misled or lied, but I will assume he was misled because it’s hard to make up those numbers. There’s a calculator set up by the Kaiser Family Foundation to see what a silver plan (mid) yearly premium after subsidy will be based on your income and household size. It also tells your total maximum out of pocket expenses which includes deductibles, copays, etc.

          I used this calculator and went up to $1,000,000,000.000 income/year (yes, $1 trillion/year income) using the US average plan, The yearly premium for a silver plan is $9,981 ($831.75/month) with a maximum out of pocket expense of $12,700 which includes deductibles, etc., but not the cost of the plan. A bronze plan would be less.

          Also, effective January 1, 2014, no one can be excluded based on pre-existing conditions.

      • tommy

        I got on the web site my deductible is 10,400

        • Barry Draper

          Tommy, higher deductibles are possible for young adults under the age of 30 who wish to have Catastrophic only insurance. If you have stage 4 cancer, you would not be choosing that as your plan.

        • LilyMae

          What is your subsidy? You have to include the subsidy which is based on your projected 2014 income. Again, only those without employer based income or Medicare are qualified to even purchase insurance on the website. And, you HAVE to include the subsidy the ACA pays you or towards your insurance because you won’t be paying this amount. I would like to see your printout after you select your insurance provider and your subsidy is included.

      • Tired worker

        Voted of Obama and still believe the lies huh?

      • Cindy Bishop Brand

        Cliff all the things Obama has said/done are lies. the out of pocket expense cost are not $6350 the are much higher in most cases, the bottom like is this obamacare is BS! and Obama is an evil evil perons

      • Gloria Sommo

        Then you need to speak to some actual people that have been cancelled as to what their new rates will be, as well as out of pocket expenses, and show us where the law clearly states what you say!

        • LilyMae

          Talk to them AFTER they have their new, better insurance, their subsidy is included, and have written proof what their out of pocket will be. Over 70% of those receiving cancellation notices are getting better insurance for cheaper after everything is considered.

      • Mikey

        You Sir have called my friend a liar. You know nothing about this story. Shame on you………

      • Mandi

        I was on the website for my state today. My deductible is 6350 per year if IN NETWORK. If out of network it is double That. Perhaps his doctor is NOT a provider for the insurance he is eligible for. Just a thought. Oh and also I could get on the website for my state and look at the policies they are offering and cost but to apply i had to click to go to another site for Obama Care and was not able to set up an account after 3 attempts I have given up until tomorrow.

        • LilyMae

          Does that include your subsidy? That is what you probably what you need to go to the government site to figure out.

      • Michael Golder

        cliff do your research

      • SeRiOuSLy!!??

        LMFAO!!! for you to have the nerve to say “the law states” when its done everything the opposite promised it would do is a joke!! when has obama and this admin followed the law anyway? when it doesn’t suit them obama breaks out his auto pen and signs another executive order stripping our rights away! when peoples rate are going up as much as 300% and deductibles $13,000 or more and this is happening nationwide…well you can quit quoting obama’s lie and come back to reality!!!

      • Kenneth Clark

        Obama changed his precious population control law without legislative involvement. There is no cap on out of pocket expense or deductibles.
        Read a little before you spew.

        • Doug

          What’s your source Kenny?

          • Doug

            Is it just possible the Fox story could be overblown?

          • Kenneth Clark

            Much like the “If you like it, you can keep it…Period!” statements. You know, had 50% of Congress, House and Senate, had read this Forrest Killer, we wouldn’t be where we are because it would not have passed at all. I think, but cannot prove, that the Republicans actually may have read it and that is why none of them voted for it.

          • Kenneth Clark

            Not sure of your situation Doug, but I don’t think I will be giving Birth any time in this life time… 😉

          • Kenneth Clark

            Doug, all of the breaks he has given to business and others as well as the no Out of Pocket cap or deductible cap were not in the original legislation as passed by the Democrats. These things were changed after the fact without legislative involvement. Since the law was passed, there has been no legislative involvement at all other than funding it or not. Nothing in the language of the Bill that was passed has been presented to congress for change or update. All changes that have occurred have been by his pen stroke only.

      • Cheryl Rainey

        My daughter and my best friend were informed by their employee insurance companies that their deductibles were going to be that high and their premiums were going to triple. They can’t afford it as it is, how are they going to afford that. And my daughter has a lot of health problems.

        • Cliff

          I can only tell you what the law clearly states. It says that, for an individual, the most out of pocket a person can have on any plan is $6350. That is the law under the ACA, and all insurance plans must meet it. Your daughter needs to check again, as her employer clearly has not given her good information.

      • allforacause

        Not a lie Cliff! I have $7,500 I have to pay out first. So don’t be quick to judge. All states have different out of pocket expenses.

      • dixie williams

        Cliff you don’t know that!

      • AngelaTC

        The idiots that don’t understand how insurance is supposed to work are now running all over the internet haughtily sniffing that we don’t understand Obamacare….and they’re still clueless.

        There is no out of pocket maximum for out of network providers. Go look it up.

        • Cynthia Ratzke

          That is a bone thrown to the insurance companies (written into the law). They negotiate/set up networks to keep costs down and require you to pay out more for using an out of net provider. But that requirement is not new to insurance in general.

      • john

        the out of pocket has been delayed until 2015, but this guy isn’t exploring all his options.

        After thanking her for having him on, Mr. Elliott replied “I believe,

        because what a insurance guy told me was it was beyond the

        catastrophic previous condition.”

        That explanation was rather unclear, and Kelly quickly moved on to

        getting Elliott’s reaction to the President’s apology. As the interview

        went on, Mr. Elliott seemed to indicate that his plan was already

        canceled, and not scheduled for cancellation Dec. 31, (like most of the

        people getting letters that transitioning them new policies that are legally required to provide “essential benefits”)

        It’s hard to judge his story based on the minimal information available, but

        it’s possible that Mr. Elliott hit an annual limit on his old plan

        (which will be outlawed Jan. 1), and needed a new plan to cover him for

        the rest of the year. If that’s the case, then such a plan would be

        subject to preexisting condition limits and higher premiums, neither of

        which are the case with Obamacare plans.

        It’s also possible that, like others, he’s getting a cancellation

        letter for Dec. 31 from an insurance company that’s trying to up-sell

        him an off-exchange plan. Some of what else Mr. Elliott said hints at

        the former, rather than the latter. This is something that was cautioned in a consumer report that warned how Insurance companies have sent out misleading letters to consumers, trying to lock them into the companies’ own, sometimes more expensive health insurance plans rather than let them shop for insurance and tax credits on the Obamacare marketplaces

        Insurance companies taking advantage of the circumstances. They are not telling you about the health insurance exchange where insurance

        companies offering plans at a competitive rate. Most people have no idea – and haven’t checked to see – if they

        qualify for a subsidy (up to 400% of the Fed poverty line)

        In Kentucky, Humana was fined $65,000 for sending out misleading letters.

        He later reveals that his old plan cost him about $170, and the one

        his “insurance guy” offered would cost him $1500 a month, with a $13,500

        deductible. However, the most expensive Obamacare plan offered to individuals over 50 on the exchange for South Carolina is $796.87 a month, for the most expensive Gold plan, and Bronze plans in the state

        start at $255.35 a month. Kelly didn’t ask him, but Mr. Elliott might

        qualify for federal subsidies as well. For example, if he makes $26,000 a

        year, that Bronze plan would be $163.42 /mo., less than what he was

        paying before.

        He also said “Now with Obamacare, the man that I’ve got looked into

        it, they are not going to pay for pharmaceuticals or medical devices.”

        But under Obamacare, both of those categories are mandated as Essential Health Benefits.”

        Either Mr. Elliott’s insurance man is giving him a bum steer, He is not exploring his options, or he is lying (which wouldn’t be the first time FOX told a Fake “Obamacare horror story”)

        (3 couples lied about their Obamacare experiences on FOX’s The sean Hannity Show)

      • john

        also, a man replied to mr elliot on face book stating

        “To Bill Elliot, the gentleman on The Kelly File tonight who is losing his plan during cancer treatment. You can purchase a health insurance policy on a guaranteed issue basis (without regard to preexisting conditions) as of 1/1/14 from any carrier operating inside OR outside of the Obamacare “Health Insurance Exchange Marketplace”.

        I ran rates for you with Assurant Health – one of the carriers operating outside of the “Marketplace” based on your estimated age and your zip code. United HealthOne is another carrier operating outside of the “Marketplace”. Without a subsidy, the premium required will be roughly $500 a month for a $2,500 deductible plan.

        If your total household MAGI is less than:
        $46,960 for an individual
        $62,040 for a couple
        $78,120 for a family of three
        $92,200 for a family of four
        you will qualify for a subsidy to lower your premiums if you purchase health insurance inside the “Health Insurance Exchange Marketplace” Please do NOT go without health insurance. Contact a broker in your state immediately. If you can’t find a knowledgeable broker, contact me directly

  • dow daytrader

    Obama lied about his health care “reform”…people died…

    • robbiedobbs

      you know how many people die EVERY DAY before Obamacare was implemented because they a) couldn’t afford health insurance or b) had preexisting conditions???

      A TON

      • dow daytrader

        how many? [no one is denied treatment here in Florida, regardless of ability to pay] who pays?

        how ten million policies that PAID for healthcare are CANCELLED? Only Democrats own this, no GOP ever voted for it…Democrats = denial of personal freedom, private health insurance.

        DEMOCRATS OWN IT! = tyranny of the the Left

      • Tired worker

        Interesting, I know people who had cancer and were getting Medicare, three of those were dropped because of Obamacare and have NO insurance, they are trying to get healthcare are are having all kinds of problems. Problems they did not have before AHC. You could get insurance for pre-exsiting problems with some insurance compaines. But life threatening ones could apply for medicaid and medicare. It disgusts me to hear people try and make it sound like everybody with pre-existing problems could not get healtcare and died. That’s the scare tactics they want you to believe because they think everybody is stupid.

        • Gloria Sommo

          Exactly, it was available, but cost-prohibitive, but now, those WITH coverage no longer have it either. Way to go, Dems and their lemmings

        • robbiedobbs

          scare tactic??? Its scary because it’s TRUE.

      • Rob

        make that 4 ton now because those who could before can’t now. My mother has had a heart condition all her life, how did she ever get insurance, because she had…a little more expensive but she had and still does.

        • robbiedobbs

          is this english?

      • kathin9

        That is a lie robbiedobbs and you know it. a bold face lie.

        • robbiedobbs

          prove it. prove I am lying. find stats that show that more people are dying now, than before Obamacare. If you can prove that I am lying I will admit defeat. You have my word.

  • cezzwho

    But the important thing is that people already abusing the system will be given even more free beneits.

  • Anthony Mendolia

    Obama and Clinton both lied and people died. Did you all see his sorry ass attempt at trying to make us believe he’s sorry? He almost choked on the words and then said that 300 million Americans didn’t understand what he meant. Telling us we’re too stupid to understand him. I’d like to hang him by his balls. That’s what he deserves. The people deserve to have obamacare repealed and all their policies reinstated.

    • EliseR

      Did you miss the part where Bush lied about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction and thousands of Soldiers died in his senseless war?

      • lauraroberts

        There were WOMD’s there they were moved to Syria. Wake the hell up.

        • Gail Ryan

          Yes, they were moved to Syria.

        • Carolkitfox

          She is a brainless DemoRAT so truth has no meaning to her, or on her lies and BS, just like the rest of them. Wonder where they left their brains.

          • Anthony Mendolia

            WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU??? They left them at the welfare office. Hello Carol. Glad to see you have brains. We have a fight ahead of us on many fronts with ovomit but God and our faith and perseverance (revolutionary) will give us victory. Some Demo-rat poison would be nice too.

      • Billie F Smith

        Why are you still bashing Bush you liberal small minded idiot? There WERE WMD’s, don’t you read or just repeat what the liberals want to spew? They were hidden in Syria and now have been used on innocent people by AlQaeda! Go comment on liberal pages and leave the smart people alone!

        • Desiree Seifert

          liberals are IDIOTS, what else do you expect them to do!

      • Dwayne Jackson

        News alert Elise, Bush hasn’t been in office for five years so let it go.
        Instead of the typical act of an attempt at deflection why don’t you make an intelligent argument defending Obama’s lies, scandals and many, many failures?

      • Howard Turner

        there was a steady stream of covered trucks leaving Iraq into Syria both leading up to and during the Iraq war loaded w/ both oil and the WMD’s that we sold him in the first place THAT’S how we knew he had them. maybe you could pull your head out of the sand and look at whats happening here in this country

        • Nate Luke

          If you knew anything about chemicals, they have a shelf life. And I find it funny that you even use the “we sold them to him” argument. So, we sold him weapons, then we go to war because he has the weapons… makes sense…

      • Rob

        The entire world was misguided (maybe), did you miss the interview of Iraq’s Minister of Defense where he said they only lied to keep Iran at bay, and if that was a lie too did you miss the satellite photos of trucks going into Syria. What were they carrying?

        • Gloria Sommo

          Not camel poop, that’s for sure!!!

      • releggneh

        Did you miss the point that the intel gave him that info and he had dem backing to go to war! Grow the F%^% up already. Your Messiah lied to us to get this bill crammed down our throats. I bet you one that gets his insurance paid for by us. You libs make me ill. The people that were paying for their insurance and liked it, now are getting cancelled, thrown onto a much higher plan with higher deductible to pay for the ones that don’t pay! Typical Socialist BS!

      • William Soost

        EliseR hundreds of thousand of Iraqis are still living because of Bush’s senseless war. Ask the Iraqi Kurds and Shiites what they thought of Bush’s senseless war, you ignorant geopolitically challenged dunce. Soldiers die in wars. Accept it and get over it.

      • Lynda Ford

        Bush is a moral person and does not lie. Check you facts before you set out to smear…..Rep, and Dem alike knew the weapons were there and voted to back an invasion. If you look at a map you will see how important Iraq is to the stability of the Middle East, It’s too bad we let the world down by backing off.

        • Nate Luke

          Bush does not lie? We voted to back an invasion based on LIES.

      • lakeside227

        Since you are so outraged by ‘lies’ from a previous president, why are you excusing/justifying/defending lies from this president?

        You must be just as outraged by the thousands of soldiers who have been injured/maimed/killed since obama took office. Especially since obama’s changing of the ROEs has drastically increased the injuries and casualties our military is experiencing…..right?

        • Gloria Sommo

          And now, they no longer even report the daily casualties, since Barry Blowmuzzie took office

      • Linda

        He did not lie! They were sent to Syria. Get it?! That’s why he is killing his own people! He has the weapons!

        • Gail Ryan

          Thank you Linda.

      • Tired worker

        Did you not follow the news that showed all of the trucks leaving Iraq and going to Syria, who now have those weapons. Or did you not know that the majority of congress who voted yes on war, were Democrats. Their was no lies coming from Bush, he was told the WMD were in Iraq, by those who wanted war. and whowas the majority in congress. You guessed it Demorcats. And then like the liars they are blame it on Bush.

      • JKGusicas

        So if Obama killed your mother, your sorry ass reply would be ‘well Bush killed my father’? No matter what Obama does in the hear and now. Moveon has some really ‘brilliant’ scripts for you huh?

      • tiamariacat

        Elise, A friend of mine worked over there at the time for Haliburton. His job? Driving truck loads of WMD over the border. He also trucked out dead bodies.

      • kathin9

        did you see where every country in the WORLD said they had weapons of mass destruction EliseR. Get your liberal talking points and hit the f’ing road you ignorant Obama lover.

      • Anthony Pray

        You obviously missed the part where the war was voted on and approved by a Democratic controlled House and Senate and the fact that it was backed up by the United nations ? Bush did not start any war as rumored , a President cannot start a war on his own nor can a President start a war without The United Nations approval or face war crimes charges .

        • Nate Luke

          Clearly that’s not true. President Bush was basically given dictatorial power. Yes, congress approved… based on LIES that were spewed out over and over and over about WMD. He SHOULD face war crimes, as should several people of that administration.

    • Desiree Seifert

      its a shame he didn’t choke on his words, he would do the world more good if he were in a BODY BAG!

      • Anthony Mendolia

        BODY BAG works for me Patriot lady. Check out a page on facebook called “2 million bikers to DC” See you there….Tony

  • Beadbabe16

    But this man VOTED for barry…I am NOT HEARTLESS, BUT WE have BEEN ~TRYING~ to TELL these oSCUMa SUPPORTERS “WHAT” he is…….a Socialist /Commie/ muslem TERRRORIST! They REFUSE to BELIEVE it until they ACTUALLY “FEEL” the pain! I do not have insurance, I do not go to the “ER”, I WILL NOT join his “PLANNED MURDERCARE”, and I TOO will GO WHEN the GOOD LORD JESUS SEES FIT!! I am in HIS hands….NOT the muslems!!!

    • Nate Luke

      Tell us how you really feel. Religion is a cancer.

  • Beadbabe16

    And we have been KNOWING that FINALLY…..WHEN these people “WAKE UP” ….IT ~ WILL~ BE~ TOO~ LATE!

  • Michael C. LaMay

    It is so sad to see what is happening to people because of this person who was elected as the POTUS. I am afraid things are going to get a lot worse. Though I feel that the people who elected him, not only have hurt themselves, but also those of us who voted against him, I have to feel sorry for them believing his lies. I can hold no animosity against those who are opening their eyes, but for those who still support him, I hope they suffer more than anyone else when the truth is exposed.

  • Rob

    He is what some radio station guy calls “a low info voter” and a heavy price to pay for it too but with his vote he forced it upon million others that knew it was going to be bad for them and now it’s too late to undo stupid.

    • lauraroberts

      It’s never too late to undo. They need to repeal it NOW before the first of the year and demand that all canceled policies be put back into place.

      Then they need to open up shopping for insurance across state lines, make it against the law to turn away preexisiting condition folks, uncap the health health savings accounts. (As they were before the affordable care act, since it passage he capped it at 2500), fix medicaid, and really look at ways that fix costs of healthcare.

  • Billie F Smith

    #1 Obama is only sorry that his health care rigging got exposed and he is being shown for what he really is, a Communist Muslim hell bent on the destruction of America! I pray every day that he is sent to hell from which he cometh!!

  • P00dy

    I knew two older male friends of both my husband and myself who were facing this same issue. Both of them had VA insurance, but shot themselves anyway to no ones gain. People who have real life medical issues will do what they need to do. Medicine cannot always solve these issues. But Obama’s plan to help people wasn’t the truth. HE wanted a legacy of Change to what HE thought was good for everyone. In America we have Choices not change with our free market system. There will always be thieves among us.

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