TSA now warns of arrest for ‘remarks or jokes’ about airport security


Photo Credit: Yahoo

Going to the airport in this post-9/11 era can be unnerving enough for obvious reasons. Now you have to fear being mistaken for a potential terrorist.

What sounds like Transportation Security Administration audio airing over loud speakers at George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston is not being well-received, Police State USA reported Thursday.

The Orwellian announcements warn that anyone making inappropriate remarks can be arrested and that strangers may be out to pressure passengers to smuggle items aboard planes. That’s a good way to panic the public.

In August, a package containing nail polish remover sparked — of all things — a nerve-gas scare at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City, the New York Post reported. Teams of responders in hazardous materials suits converged on the scene. Law enforcement said the compound used in the nail polish so closely resembled nerve gas that it tested positive for the biological weapon, the article said.

With nerve-gas scares and real threats already on travelers’ minds, the Houston airport audio blasts can’t be easing anyone’s fears.

Listen here via Police State USA who reported: “TSA announcement over the intercom system, Houston International Airport Gate B84, 9-20-13 ~9:30am”

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Matt Labo

Matt writes from his home in New Jersey. He has been writing fiction and non-fiction for several years, and has a passion for politics and sports.


  • Michael Nappi

    They have zero tolerance to humor or personal liberty…just like the original gestapo

    • lovinspoonful

      What happened to freedom of speech? Are we headed toward martial law now?

      • Daisiemae

        We no longer have the freedom to decide who can view and touch our genitals. Why should we have freedom of speech?

      • robbiedobbs

        it went away with the patriot act

  • Linda Cote DeBoe

    All they need is machine guns and we’d be just like Mexico!

  • James Hayden

    Glad I don’t fly anymore

  • http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2013/07/08/whats-really-behind-the-rumor-that-dhs-is-bringing-15000-russian-soldiers-onto-u-s-soil/ ORACLE

    The first mistake is thinking they can violate the constitution. The second mistake is thinking people will let them get away with it.

    • testiculus_gigantus

      No offense intended but they DO think they can violate the Constitution (it’s not the first, or last time). Secondly, I think they rightly believe they can get away with it. I hope I’m wrong.

    • Mike

      Their very existence is a violation of the Constitution. They ARE the Terrorist threat to America. They will all burn in hell, but until then, they are the Führer’s SS, and we are subjugated under a Tyrant!

    • Daisiemae

      There is no mistake whatsoever. People have completely let TSA get away with it. TSA is getting away with violating the constitution each and every day. And they will continue to do so for many many years to come.

      • http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2013/07/08/whats-really-behind-the-rumor-that-dhs-is-bringing-15000-russian-soldiers-onto-u-s-soil/ ORACLE

        Until we start taking fingers

      • plaguebeast

        not much we can do with the looters in control.

        • Daisiemae

          Right on. And today we learn that a scumbag TSA air marshall, Adam Bartsch, was caught taking pictures up women’s skirts.

          How was he caught? A sharp-eyed courageous passenger, Rey Collazzo, wrestled his cell phone away from him and turned him in to the flight attendant.

          Where is the real threat of terrorism? It’s these criminals employed by TSA. DiCarlo Bennett and his dry ice bombs, Alpha Onuoha and his suspicious packages and threats, TSA employees smuggling drugs at LAX, David Alexander Diaz-Torres smuggling illegal aliens, Mexicutioners in Honolulu, Bryant Jermaine Livingston running his prostitution ring in Maryland, known pedophile Thomas Harkins in Philadelphia, Clifton Lyles of Nashville raping a young boy….these criminals with complete unfettered access to airplanes are the biggest threat to aviation security in existence.

          Perhaps it is time for all upstanding law abiding American citizens like Rey Collazzo to see something do something and stop the criminal activities of TSA.

          Rey Collazzo is a hero.

  • Mike

    They are Terrorists, why wouldn’t they threaten us with unconstitutional assault?

  • capnjack43

    When the first TSA agent is sued and fined, that will put an end to this crap.

  • capnjack43

    How quickly these Government scum, forget who they work for.

  • Margie

    Please proceed to the nearest DNA confirmation machine.

  • Jake Elliot

    We are being conditioned. It is too late, accept your fate, we are cattle. I love how the Gov is ‘shut down’ yet fascism keeps on moving strong.

    • Mike


  • Dale Cordell

    It’s a good thing I don’t have anyplace to fly to. I can’t stand NAZI pigs.

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