Civilian mows lawn at Lincoln Memorial: ‘God bless that man’

There is really not much that needs to be said about the picture floating around Twitter of a guy, presumably an average citizen – flag in one hand – mowing the lawn at the Lincoln Memorial in the midst of the government shutdown. As Brandon Morse  tweeted and Monica Crowley and others re-tweeted, ‘God bless that man!”


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  • theissuesnow

    God Bless this man.

  • TLN

    surprised Obama’s goons haven’t tried to lock him up!

    • Kevin Clark

      Don’t give him ideas!

  • Beeta

    Can someone tell me what the Tea Party could have done to cause this.. I am a member and I know of nothing that we did to even be accused of this… It was Obama and the Dems against the REPUBS.. Stand your ground Repubs and DO NOT GIVE IN to Tyranny which Obamacare is and raising the Debt ceiling is money for Obama to give to the muslim terrorist.. STOP IT now…

  • Beeta

    I don’t recognize the flag.. What is it? I appreciate the true patriots like this man!! God Bless!

    • falcngnzx2

      South Carolina State Flag

  • Maria Bernwinkler

    I think that’s the flag for SC

    • Lilly

      Texas…the lonestar state

  • Laura

    You’re missing the “all of the above” option on your poll. They’re all responsible. This is why the Founding Fathers warned against party governments. All of this has *nothing* to do with the “issues” they claim or the American people. It comes down to one party one upping the other. It’s pride, and now no one wants to be seen as the week one who backs down, to hell with the people who are suffering.

    • hshjn

      Yes and no. While neither party is without blame, Obama carries the most weight because he’s supposed to be LEADING them and this country. He should be the one saying “all right, kids, ENOUGH. It’s time to act like adults and settle this maturely.” Instead he’s jetting off to whatever vacation destination or publicity appearance suits his fancy, stepping all over the Constitution, and acting like a toddler himself banging his fists and screaming “I WILL NOT negotiate.” Not only doesn’t congress have any leadership, this country has no leadership. If He didn’t want the responsibility he shouldn’t have taken the job.

      • morstar150

        That is not true! Obama has negotiated with Iran, and Syria, and Russia, although many would call it negotiating terms of surrender.

        • hshjn

          THAT (negotiating or not) with other countries has NOTHING to do with the government shutdown and the fact that Obama has gone on national television and radio repeatedly saying he WILL NOT negotiate until the shutdown is over (which essentially means no negotiations at all because, at that point, he’s gotten his way). Reading the entire thing again would help you (so would paying attention to current events).

          • morstar150

            lighten up hshjn! it was a joke that apparently I need to explain!

          • hshjn

            Impossible to read facial expression and tone of voice via computer (and we ARE dealing with a country full of sheeple).

  • Press Watchusa

    Arrest him ASAP – This is embarrassing to the preezy!


    I hope the tide is turning for the Citizens!


    SC Flag

  • Bob

    People act like anything they say means something in regards to who caused what. The majority of Republicans will say that Democrats caused this. The majority of Democrats will say that Republicans caused it.
    Be less stupid.

    • Kevin Clark

      Senate refuses to negotiate, The Prez refuses to negotiate, the House has passed 20+ bills to reopen congress, who caused it?

  • poptart

    He is awesome!!

  • Missy Hoglen

    They kicked him out, unfortunately.

    • Karen Shores Kernes

      They may have kicked him out…but he got his point across.

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