National Park Service director testifies he discussed closing parks with White House

The director of the National Park Service Jonathan Jarvis, acknowledged to Congress that he spoke to the White House about closing the National Mall and the various monuments contained within the mall, including the Lincoln Memorial, the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial and the war memorials.

Appearing under subpoena at a joint House Oversight and House Natural Resources Committee hearing, Jarvis testified that the mall closures were necessary for safety and national security reasons, according to USA Today.

Under questioning from Rep. John Mica, R., Fla., Jarvis admitted that he discussed plans to close various monuments with the White House.

“Several times on the phone with the White House I presented with the Secretary my decision, but it was never the reverse,” Jarvis said.

H/T Washington Free Beacon.


  • EliseR

    NPS operations were not deemed essential and were shut down. That is what happens when the government is shut down.Quit whining about it and reopen the government. Problem solved.

    • innessa111

      I remember the government shut down during Clinton. No monuments or parks or any other tourist’s attractions were shut down as well. Don’t you see what and why they (O and his asskissers in Senate) did? Stop being that naive. I don’t believe that you’re 15 yeas old.

    • Holli1901

      The govt isn’t actually shut down – it’s %83 open. No, non essential (at this point) means the Govt is too flippin big.

    • JKGusicas

      And spending more to shut it down, and losing daily revenue that far exceeds the cost to run it is the mentality you support? But then again, as an paid apologist for President Stompy Feet, you would have a tough time digesting that.

    • SeRiOuSLy!!??

      the parks actually make money for the govt. closing them down, then paying park service and police to guard them 24/7 when normally many are open and unmanned 24/7 cost a hell of a lot more. liberal logic at its finest and for you to defend it says a lot about your mentality.

    • vsdgrandma

      Most of the monuments are staffed with volunteers…it cost more to put the barricades up than to have just left them open…obviously you have no sense of pride or respect for the men and women who have served to provide you with the freedom to make such stupid comments.

  • Pam Trainor Hurst

    He is a cocky son of a b

    • Jan McMullen

      He doesn’t want to loose his cushy Government job. Shame they ALL LIE to protect our Liar in Chief!

  • Jan McMullen

    Liar Liar pants on fire you nose is longer than a telephone wire.

    • Ted Strickland

      If your sentiments, as yours are seem to be with the GOP/’baggers, and they lose. does that make you a loser too? wondering.

      • fartyboypointed

        You are the loser.

        • Doug

          That’s zinging him fattyboypointed.

    • Doug

      Love that rhyme.

  • Patti King


    • Jimmy Midgett

      She has her nose into everything. I believe she is actually the one running our country.

  • porktheotherwhitemeat

    lying through his teeth

  • Linda Galli

    He is so bad at lying that he couldn’t even answer without closing his eyes while he said it. I have lived through 20+ shutdowns and NEVER have they closed the parks in anyof them until now. Unfrigging believable that it was necessary. They were closing private businesses and parks that were being rented out to private citizens., anyone who believes this was normal operating procedure needs to get their heads out of their asses.

    • Jean Nelson

      It was purely an act of retaliation

      • Jimmy Midgett

        Like the park ranger said, “We were told to inflict as much pain as possible.”

  • Anke Cheney

    And how did he explain permitting illegal aliens for utilize the Mall for a protest but closed it to the Veterans? And if he was not asked…why??

  • Ron Gilbert

    For those of you that don’t believe that this was planned, think again. It takes months for our government to do anything yet within 8 hours of the government shutdown there were signs posted at the entrance to each park. These signs had the logos from each park with the words “Parks are closed due to government shutdown”. Never in the history of our nation have they closed our national parks due to shutdown. When our government does something, it takes an average of 8 months to appropriate funds, sign contracts, gather materials, start production, ship items to a central location and then distribute the items to the places where it will be needed. This was planned months ago by this administration.

    • Jean Nelson

      True it had been planned

    • spatin

      Someone told me it looked like photoshop magic. I don’t know, maybe it was. Or maybe the liberal democrat goons did plan this all along and the GOP fell into it.

      • Ron Gilbert

        Or perhaps both parties planned it given that they seem to play good cop bad cop far too often and also both were found partying together in the local bars of DC right after the shutdown occurred as if they were celebrating something.

  • jdj1965

    ” Jarvis testified that the mall closures were necessary for safety and national security reasons” What a crock!

    He’s lying or he wouldn’t have stammered and Ho Hummed looking for an answer through the questioning.

  • Ted Strickland

    Relax folks. looks like the shut down is over. the GOP caved, so the congress just kicked the can again. the ACA is fully funded and the NPS will have the money to open all the park locations again. GOP lost, again. could be a habit.

    • spatin

      The GOP caved to save the economy and the nation, and yes they kicked the can again. The democrats would have let the whole house of cards fall down. The democrats don’t give a crap about the people. They only care about their pet projects and the hell with everything and everyone else. I think the GOP should have stood its ground. It would be interesting to see the democrat lib-tards really squirm.

      • Doug

        So are you applauding or castigating GOP? Hard to tell.

        • Fay Barr

          Doug .. Does saying stupid things come easy for you .. Or do you spend a lot of time in front of mirror perfecting it???

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