Trey Gowdy: Don’t trust Obama, immigration reform not coming

treygowdyU.S. Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., may have been supportive of some immigration reform initially, but after Obama’s refusal to negotiate over the debt ceiling debate and government shutdown, he says he’s less optimistic about any substantial progress on the subject.

“I think there is less trust now than in the three years I’ve been here,” Gowdy told Greenville Online. “So when I hear the president say immigration reform is coming next? No, it’s not.”

Gowdy, who chairs a House immigration subcommittee, said Obama’s hardline stance on Obamacare will hurt any concessions on immigration reform, even though conservatives may have considered “stronger enforcement of immigration laws and fewer paths to citizenship,” according to Greenville Online.

Gowdy is not the only one who has grown skeptical of negotiating with Obama. U.S. Rep. Raul Labrador, R-Idaho, told it would be “crazy” to even attempt a compromise after the past two weeks. Breitbart reported:

“Absolutely not,” Labrador said on Wednesday in response to a question from Breitbart News whether the House should go to conference with the Senate’s “Gang of Eight” bill.

“If the president is going to show the same kind of good faith effort that he’s shown over the last couple of weeks, then I think it would be crazy for the House Republican leadership to enter into negotiations with them on immigration,” Labrador said. “And I’m a proponent of immigration reform.”

“So, I think what he has done over the last two and a half weeks – he’s trying to destroy the Republican Party. And I think that anything that we do right now with this president on immigration will be with that same goal in mind, which is to destroy the Republican Party and not get good policies,” he explained. “Like I said earlier, we agree on things on tax reform, we agree on things on entitlement reform, there are things that we are on the same page about and if he is unwilling to negotiate on those things I don’t see how he could in good faith negotiate with us on immigration.”

Congress will face the same issues in just a few months. Government will face another shutdown in January, and the debt limit resurfaces in February.

Cheryl Carpenter Klimek

Cheryl Carpenter Klimek has been a political consultant handling public affairs, political campaigns and PAC management for nearly 20 years.


  • dan’l

    The destruction of the republican party is the result of the progressive infiltration.

  • Doug

    I don’t even trust Chinese food any more.

    • Joyce A Smith

      I do not trust anything made in CHINA! Read all labels at all stores before you buy! It may take longer to shop, but worth it, if it saves your life!

      • Asdf

        Do you still wear undergarments? you will probably have to wrap some paper towel if you don’t want made in china products.

  • lesstressrx

    The destruction of the Republican Party is due to the establishment not doing what the American people ask them to do. It is about their need to be part of the Washington liberal social club and be liked. The have no integrity, they lie, they want to be accepted by the other side. No one can make you do anything unless you choose to. If you notice, the democrats don’t compromise it is the republicans. Let’s put the blame where it belongs. You can’t blame this on Obama & the other side.

    • Julie A

      Yes you can. You can 100% blame it on Obama and his court. And you can also blame it on the RINO’s that stand with Obama. Unless people wake up in 2014 the Republican Party is doomed. Put all conservatives in the Republican Party and you will see things turn around for the better.

      • lesstressrx

        When I said the establishment republicans, I meant the RINO’s. The people that stand with Obama and the left most of the time. Corker and Alexander our Senators from Tennessee are good examples. Alexander votes with Obama most of the time. The new republican party needs to consist of people like Cruz, Lee, Gowdy and the people like them. These long term career minded politicians need to be sent home on both sides of the aisle. You can only blame Obama for what he has done and that is a lot, but you can’t blame Obama for the way the republicans have voted and stood with him on issues.

        • wappingers91

          Time to replace Alexander

          • lesstressrx

            Yes it is. We are going to have someone run against him, but people still tend to vote for a familiar name. We do have a good man and hopefully people are ready for a change. I hope Ohio will replace BOEHNER. We’ll see.

        • Asdf

          Come’on Cruz is just a monkey with a stick, you don’t give stick to a monkey!

      • Barbara Holmes

        Julie A you are so correct. Real Conservatives and only PATRIOTS should replace the RHINOS in the REPUBLICAN PARTYin 2014,. without a doubt.

    • Brenda

      No, you can not blame all republicans, but there is a part of the republican party that believe you have to go along to get along and those you can blame. The republicans need to take a page out of obama’s play book and form a united front. Stop the attacks on members that stand up for the people in their districts.
      Not all dems agree with obama, but pelosi and reid manage to keep the dissidents down through intimidation, bribery, threats, and deals.
      Not that this is a good method, but the republicans need to find a way to form a solid bloc, otherwise, they will be the cause of their demise.

      • lesstressrx

        It is hard to form a united front with people that stand more with Obama then they do their own party. Republicans are suppose to be small government constitutional fiscal people. In Washington right now that is not the way it it. You can’t stand firm with a group of people that is going against what they are suppose to stand for. This is why we Americans, formed the Tea Party. We could no longer agree with supporting people that were voting and passing laws that are against what we believe in. The democrats that don’t agree with Obama vote against him, not with him, on the other hand the establishment republicans may not disagree with him, but they put their principles aside and vote with him.

        • Barbara Holmes

          lesstressrx Brenda we have to purge the republican Party in 2014 or the DICTATOR will get back in office forever.

      • Grumpy

        Too many times I’ve heard the the GOP’s the only option, because if you don’t support the RINOs the democrats will take control. With the Republicans we have in DC now, WTF difference does it make

        In 2012 roughly 3000000 disgusted conservatives stayed home- that will only get worse until the GOP starts listening to the people- or the people created a third party..

      • Doug

        now I’ve read here that all those Rinos will lose in the Primaries.

        • HeSaid1

          Have you heard yet about Rubio’s backpedaling? Yea, he’s gonna be a presidential candidate real soon–NOT!

    • aclay777

      Oh yes you can blame them, the issue shouldn’t even be there to be combated. People don’t want Obamacare 71% of the nation and growing, the people has never had a voice, and the new Republicans were ambushed by their own party, the people lost, you’re still playing deadly politics.

      • lesstressrx


        • aclay777

          let stick together, Touche’ back at you

      • Barbara Holmes

        We can change this bullshit in 2014 but all conservatives and patriots have to UNITE….

    • Susan

      So many of them are worried about the next election and getting outed if they hold their line on opposing these asinine policies. If they would listen to their constituents, and vote as their fellow Americans would vote, we would have a united Republican front. Money and votes control their minds – not the voice of the people!

    • Tami Stanley Perkins

      I agree to a certain extent, you may not be able to blame the weak mindedness of the republicans but you can blame the destruction of America on Obama and the demogogs!!!! He is a liar and a thief!!!! He needs to be removed from office immeidately

      • Doug

        start a petition.

      • lesstressrx

        You are correct. That is a hard one, but I would be more than happy to say goodbye to him.

      • HeSaid1

        Keep contacting your civic leaders constantly, Repub or Dems, and tell them how you feel and won’t get your vote otherwise. That’s all they care about–oh, that and more money and power.

  • elgabriels

    If Republicans want to take advantage of the get-out-of-jail card Democrats have offered them, this would be the perfect opportunity to do it rather than pointing fingers & governing on party lines. Democrats will keep throwing down until they either say ‘yes’ or they make it clear they’re not going to get to yes and then will pivot to try to un-elect them. The bad news is in the long run, Democrats win either way.

  • Brenda

    Labrador uses the example of the last two and half weeks, what about the last five years. It is time our representatives start listening to the people and not the corporations and unions.
    You want to do something about the immigration problem, then start enforcing the immigration law and stop giving in to the bleeding hearts. Start seriously controlling our borders, work on the visa programs and keep track of who is in the country from time of entrance to time of exit. We have the technology, use it.
    Start protecting America, not every fringe group who illegally or illegally entered our country Stop giving in to their demands. THEY ARE CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES AND AS SUCH HAVE NO RIGHT TO VOTE.

  • StrangernFiction

    You can’t legislate “stronger enforcement of immigration laws.” Obama and the ‘rats are not going to enforce the border, and no type of legislation is going to change that. And this is one of the best R’s.

  • StrangernFiction

    there are things that we are on the same page about

    That is the problem.

    • Barbara Holmes

      Obama and the communist Progressives are the problem.

  • Grumpy

    A couple weeks ago the alien invaders danced with democratic congressional varmints on The National Mall. At the same time, our Veterans were being treated like the remnants of a defeated army, and not even allowed access to the Memorials on the Mall.

    Gives you an idea of what amnesty will be like

  • DonMann

    I watched Mr. Gowdy on Lou Dobbs many times over the years and find him to be a very smart, and intelligent guy. I was some what disappointed when I heard him taking about supporting amnesty. But now it looks like he’s back on the right side of this issue. I wonder how Mr. Goodlatte is going to handle this now, since he’s not to far from cantors office? WE must fight for our country against the 3rd world invaders and their la raza supporters that mean this country, NO GOOD! NO Amnesty!! STOP The invasion!

  • william russell

    The destruction of the republican party and for chasing all the strong long time republicans away from the party is the rhinos who have lost what the republican party has stood for. They have no guts, no back bone and for a person who was a republican for 52 years, i am gone. I hope someone will start a third party call the conservative party so i can be part of a party that stands on principles and willing to fight for them. The rhinos in the republican party just make me sick. Like reagan said i did not leave the party the party left me.

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