Obama says he’ll veto bill that mandates Obamacare for himself, Congress


President Barack Obama is reportedly telling congressional officials he will veto any debt-ceiling bill from Congress that includes the so-called Vitter amendment, which would make the Affordable Care Act applicable to senior executive branch officials, including the president and vice president.

The amendment, offered by U.S. Sen. David Vitter, R-La., and supported by House Republican leaders, would also apply to Congress, according to Politico.

You might call the Vitter amendment the “eat the food you cooked, sleep in the bed you made” proposal.

“This is really about fairness, making sure that Washington is forced to live under the same train wreck of Obamacare that is forced on the rest of America,” Vitter said in a statement on his website. “It will take the policy makers in Washington walking in the same shoes as the millions of Americans to actually make real policy changes, and clean up the train wreck.”

Politico reported:

Obama brought up the issue of the so-called Vitter language unprompted, according to one of the sources. The president and congressional Democrats also discussed how to set caps for discretionary spending for next year given the possibility that a short-term spending bill could fund the government for only a few months, and their shared perception of a need to come up with a larger budgeting plan to avoid governing, as Obama often says, “from crisis to crisis,” the sources said.

While Obama said he would veto the Vitter language, he was “more irate” one of the sources said, over the Republican proposal to limit his ability to use tools referred to as extraordinary measures to avoid a default.

Perhaps Obama is happy with the insurance plan he already has and wants to continue seeing his doctors.

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  • justme

    Go figure…the man responsible for this train wreck is willing to shove it down the throats of the American ppl but won’t accept it for himself and all his liberal sheep are too blind to put 2 and 2 together. Lord help us!

    • P00dy

      But, even HE DOESN”T understand that he would NOT be eligible. This
      Obamacare is a TAX supplemental THAT YOU GET only when you are poor or
      below poverty levels, AND don’t have any insurance. The rest of us like
      me, and Obama and all of gavernment, MUST stay on the employers plan
      which has risen in price because so many poorer people have been handed

      • fatladysings

        yea, until your employer decides it is to costly to keep the employee
        insurance and then they pay the penalty and you my friend goes on
        obamacare and your premiums are doubled or even more and your out of
        pocket is tripled…he knows this and I think all government should have
        to go on the plan it is not fair for the private sector to be the ones
        paying for the previous uninsured to get insurance while after all is
        said we are now still going to have over 30 million or more without
        insurance because the middle class can’t afford it…the only ones with
        insurance are the wealthy and the poor…YOU CALL THIS FAIR…

        • Brad Ward

          How can you “go on Obamacare” if you can’t even get on the web site to register? Personally, I REFUSE to be bullied by my servant government into buying anything!!! It seems to me that our “trusted public servants” have gotten too big for their breeches!!! An attitude adjustment is in order in the 2014 election cycle.

      • Josie O’Flaherty Barry

        But, I dont understand? How can that be if the premiums are supposed to be almost 3x as expensive? If the poor get it…how would they have any hope to afford it even if he cut out medicare/medicaid benefits, cancer treatment costs to anyone over 70 something and social security benefits? (This is all what I have been told, they could be rumors, I dont know, this is why I am asking…)

        • Michael Lawrence

          The poor can afford Obamacare because of subsidies. The idea is that healthy, young people will by expensive plans to help pay for poor people to have insurance. The problem is, the healthy young people are either not able to afford the giant increase being forced on them or they are simply saying NO, not paying that much. If not enough young, healthy people sign up then the money for subsidies would not be coming in. Insurance companies could not afford to continue to do business under Obamacare. Obama knows this, the Democrats know this. It is a giant power grab and move to a single payer system. Obamacare ONLY works if younger, healthier people are willing to pay and can afford the higher prices. If this crap is good enough to be forced on us, then it is good enough to be forced onto those that passed it.
          Another trick of Obamacare….cancer is being redefined so many cancers would no longer be considered cancer. This allows the insurance companies to pay less for the treatment of those cancers that would fall out of what the new definition says. This is a form of rationing of healthcare…. Democrats and Obama claimed that there would be no death panels or rationing of healthcare.

          • Ytrid Namdlo

            “The idea is that healthy, young people will by expensive plans to help pay for poor people to have insurance.”

            And this is no different than how the “old” system was. That is the basis for health (really every) insurance.
            Will that work with this? I don’t know. I don’t think that the penalties under this law are really harsh enough to scare people into purchasing health insurance. If I read correctly (and if my memory serves me right) the first year’s penalty for not getting health insurance is 1% of your income, or $95. Then it goes up every year.
            Compare that to the cost of premiums for that first year….well, if I was single, young, and healthy I’m not sure I would buy into ANY health insurance.
            But I am kind of against insurance as a whole anyway…

          • Michael Lawrence

            You are correct in that those that do not file many claims against their insurance, whatever kind of insurance it is, usually pay for the claims of those that do file many claims. I do not dispute this. What I have a problem with is that now, insurance is mandatory and it covers far more than it once did. For example a man might be forced to have coverage for an ovarian cyst removal…. a woman would have to have coverage for benign prostate hypertrophy or an enlarged prostate. This is completely stupid to require this kind of coverage. Also we must take into consideration that 30 million that were not insured are now allowed to be insured, many of that number could not afford insurance. Now also add to the new rolls are those that have preexisting conditions. All of these factors increase premiums, in some instances an individual payment was $200 a month before Obamacare and now $750-1000 a month. Many doctors that are old enough to retire are doing just that, even if it is early retirement. Many other doctors are opting out of taking ANY insurances for payment because of the reduced reimbursements of medicare and other insurances under Obamacare.
            Now I am force to purchase insurance that has a higher deductible than I’ve ever had, it cost more than any health insurance I’ve ever purchased, and my doctor may not even be in the new and improved Obamacare insurance plan. Thanks, but no thanks. I’ll pay the penalty and wait until January 2015 for Obama to either be impeached or Obamcare to be repealed if not repealed sooner.

          • cmorplante

            The small tax is by design. Obama knows most healthy young people will opt to pay that instead of confiscatory premiums. The Insurance companies, forced to offer plans on the exchanges, won’t be able to cover the costs of the high pay out customers and will be forced out of the market leaving only, guess who?

          • Thomas Dobbins

            When has a “tax” not increased the next year or so…?

          • cmorplante

            The increases are already written into the law, waiting in the wings, so to speak. But by the time they’re implemented there will be no more options but the government’s exchanges. What always happens when there is only one option? Well, a hint perhaps. There are laws against monopolies for just this reason.

          • vcpitts2

            You’re right. The premiums on my private insurance have already risen A LOT. I worked hard to be able to afford my own insurance, and now I’m helping fund it for those who don’t have a pot to piss in. Go figure – and thanks for nothing O.

          • lildebrarae


          • Joe Jakkerton

            Name one thing they did claim that wasn’t a lie. I can’t except maybe the fundamental change of what used to be America.

          • Michael Lawrence

            Name one thing that they did claim that wasn’t a lie? What are you asking? Who claimed?

      • lildebrarae

        And you obviously don’t ‘understand’ that many employers have already dropped their insurance plans leaving those who you ‘think’ are ok …having to sign up to get insurance. And through ObamaCare ((which they are then forced to sign up for) even though they do NOT qualify for the ‘subsidies’) their insurance (even though they’re solid middle class in fact go through the roof if they are healthy and have no pre existing conditions.




      • John the Mover

        You mean poorer people have been handed near-worthless insurance.

      • jecsl

        and then those on obamaagainstcare are subsidized by the taxpayer, that is why there will be an increase in the debt

    • Ron Sale

      If he don’t take the Obama Care Package neither will I . Screw ’em.

  • freedomisgood

    “Perhaps Obama is happy with the insurance plan he already has, and wants to continue seeing the doctors he sees.”
    The question Mr. President is what about the millions of people who, thanks to you don’t have a choice now but your so-called Obama Care TRAIN WRECK?

    • Karen Lee King

      How come we don’t have a choice, and he does? I believe it’s because of his stupid “my way or no way” attitude. He needs to grow up and quit being childish!

      • Csweetmia

        You have lots of choices…you get a job where your employer pays his portion for good coverage….or if you are under 26 and your parents work you get coverage under their plan thru their employer…last;y u sign up for Obamacare at a subsidized rate therefore if you become ill or in a car accident we the people won’t have to pay for your hospital stay.

        • Vicki Babbert

          Nobody has ever paid for my daughter’s medical treatment except for ME. I can’t afford to have insurance on her and actually it’s cheaper for me NOT to have it. She is very rarely sick so the $400 a month I would have to be paying for her health insurance goes to keeping a roof over her head and clothes on her back. When she broke her arm a few years ago, I PAID THE ER, THE ORTHO AND THE NUMEROUS X-RAYS NEEDED. I made payment arrangements with all the providers who were more than happy to work with me until they got paid off. If she had had insurance at the time, I still would’ve had to pay the same amount I did out of pocket due to deductibles and co-pays, the only difference would’ve been that I wouldn’t have had the money to pay the deductible and co-pays because I would have had to been overpaying for insurance. I am so tired of you libs saying that people who don’t have health insurance rely on everyone else to pay their bills. I have the cancelled checks to prove that is nothing but more left-wing propaganda!

          • vickie

            i lived the same life.. and we do not run to ER for a cold.. only the people who have it free waste the medical fields time

          • vickie

            you know what else, yes, when you make payments many times the hospital will knock off a percent.. but guess what, they are making MORE off of us cash pay people.. one, believe me the people it takes to hire filing insurance and dealing with them is a nightmare. TWO, the insurance only pays 1/2 to 1/3 of the cost and has to write off the rest.. sooooo, they are really doing better with honorable people like us. Than the people who have insurance

          • Mama62

            Lets hope for her sake she doesn’t get cancer. Try paying out of pocket for that. If you can afford to pay for that, you wouldn’t be complaining about &400.00

        • Karen Lee King

          You speak well, but if you miss the deadline for signing up, then you will be required to pay a tax penalty next year to the IRS- $95.00 per individual or 1% of your income, whichever is greater, $285.00 per family in 2014.
          In 2015 that fine raises to $325.00 per individual, or 2% of your income, $975 per family.
          In 2016 that penalty maxes out at $695.00 per individual, or 2.5% of income and $2,085.00 per family and all this is monthly. I don’t want a health insurance that tells me how long I get to stay on Life Support. And if you sign up for Obamacare, then the rates are more than most people can afford. There was this one guy that said his co-pay has now doubled. I still say that if we have to get on the Obamacare, then Obummer and congress should be required to get on it also. And besides that, I have insurance so you the people don’t have to worry about paying my hospital bill.

          • Csweetmia

            The penalty can be waived if you can not afford it.

          • Michael Lawrence

            yea, waved until the IRS garnishes your wages or puts a tax lien on your house…

        • justme

          Will u listen to yourself….
          Subsidized = we the people paying for your sh*t. Its ppl like u why we have this crap in the first place.

          • Csweetmia

            I have great insurance coverage thru my employer….you have never paid for my sh*t….and I will not have a medical catastrophe because my employer does it right.

          • justme

            Well congrats. Me too. But let me say this really slow for u so maybe u can understand sweetheart. You telling that guy he needed susidized insurance so we the taxpayers don’t have to pay for his medical expenses if he has an emergency is BS! Now take that last sentence and replace the word subsidized with “something other hard working people are paying for out of their pocket for u.” If u need any more clarification on that then feel free to hit me up again.

          • Michael Lawrence

            So what happens to your insurance if you lose your job in this craptacular economy? What happens to your insurance if your employer decides the penalty is cheaper than covering their employees? Welcome to Obamacare in that case.

          • Thomas Dobbins

            Good luck with that….

            “Hundreds of thousands get health insurance cancellation notices.”


          • jecsl

            let me guess – you work for the government

        • Sam Morgan

          “we the people ” will still have to pay because of the high deductibles and reduced care provided.

          • Csweetmia

            We the people meaning the government will be paying for the people who do not understand how AC works and refuse coverage. Then they will receive welfare benefits…..unless they sign to refuse treatment on top of healthcare.

          • justme

            And where exactly do u think the govt gets all this money from lady?

          • Csweetmia

            Hey dippy…I was being sarcastic just for u…….and it worked.

          • justme

            Awwwww…..That is so sweet. Aren’t u just a ray of sunshine in this sh*t storm u so loveably call obamacare.

          • Michael Lawrence

            Hey, dipsh_t, where do you think government gets it’s money? It comes from, we the f__king tax payers.

        • Michael Lawrence

          Who pays for those subsidies? Better think again on not paying for their hospital stay…you are paying for it in those subsidies…duh!!!

        • Mlm46

          If you really believe that’s the way it will work, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you! Want the deal?

        • lildebrarae

          Obviously you didn’t read all the articles where employers are cutting their employees hours, or insurance altogether so they don’t have to comply with the law.

          And nice of you to forget that according to many state and federal exchanges a family of four making only $60,000 does not qualify for those ‘mythical’ subsidies.


          FYI you still haven’t answered the question by Karen Lee King.

          “How come we don’t have a ‘choice’, and he does?”

        • jecsl

          except the deductible is so high people won’t be able to pay it

  • buck

    And down the crapper we go…
    Thanks leftists commies!

  • Kat Scratch


    • Doug

      Start a petition. That always works.

    • EliseR

      Get a Government job (if you are qualified) and you can have the same health insurance Federal Employees get.

      • Independent Tom

        Private sector workers are over qualified for government jobs. The private sector requires results… government does not… e.g. the Obamycare roll-out, Detroit, bridges to nowhere, etc. :-)

    • Gene

      I agree that all government eemployees should have to use Obamacare

      • EliseR

        Government employees ARE adhering to the ACA. The ACA stipulates that everyone has to have health insurance. The majority of Americans, including Government employees, get insurance through their jobs or medicare, so they fulfill the requirements of the ACA.

        People who have health benefits through their jobs don’t need to buy it on the exchanges (which is what I am assuming you think is “Obamacare.”)

        The federal employee health insurance is structured much like the insurance exchanges. You pick a plan that you want and pay the premiums for that plan. Your employer kicks in a percentage of the costs.

        • Kat Scratch


          • EliseR

            Google “Obama eating pork” for lots of pictures of Obama eating pork.

            So do you use medicare/medicaid? If so, you are using Government health care under the ACA. President Obama is providing you healthcare.

          • Ytrid Namdlo

            Guess what…under the ACA, you won’t be able to be denied health insurance due to your bad back.
            Who gives a crap if Obama eats pork or not? Totally not relevant to this issue, whatsoever.

        • Candace Zingg

          No. The ” ACA” has changed this. Ins. provide by you company, must allign itself to the ACA. If your company, pays a percentage, that is their choice.

          The difference is, the govt. employees, must go on the ACA, and are getting ” TAX PAYER subsidies of 76%. The govt. is NOT a private company, and therefore should NOT be intiteled to subsidies. If govt.. employees don’t like this, then they can try and find a job in the private sector.

          Congress shall inact NO laws, that they are not subject too!

          Govt. employee’s and the congress, Semate and president already get paid very well! When middle america doesn’t make as much as they do, but are subject to the ” high” premiums and even ” higher out of pocket”, they are not receiving a 76% subsidy. This law must include all of Washington and NO subsidies!

          • EliseR

            Federal health insurance DOES align with the ACA. Everyone is required to follow the policies of the ACA. Everyone is NOT required to buy insurance on an exchange. Where are you getting a 76% subsidy? No one I know who works for the government gets a 76% subsidy. It is ridiculous to say that government employees should not get any benefits. Are you advocating no benefits for state employees too, because they are paid through taxes? No health insurance for teachers, police, fire fighters?

        • Jonathan Lynch

          People who have health benefits through their jobs don’t need to buy it on the exchanges (which is what I am assuming you think is “Obamacare.”)
          You do realize that since the inauguration of the ACA enrollment, several thousand, if not hundred of thousands, of Insurance companies have been raising their premiums or dropping their coverage all together ! Thus forcing all these people to enroll in the ACA unwillingly. Mean while, the President is exempt from the same misfortune as those people who didn’t have a choice. No one should be forced to take something they don’t want. If Obama was a leader of any statute, he would willingly enroll himself , showing the people that he is not above them…and he will not do this.

        • Mama62

          So sad this country if filled such ignorance.

      • Josie O’Flaherty Barry

        Oh please don’t wish that on the military families…~_~

        • Honey Badger

          no kidding, It pisses me off how the civilian world thinks Military families get so many freebies. Wake up call!! We pay premiums and have to follow HMO’s, may not have sales tax but have equivalent “service charge” for purchases. We pay the same outrageous rent on homes that are chosen for us. I could go on and on but those that just want to blame the Military for being so generous wouldn’t get it.

      • Independent Tom

        They don’t have to use Obamacare to suffer the higher premiums Obamacare has caused… and if they refuse to pay them, the government will confiscate them from their checks. For once the parasites who infect government posts are being forced to swallow “fairness” :-)

    • Karen Lee King


    • NON~

      That idiot should have been gone a long time ago. I ain’t buyin in to his crap. I’d rather go to jail.

  • jsteele98

    And yet there are STILL people who think this self-serving Marxist narcissistic BASTARD is doing his best for THEM?

    America really is doomed.

    • Karen Lee King

      I’ve been saying that ever since he first went into office. I feel sorry for the ones who voted for him. Thank God I didn’t. All he is trying to do is play god and that isn’t going to work.

  • Steve Sullivan Jr

    Cut the vacations , that will settle the spending problem

  • Detfan1

    Low information voters don’t care. He could probably win again. sigh…..

  • Doug

    This country gets wackier and wackier.

  • EliseR

    Congress and the WH are NOT exempt from the ACA. (Google “myths about the ACA” The are required to have health insurance, just like everyone else. Like millions of other Americans they get health insurance through their jobs, and their employer (in this case the Fed. Government) pays a portion of the costs (this is what people are calling “subsidies.”) This is the same health insurance other Fed. Employees get. It is the same as people who work at other companies and get health benefits through their job.

    What the Tea Party now wants to do is take away the “subsidies.” So, yes, the President and Congress would have to pay more for insurance. (Which really won’t hurt them.) But so would their staffs. Many Congressional staff people make less than $30K a year. What is the point of taking away benefits from Congressional and WH Staff?

    The insurance exchanges are available to people who do not have insurance through their jobs. Congress, their staff, the President and the WH staff are eligible for insurance through their jobs. They aren’t getting any special treatment — they are living under the same healthcare policies as everyone else. This isn’t an issue of the President not wanting to live under his own law — he is required to have health insurance like everyone else. It is an issue of the President not wanting to screw WH and Congressional Staff members, many of whom don’t make very much money to begin with. Some staffers make so little money, they would likely qualify for MORE government healthcare subsidies if they aren’t allowed to participate in the insurance program available to other Government employees. So, the Republicans are essentially creating MORE people dependent on the Government.

    • Susan McDonald

      The congress will get a 75% subsidy. will you?

      • EliseR

        I get health insurance through the same program as Congress. My employer pays 65% of the costs of my insurance. My sister who works for a private company has 90% of her healthcare covered. Other people I know who work for tech companies have more than 50% covered. What is your source for the 75% subsidy for Congress?

        • L.c. Swain

          you probably work for a living..just saying

          • EliseR


        • V.K. Landry

          When the premiums KEEP increasing and employers can’t afford to pay for their people, then what??? You either lose your job or have to have obamacare!!!

          • Mama62

            That was already happening everyday. Now if you do find yourself without insurance and you have a per existing condition, you will be able to buy insurance.

      • Mama62

        I worked in the private sector for 30 years before starting my own business and yes, all but one of my employers paid 75% of my premiums and one paid 100 %. A 75% match is not unusual.

    • Ted Paine

      If I made less than 30K a yr, working in D.C. as a ”staffer” I guess I set my personal goals too low.
      That’s how it is with progressivism-one must suspend all common sense.

      • EliseR

        Many people actually VOLUNTEER to work for a candidate they believe in. Then they take the low-paying staff jobs to learn the ropes and hope they eventually get promoted to better paying jobs. Believe it or not, some people are concerned about more than making money.

    • stags43

      Obama signed an executive order making them exempt from ACA! They showed him signing it. Just like all the other executive orders that he has signed since he has been in office.

  • https://www.facebook.com/militarymom1364 Sheri Tharpe Davis

    Whats good for the goose is good for the gander!!!

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