Michelle Obama’s classmate a senior VP with company that created Healthcare.gov

Not only did CGI Federal have a no-bid contract to build Obamacare’s HealthCare.gov website, The Daily Caller revealed that one of the company’s senior executives was a Princeton University classmate of first lady Michelle Obama.

CGI was one of 16 companies qualified to provide services to the federal government, but its bid was the only one reviewed by the Department of Health and Human Services under a federal procurement loophole, the Washington Examiner reported earlier this month.

Toni Townes-Whitley CGI

Toni Townes-Whitley

Toni Townes-Whitley, who graduated with Michelle Obama in the Princeton’s class of 1985, is a senior vice president at CGI Federal. The two women are members of the Association of Black Princeton Alumni.

Townes-Whitley is also a former employee of the General Accounting Office and served in the Peace Corps in Gabon, West Africa, according to The Daily Caller.

CGI refused comment when contacted by The Daily Caller, deferring to employee Cheryl Campbell’s House testimony earlier in the week

Healthcare.gov isn’t the first failed project for CGI, according to the Examiner, which reported:

CGI in Canada also suffered embarrassment in 2011 when it failed to deliver on time for Ontario province’s flagship project a new online medical registry for diabetes patients and treatment providers.

Ontario government officials cancelled the $46.2 million contract after 14 months of delay in September 2012. Ontario officials currently refuse to pay any fees to CGI for the failed IT project.

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Cheryl Carpenter Klimek

Cheryl Carpenter Klimek has been a political consultant handling public affairs, political campaigns and PAC management for nearly 20 years.


  • John Craig

    The same reason this company got the contract and he put all of his friends and friends, friends in positions to lead his objectives down our throats!

  • notgoingtobpc

    This is unconstitutional, does anyway believe anything will be done? I don’t! This will be swept under the rug the same way as, what happened with Hillary and Whitewater, she threw her friends the McDougal’s under the bus to save her @$$. Everyone knows what went on with, the Rose Law Firm; these are evil people we are dealing with and I wouldn’t be surprised to see some one mysteriously die.
    This is making your cronies rich at the expense of the stupid taxpayers, Spreading the wealth to make their friends wealthy and poor people poorer. The Obamas don’t care about anyone but themselves and how rich they can become.

    • Marie Gray

      Actually this No Bid contract is illegal, it defies the FAR. If my Contracting Officer (CO) had signed off on this contract we would be in jail.

    • Marie Gray

      Vincent Foster killed himself. Remember that?

      • nwfultz

        in his office then zombied his way out remember.

      • KIMBERKID66

        There were also stories about Vince and Hillary being a bit ‘closer’ than ‘Ol Bill thought proper-(like he had any room to talk!)- lol

      • Jerry

        And his blood ran uphill too.

      • Trudy Hand

        Never believed that and never will. I know one thing, Marie they will have to answer to a higher power in the end.

      • notgoingtobpc

        Yes, I do remember that. He was murdered, by the Clinton’s hit men.

      • notgoingtobpc

        Yes, I do. I have a feeling too many people have forgotten just how power hungry Hillary is, and how calloused and uncaring that she would have her best friend murdered, just to cover her illegal activities. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-508210/The-man-knew-The-truth-death-Hillary-Clintons-close-friend-Vince-Foster.html

    • robbiedobbs

      was George W. Bush giving his buddies at Lockheed Martin all those contracts in Iraq unconstitutional?

  • seazen

    I know, we should track all of the classmates of both Michelle and Barack in every school they ever went to and see who they work for. Maybe we can find another excuse for some bizarre conspiracy!

    • http://grumpyelder.com/ Grumpy

      Don’t have to look too hard, Toni Townes-Whitley’ company CGI Federal was involved in a hurricane Sandy 1.7 billion muck up

    • tiffsgrandma

      No one can find any classmates of Obama..lmao No one remembers him, even the Professors…lmao

      • Doug

        Ted Cruz like Michelle graduated from Princeton a great school. They got a wonderful education.

    • Marie Gray

      That is a good a good idea, but it would be an exercise in futility. They would just blame the Republicans, and go on on their merry way destroying the country. But fear not, the end is near, and we can rebuild from heap of ashes. It is much easier to rebuild than fix.

    • Arlene Marchesani

      I don’t know about her’s, but his has been sealed…..Don’t know if you will ever find out where he went to school and what his grades were….We can’t even find out why his Lawyer’s license was taken away from him….Her’s was too….what did they do to have their licenses revoked?

    • kathin9

      Well first we have to have proof that Obama actually attended college and did anything, I haven’t even seen a grade, or report from a teacher or professor that he had that said the “brilliant dumb as-” ever even attended classes. NOT ONE.

      • seazen

        He was President of the Harvard Law Review. Facts like that always get in the way of hysterical babbling from the cult of mindless haters.

        • msimmons

          Of all the articles Obama had published in the Harvard Law Review, which is your favorite?

          • seazen

            Nice diversion from the topic and the facts. Probably work at this all day.

          • notgoingtobpc

            What’s the matter seazen? Cat got your tongue?

  • RPW

    Congress needs to tell CGI that they are getting paid and sue them for what they have been paid. That should get the birds to sing loudly on the Obama administrations Handling of this.

    • Marie Gray

      If this contract had been a well constructed contract, there would be liquidated damages, and other clauses protecting the Gov. from non performance, performance bond, bid bond and those other instruments that the Government use to inflict pain and suffering on Small Businesses not owned by their families and friends.

  • joe cartwright

    Association of Black Princeton Alumni Isn’t that racist??? Is there
    Association of White Princeton Alumni ??

    • Marie Gray

      Black people need to be challenged on the subject of racism. They are the most racist people in these UNITED STATES. I know, I’m the recipient and witness of their racism. You know what is worst? they discriminate with impunity. If a white person discriminate against me I have the law on my side, but when I’m discriminated by a black racist, I have no protection from them. Now, I have been in the US for a long time, 40 years next month, and I have never experienced racism from a white person. I have encountered ignorance, usually perpetuated by by public school education, but racism? No.

      • Usufur Bigman Ridley

        history does not show black racism, it shows only white racism

        • RPW

          Written history is selective showing only history through the biased prejudicial lenses of the historian. The only true history is the record of every thought/action. Some beleive that it exists in something called the Akashic records.

        • Jerry

          Where have you been Lusufur? You are not a racist? Didn’t you comment you wanted to help kill white people? You didn’t think you would put that past me did you?

        • Johnesmith77

          Maybe you should do some research on Africans and Indians and how they treated whites…

    • Doug

      No but there is an Association of Eskhanazi Jews Alumni.

  • Michael C Stephenson

    There has to be a reason healthcare.org is so stupendously awful. Racial affinity cronyism would be one of the few explanations that might account for it.

  • rennaemarshallchristman

    We knew there had to be a connection just weren’t sure where…No surprise..It is like some of their “other’ friends who came and went…

  • bobcchicago

    Obviously CGI Federal didn’t or couldn’t win this contract on job performance so it won the contract the Chicago way. One question, who got paid on the side?

    • Johnesmith77

      Obama’s lackies…

  • Farrightofleft

    Silly me, and I thought Cronyism is UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

    • Marie Gray

      It is, but only in a Republican Administration.

      • Farrightofleft

        Yeap! Sounds about right, coming from the left. Because demonizing republicans is really what the left wingers have left. It is SO EASY to tell when the liberals fear someone. LOL

      • Farrightofleft

        And if the left thinks cronyism is unconstitutional when “under a republican administration”, I can just imagine what it’s going to look like if Hillary won the presidency.

        I can just see it!
        “Hillary/McAuliffe 2016: because if you thought Obama was corrupt, wait until Terry and me are in the White House…..AGAIN!”


  • seazen

    Man, this has to be the first Administration that ever had serious to ties to government contractors. The Bush Administration on the other hand …………. LOL!

    • http://grumpyelder.com/ Grumpy

      It gets better, Michelle’s buddy’s company also mucked up a 1.7 Billion Dollar portion of the Hurricane Sandy Recovery… Turns out Toni’s husband is a big Obama contributor as well..

      As for Bush, he’s not the President, and with luck we won’t have another President Bush for a few centuries.

      Barack Obama is the President. If two people commit the same crime, one gets caught and the other one doesn’t, claiming someone else did the same thing, and didn’t get caught, isn’t going to help much at sentencing

      • Johnesmith77

        Unfortunately, it seems Obama has been caught being inept, corrupt, or ignorant plenty of times and has yet to be charged for anything.

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