Man thinks he’s tougher than a bear, punches bear trap

There are a lot of tough guys in the world, but none is as tough as a bear. I hope this guy learned his lesson. If not, he may be a candidate for a Darwin Award one day.

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H/T: Liveleak

Jack Furnari

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  • Bobby Kelley

    Is he a liberal?

    • julierl

      No – I think he’s this thing called an “idiot”. Lots of them out in the boonies.

      • Kenneth Allen Donaldson

        Actually most idiots live in cities and vote democrat.

        • FunkyMagurk

          Looks like a conservative to me…typical dumbass wannabe tough guy with no brain. Sorry if we “city folk” are “book readers”…we don’t go to church and listen to mystical nonsense…we value these things called scientific facts…something lost on most Repubs

          • Guest

            How does EVERYTHING turn into a game of “liberal or conservative”? It’s a guy punching a freakin’ bear trap.

          • Malcolm Platt


          • Captain

            I was thinking the same thing but somebody should ask who he is voting for by default since I think all polticans are BS I want whoever he is NOT voting for lol

          • Philosoraptor

            Facts like that men and women are biologically the same except for genitalia? Facts like homeopathic hippie medicine? Facts like that all the matter in the universe just popped into existence from nothing one day to create the initial singularity? Your side of the aisle is committed to some pretty unscientific notions, my friend.

          • allyofIsrael

            I wonder what commentary you’ll have when God throws you into the Lake of Fire? Hopefully you’ll repent and that will not be your fate.

          • Malcolm Platt

            Idiot champion of tolerance and diversity, right?

    • Tim Leonard

      Not at all. He’s definitely one of you Tea Baggers. Democrats have too much intelligence to do something THAT stupid.

      • Alice

        Tea Partiers have much more class than to use derogatory terms to describe their opponents. I actually had to ask some low lives what “tea bagger” meant. Found out it is a term used by only liberal deviants.

        • galactic12

          That’s funny – why don’t you ask Bobby there what side of the aisle he sits on. Name calling and pointing fingers. That’s the best this country can do these days…and it trickles down from the top…BOTH PARTIES are responsible. Educate yourself.

        • sunny shine

          not if you ask the republicans who have changed parties this year due to the hateful racist agenda and bigotry displayed by Tea Party Conservatives.

          • Douglas A Vansuch

            haven’t heard of too many Republicans switching parties.

        • Tim Leonard

          No, it started as a name that Tea Baggers called themselves. They were too stupid to know what it really meant. I’m only too happy to continue to call you all by the name you chose in the first place. The term is used by right-wing extremist deviants. And I highly doubt you had to ask anyone what Tea Bagger meant. You likely have some experience in that area. Not only that, but jackasses such as yourself seem to be of the mindset that “Liberal” is a derogatory term, which shows your stupidity.

          • DavetheInsomniac

            Liberal IS a derogatory term. It means spinelessness. It means allowance. It means folding and giving in and betrayal and idiocy and faux-intellectualism. It means the modern-day Obama worshiper.
            …it means you.

          • Tim Leonard

            Wow, you’re stupid. And by that I mean REALLY stupid. As in ignorant. As in close-minded. As in dense. As in dumb. As in you have three brain cells and they’re fighting to form a coherent thought. Here, educate yourself. You desperately need it.:

            LIBERAL lib·er·al [lib-er-uhl, lib-ruhl]


            1. favorable to progress or reform, as in political or religious affairs.

            2. ( often initial capital letter ) noting or pertaining to a political party advocating measures of progressive political reform.

            3. of, pertaining to, based on, or advocating liberalism, especially the freedom of the individual and governmental guarantees of individual rights and liberties.

            4. favorable to or in accord with concepts of maximum individual freedom possible, especially as guaranteed by law and secured by governmental protection of civil liberties.

            5.favoring or permitting freedom of action, especially with respect to matters of personal belief or expression: a liberal policy toward dissident artists and writers.

            World English Dictionary

            liberal (ˈlɪbərəl, ˈlɪbrəl) — adj

            1.relating to or having social and political views that favour progress and reform.

            2.relating to or having policies or views advocating individual freedom.

   and generous in temperament or behavior.

            4.tolerant of other people.

            5.abundant; lavish: a liberal helping of cream.

            6.not strict; free: a liberal translation.

            7.of or relating to an education that aims to develop general cultural interests and intellectual ability.

            — Noun

            8.a person who has liberal ideas or opinions.

            progressive, broad-minded, unprejudiced. beneficent, charitable, openhanded, munificent,unstinting, lavish. See generous, ample.

            1. reactionary. 8. intolerant. 9, 10. niggardly.

            Notice, you stooge, the pejorative “Libtard” is nowhere to be found.

          • David Kerr

            Cut and paste is great.

          • Greg Tracy

            Liberal – as in taking from productive, working people and giving to unproductive, lazy people to improve society. As in taking everything good, wholesome and logical and painting it as bad, evil and corrupt. As in taking things bad, evil and corrupt and portraying them as “progressive.” As in lying to the general populace to further a political agenda. As in preaching the freedoms of sexual perversion to children who don’t understand what sex is yet. As in stuffing ballot boxes to the point where 135% of people in a given district are shown to vote for the democratic candidate. As in endlessly gerrymandering areas to ensure never-ending democratic governing. As in forcing a population to purchase something and fining them if they don’t. As in ruining entire industries and economies (incidentially where the tax base comes from). As in believing in a fairy-tale utopia brought about by friendly government oppression.

            Synonyms: Useful idiot, fool, parrot, nutcase, whacko, Obama supporter

            Antonyms: Conservative, patriot, hero, hard-working American

          • pkricker

            You’re vaguely amusing, in a pitiful sort of a way.

          • Eric Tucker

            Jesus was a liberal and progressive. So, you believe all that to apply to him as well?

          • Gladiator

            Really? Do you happen to know what his position on abortion was? dummy.

          • Eric Tucker

            Gladiator, No, I don’t. There is nothing in the gospels stating that he ever addressed the issue. So, you don’t know his position either. But, I do know the story of Mary, whose feet he washed with oil, right after stating, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” And, I know of the gospel in which he stated, “Judge not, lest you be judged. For the same judgment by which you mete, so shall you be meted.” So, thanks for calling me a dummy. Nice judgment of someone you don’t even know. Very Christ-like of you.

          • Gladiator

            We can go round and round about what Jesus thought or didn’t think about Abortion…You’re right, he said nothing about the 14th Amendment…so a little common sense and even a little “Street Smarts” may be required…Try, “Thou shalt not kill.” Now, as far as your intelligence quotient. I have no idea how intelligent you are or aren’t…Maybe you’re ignorant of what 20th/21st Century American Progressivism / Liberalism actually is…If you are a freedom/liberty loving American you better look into what it is you “THINK” you are for. It hates our Constitution, and it hates Free Market Capitalism. It wants to take away ‘Individualism”, self-motivation and promotes “Stateism” . It wants to take [steal] a percentage of what you earn and redistribute it to those who did not. It puts it’s faith in the Government over “The People”. Obamacare is just the latest travesty. It’s a subject that can not be broached in depth in one or two posts or threads…You have to educate yourself, rather than think like others have told you to think…Common Sense/ Street Smarts, Eric Progressivism a cancer to a Free society, friend.

          • Eric Tucker

            My IQ is very high, not that me stating the actual number would make a difference to you, or anyone, in a discussion thread such as this.

            “Free Market” Capitalism is political speak for deregulating to the point of allowing corporations to hurt the environment and the PEOPLE that live in it, so as to increase the PROFITS of those invested in business (about 5% of Americans).

            Have you ever heard of “Love Canal,” “Valdez,” “The Gulf Spill,” “Hinkley groundwater contamination,” “Centralia mine fire,” etc., etc.? This is what happens when corporations are left to govern themselves.

            Have you ever heard of Dioxin, DDTs, PCBs, Agent Orange; wonderful cancer causing chemicals unleashed on the world by Monsanto, which still KILL thousands every year, even though they’ve been banned since the 1960s? That is what happens when corporations are left to govern themselves.

            Ever heard of Thalidomide, or how about the Prempro that caused my mom’s breast cancer? Drugs that manufacturers KNEW caused birth defects and/or cancer, but hid their own results, because their profits would outweigh their losses. That is what happens when corporations are left to govern themselves.

            It sickens me to read that Corporations have rights; “Give to the rich” and the poor will prosper bull crap; and to do this in the name of Jesus. What malarky. Jesus turned over the money changers tables. Jesus stood up for the poor, disabled and elderly.

            I believe in “Regulated” Capitalism. It is what America was founded on. Try studying it, rather than just taking Rush Limburger’s word for it.

            Reagan’s version of “Trickle down” economics didn’t work. America ‘appeared’ to prosper, while he created HUGE amounts of debt. Yet, he did make the rich even richer, while putting that debt on the working man’s back. To be clear and honest, I voted for Reagan, Bush Sr. and Dole. But, then I ‘woke’ up to what was happening to Americans and our jobs. Bush Jr. went on to create an economy based on more workers than jobs, so as to allow “Job Creators” to pay as little as they would like, because there is always someone willing to work for less. And, he made moving jobs overseas profitable by removing tariffs and ending taxes on profits earned overseas, so long as the money was not returned to the U.S. economy.

            WOW! What a great American GB2 was! You support this and call yourself a patriot? A Christian? Seriously?

            I am a “Progressive” because I believe in challenging the status quo, trying something different and new to help society grow (Christ like). I am a “Liberal” because I put the needs of people, particularly those who cannot stand up for themselves in today’s economy, above profits (Christ like). I am an “Independent” because I do not support the ‘platform’ of either party. Yet, I am a Jew, who more closely follows Jesus’ teachings of love, acceptance and compassion that so many of you so-called Christians.

            Good Day Sir.

          • Greg Tracy

            I’m reasonably sure he would have called abortion murder, since it’s basically the definition. Which pretty much goes against a commandment. And while you’re bringing up Christ — your story only points out that all men have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Not that sin was OK. Jesus never said, “Your sins are forgiven because no one else is OK either — go have fun kids!” I wouldn’t call him progressive at all. He
            states, “Do not think that I came to destroy the Law or the Prophets. I
            did not come to destroy but to fulfill.” Indicating that nothing already in place with God’s rules was to change, aside from our salvation through His grace. “Seek first the Kingdom of God, and all else will be added.” Were He liberal or progressive he would have re-written the Law. His purpose was to save and lead people back to God when they had gone astray yet again.

          • Eric Tucker

            Being as in Genesis, G-d defines life as beginning with the first breath and that Jesus followed G-d’s word, I don’t know that he would agree that abortion is murder. But, it is pointless to debate this, since the gospels are silent on the subject.

            I do not support abortion, but I cannot get pregnant. Also, I live in a country that keeps religious choices and beliefs free from legislation. For that, I am grateful. So, although I may disagree with others, I am supportive of their right to choose for themselves.

            I believe Jesus to be a liberal, because he stood up for those who could not stand up for themselves. He challenged the status quo. He challenged those who interpreted scripture to the most conservative dogma. He challenged those with money and power. Jesus stood up for the disabled, elderly, children and even prostitutes. Jesus stood up for the ‘dregs’ of society, which modern day conservatives love to judge as “lazy,” “takers,” and “burdens.” Jesus was a reformer, who sought to “level” the ground on which everyone could stand as equals. If anything, Jesus was likely a Communist, and I don’t mean that to be a negative. But, a true believer in “By each, according to their ability, to each, according to their need.”

          • allyofIsrael

            Sir, you are blaspheming almighty God by demoting Him to identify with a political party (Liberal) that embraces godlessness and immorality of every sort. Communism rejects the sovereignty of God and you’re calling Jesus Christ a communist?! While the Lord loved both the adulteress and the prostitute and all other sinners, He could only forgive them AFTER repentance had taken place. (Luke 13:3) God hates and rejects all sin and His righteous justice demands that sin must be punished. Everyday, He calls sinners to repent (turn away) and turn to Him and be holy as He is holy. As for the scriptures being ‘silent’ about abortion, you’re dead wrong on that as well. Isaiah 48:8, 49:5 are only two passages among several that show us that the fetus is God’s creation and He has plans for that child from they’re in the womb. That child has life which is given by God, is able to feel pain and if anyone destroys that life, the Lord will hold them accountable. You appear to be perverting God’s holy Word for your own agenda and deceiving yourself in the process (James 1:22). God has however faithfully promised that He will not be mocked by those who twist His Word (Gal.6:7-8). I pray you will obey and learn to trust God’s Word rather than what your mind and corrupt false Christian leaders are teaching you.

          • Eric Tucker

            First, “Liberal” is NOT a political party. Do you know the difference?

            Second, Communism does not “embrace godlessness,” although some ‘communists’ do. Do you know the difference?

            Third, I didn’t say that “scriptures” were silent on abortion, I stated that “THE GOSPELS” were silent on the subject. The Gospels contain the actual teachings of Jesus. The rest of the new testament does NOT. Do you know the difference?

            Fourth, you sure seem filled with an awful lot of JUDGMENT, for one who proclaims to follow the words of Jesus. Opinion and Judgment are NOT the same. Do you know the difference?

            Lastly, I am a Jew. I have studied ALL religions of the world. I have been in most forms of church and discussed religious beliefs with leaders from all of the churches I have visited. NO ONE has “THE” answer, only guidance. “THE” answer is something G-d leaves to each of us, without judgment, because he is the Creator of ALL things, even that which, and those whom, you appear to despise.

            Good Day Sir.

          • Ayatollyahso

            “They were too stupid to know what it really meant”.Perhaps because middle aged white conservative Americans weren’t as familiar with deviant,Gay sex culture,as you much more “intelligent and worldly” libs are???

        • pkricker

          Alice, that’s the first time I’ve ever heard the words “class” and “Tea Party” used together. Likely to be the last as well.

          • Tim Leonard

            Unless it’s “low-class” :)

          • pkricker


          • cg

            or class-less. or bottom of the class in the school of free thought and acceptance

        • Martin Eisele

          Is “liberal deviant” not a derogatory term?

        • FunkyMagurk

          Tea baggers believe the Earth is 10,000 years old (or less)…people don’t get much more idiotic than that. If you take the Bible literally, you don’t belong in any position of power…you belong in a mental institution.

      • Michael Thomas

        He is just a moron. They come in a flavors. Don’t confuse liberalism which is a mental disorder.

        • Tim Leonard

          Funny, how most of the morons come in “Right-wing” flavor.

      • DavetheInsomniac

        Please. Libtards don’t even know their way around hunting equipment unless Big Brother offered a training course on it. Even then, if Pied Piper Obama told you to, you’d to it. Always trust your lord and savior, yes?

        • Tim Leonard

          So you agree with me. He’s a Tea Bagger. I have no idea what a “Libtard” is. And how is it you are confusing Obama and God? Wow, you’re dumb.

          • Doug

            My sources say he was once a Mugwump now a member of Bull Moose Party.

          • David Kerr

            Tim the proper term is libturd, look it upyour picture is there.

          • Tim Leonard

            Wow, David. That was clever. You should give us all a lecture on what it’s like to be a poster child for Shithead.

        • FunkyMagurk

          Nah…we liberals arent the kind of pussies that need to hunt animals for fun with high powered rifles. No need to talk tough about “hunting” unless you kill it with your bare heads…which you’d never be able to do.

        • cg

          Except I am a liberal and I own guns. lots of them. and I have for a long time. you think political ideals have anything to do with hunting? quite the opposite my friend. there are no politics involved in hunting. just you and no one else in the woods.

      • REM1875

        Sadly it appears he is one of ours, you don’t get a body like that trolling in mommy basement eating chips, smoking reefer and taking prozac. Notice the lack of foam flecked spitle and drool as he leans over the trap.The fact that he makes a proper fist without leaving his thumb hanging out is dead give away that he has not lived his life insulting people and then hiding behind someone in authority’s skirt. The fact that he is willing to take a risk even a darned poorly conceived one at that, with some thing of HIS OWN proves he is not a liberal.

        • Tim Leonard

          The fact that he’s a brainless jackass proves he’s not a Democrat and is one of yours.

          • REM1875

            Give me a break, the brainless jackass is your party symbol. People recognized ages ago that it fit. The fact that he has somewhat impaired cognitive skills is more symbolic of his age and public school indoctrination than party affiliation. I am sure he had terrific self esteem right up till the moment the jaws snatched him.

        • FunkyMagurk

          Body? I could snap that guy in half like a twig.

      • Douglas A Vansuch

        No,you vote for a person with aquestionablepast for President

        • Tim Leonard

          Questionable past? Umm, only to the stupid among us. Check the mirror, Doug.

    • Eliza Creststeel

      Could be worse – he could be a name-calling troll.

    • hardfu

      How does a video like this still manage to create some kind of pseudo philosophical debate about politics and why everyone else in the world… aside from yourself and others who believe EXACTLY what you believe…. is stupid and politically ignorant. What would being a liberal have anything to do with this anyway? Watch the video because this guy is a moron… not to start a political debate. You’d be right up there with this guy in my book any day.

    • Kristof Anderson

      Nope don’t give him to us he looks like one of you guys

    • Jeffrey Dahlgren

      You’re a moron. If anything, this dickhead is a Repugnantcan, like you!

    • Lil

      How does EVERYTHING turn into a game of “liberal or conservative”? It’s a guy punching a freakin’ bear trap. Get a grip, all of you.

  • Rita

    What a nutcase!.

  • etac

    Yup, got to be a Libtard

    • Tim Leonard

      Democrats have much more class than to use derogatory terms to describe their opponents. I actually had to ask some low lives what “Libtard” meant. Found out it is a term used by only conservative deviants.

      • REM1875

        Sorry, the deviants are one of the legs of the democrat party. y’all own that side of the street.

        • Tim Leonard

          Riiiiiiight. Because pedophiles and priests are “Liberals.” More stupidity from the right.

  • CyHotchkiss

    not as tough as a bear I guess

    • REM1875

      nor as smart as most bears.

  • meemstar

    What in the world was he thinking? He must have been loaded on something.

    • Tim Leonard

      Yes, loaded on Tea Party extremism.

  • Ronald R. Johnson

    The bigger they are the dumber they are!

    • vanguard7

      The more liberal they are…the dumber they are!

      • Tim Leonard

        So Ted Cruz and Michele Bachmann and Paul Ryan and John Boehner and Mitch McConnell are LIBERAL???

        • DavetheInsomniac

          No, they have brains.

          • Cesar Perez

            When you think that gays need to die and the earth is 6000 years old like they do, then they don’t have brains

          • REM1875

            Wait ain’t y’all the ones that believe that raising the debt ceiling won’t add to the deficit? That obamacare would make health insurance Cheaper? That bengazi was over a Movie? Shall I continue?

          • Tim Leonard

            LMAOOOOOOOOO. If you really believe that, then you have less brains than they do. And combined, they have none.

          • FunkyMagurk

            They believe the Earth is 10,000 years old, that people lived with dinosaurs and that science is “evil”…sure…they’ve got big brains. Do you actually ever sit back and think “wow…I’m a dumbass”.

  • Lorraine Stuart

    why didn’t someone just get rid of it. Now he knows how a bear would feel. There are all kinds of idiots in the world, and he is a classic one.

    • vanguard7

      Personally, I don’t think he knows how a bear feels even after the fact. My guess is, he’s too dense to educate. But one can always try just the same. This could have been the “Aha!” moment he needs to smarten himself up.

  • klaus

    Zero sympathy here.

  • Jeremy Roberts

    Does Obamacare cover this kind of injury or does he go before the death panel?

    • Dpjk76

      no i think this is workmens comp. he did it at work……

    • cg

      well, since republicans dont think that caring for people is a christian belief anymore (healthcare, social services basic dignity), ill take my chances with the Affordable Care Act

      • Jeremy Roberts

        Good luck with that, given it was thought out by a man that said “65 and over…they had their chance.” -Ezekiel Emanuel
        Sounds caring to me……..

    • Ashes

      I thought, with your inclusion of “death panel” that you were being facetious.

      I should know better than to check comment threads on American politics sites. Poor humanity.

  • notyadaddy

    Fake, No blood. Trap springs were altered.

    • David Snyder

      Was thing the same thing.

    • Alice

      my comment exactly.

    • Justin Goodwin

      My thoughts exactly.

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