Patriotic tourists remove barricades, climb Lincoln Memorial

On the same weekend that brought the “Million Vet March” to Washington, D.C., another fairly large group of patriots – protesters, you might say – showed they, too, have had enough of the shutdown closures and weren’t going to take it anymore.

So, they moved the barricades out of the way and made their way up the steps, and past the Park Police, to the Lincoln Memorial on Saturday, KLTV 7 reported.

Peacefully, but cheering at breaking through the barriers – or “Barry-cades” as many on the Internet coined them  – happy tourists used the opportunity to send a message to Washington: Enough is enough.

Taylor Hemness from KLTV 7 reported this from the scene:

[The protesters] went completely up those steps, past the National Parks Service members who didn’t do anything to stop them as they made their way up to the Lincoln monument asking people to come with them, begging them to make people in DC listen to what they were doing.

“Clean up the trash in Washington!” Watch protesters make their way to the Lincoln Memorial via KLTV 7:, Longview, Jacksonville, Texas | ETX News

However, according to this tweet, Park Police ultimately kicked the group out:

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Janeen Capizola

"And though she be but little, she is fierce." And fun! This conservative-minded political junkie, mom of three, dancer and one-time NFL cheerleader holds a bachelor of arts degree in political science. [email protected] Twitter: @JaneenBPR


  • Susan Forrester

    The only way we are seeing any of this is on the internet. Thank you for helping to keep us informed. Obama needs to be thrown out, not our citizens thrown out of the Memorials. We need for the Army Provost Marshall to arrest him for treason.

    • Doug

      Can you name the Army Provost Marshal?

      • Susan Forrester

        MG. David E. Quantock

        • Doug

          How can he arrest the President?

  • Jo Swafford

    heres the kumbaya moment for conservatives right now…truckers,bikers,vets ,and Americans claiming their history.If it were a conservative president and liberal protestors the media would be singing kumbaya at every monument on every broadcast…for these patriots…crickets.Well guess what ,we have the internet,rendering the media irrelevant.

    • voterid

      The problem with your analogy is that we already saw the democrat protestors in DC last you remember Occupy DC protestors…they were sleeping in tents, fornicating on top of police vehicles, peeing on the laws and being disgusting ignorant people…that what your liberal party represents.

      • Jo Swafford

        ? that was my point…it was sarcasm because the media is always showing liberals in a positive light and very rarely ever shows conservatives making any sort of point or standing up for themselves….I have no idea what makes you think I am a liberal from that.

  • Sharon Mark

    Shame on our President for letting this happen. He could stop this at any time for the good of the country but his goal is to blame blame blame.

    • Karen Lee King

      He needs to grow up and quit acting so danged childish with his “my way or no way” motto.

  • Doug

    Did anyone sit on Lincoln’s lap?

    • Sally

      Obama’s been there trying to appear presidential.
      Hasn’t worked.

  • Ben Love

    They have had coverage of the memorial events on Fox News

  • Doug

    My sources say someone left a Mountain Dew Can on Lincoln’s leg.

  • Susan Forrester

    Have you done any homework on this?

    • Doug

      I cannot reveal my sources.

  • Karen Lee King

    He has shut down the Parks and things, but what do you want to bet that his golf courses aren’t shut down? All these so called shut downs he wants to blame on the Republicans; but you know what? I blame all three: the House, the Senate, and the Idiot in the White house. They all need to grow up and act like adults and work together.

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