Duck Dynasty star: ‘It’s spiritual warfare’


Phil and Willie Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” fame confirmed something I have long suspected: There is nothing more unreal than reality TV — well, with the possible exception of the “Law and Order” series and Road Runner cartoons.

Although the A&E series only premiered a year and a half ago, it’s formula of family, business and faith soon developed a loyal following of millions of dedicated fans, and the numbers continue to grow.

But the family patriarch, Phil Robertson, revealed in a video interview with The Christian Post that much of what happens during taping gets distorted by editors “with no moral compass.” As a consequence, the viewer only gets a taste of what the Robertsons are all about.

“They inserted fake beeps like somebody had used profanity,” Robertson said. “But no one had used profanity.”

After much back and forth, the editors finally quit inserting the fake bleeps. But then they deleted the words, “in Jesus’ name,” each time the family prayed.

After raising a fuss, Robertson said, “I noticed now, every once in a while, they’re leaving it in there.”

Bringing reality to TV — true reality — has been a struggle for the Robertsons. It’s what Phil Robertson calls a “spiritual war” — a modern-day crusade.

Robertson told The Christian Post what it’s like to film a show where editors are editing out the family’s faith:

You gotta remember, it’s spiritual warfare. I mean, you’ve got people with no moral compass. It ain’t there. So what I tell people is be patient.

They’re the ones, they own the network and we’re filming the show.

We signed the contract with them, ok, and it’s a workhouse, but what people have to understand is, the people of God have to understand, you’ve just got to be patient. You don’t turn that ship quickly. It’s a big ship. A lot of depravity and a lot of heathen and a lot of the evil one. He is entrenched in the United States.

Think of the Robertsons and the folks at A&E as worlds colliding.

“The people who want to hear more from the spiritual side, trust me, are gathering up in massive numbers,” Robertson said. “This is Hollywood hitting the kingdom of God.”

Whether the Hollywood moonbats realize it or not, America is becoming more conservative and faith-driven. Because of that, we’ll take our tales of the Robertsons straight up, thank you — no mix, no chaser and no garbage.

As for the Road Runner series, I’m absolutely convinced (though I can’t prove it yet) that Wile E. Coyote has more than one stunt double.

Watch the interview here:

H/T: Radar Online

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  • Pamela Perry Smith

    okay so according to the poll above there are 4,508 idiots out there that think it is unpatriotic to oppose the President. That means we have to build a lot more nuthouses.

    • tb

      Sounds to me like we only need one!

    • Dorene Rowand-Schmidt

      By the time I voted there were 4,521 who voted it is NOT unpatriotic to oppose the President and 12 who think it is. I think you’re reading it incorrectly. The question is: Is it unpatriotic to oppose the president? By voting “NO”, it means you think that it is NOT unpatriotic. I think a few people do not understand the question. Including YOU. Did you vote yes or no. Anyone who voted yest, needs to stop “drinking the Kool Aid”.

    • H. A. Reed

      If you’re a patriot and you oppose the communist posing as our President. Then NO it’s not unpatriotic to oppose him! If you answered YES, then you’re saying, I am a Communist and it is unpatriotic to oppose him. So I guess the question should be, ‘Are you a communist, and do you bow down to our communist leader?’ And 2% are saying yes, I am a communist and it is unpatriotic to oppose him.

      • Meri Coury

        Correct. All you unpatriotic imbiciles, please leave the country.

    • StuckInCali2Long

      There are 109 that said it is.

      • Linda P. Roberts

        109 COMMUNISTS

    • W.F. DePriest

      I see 6,227 no votes; my understanding the question is .is it unpatriotic to oppose the President, oppose means to go up against. I am against the President, if that makes me an idiot in your eyes so be it, I can only hope you misunderstood the question

  • maryrose2

    It is unpatriotic to not oppose his ideology so the 4,508 are the ones being blinded by protocol

    • olivebrance

      I don’t think you understand the question. 98% are saying they believe you can oppose the president and be a patriot. So, why do you think they are blind when you are saying the same thing?

      • Linda P. Roberts


      • JenMalice

        Double negatives confuse people. Remove ‘no’ and ‘un’ and you have , “It is patriotic to oppose the president”. If you don’t oppose the president despite how you feel, it makes him no different than the old monarchies. Guess we would have to start bowing toward Mecca. 😀

      • maryrose2

        Sorry about that as I did understand the question just wrote it down wrong ..thank you for the correction. I don’t want to be thought of as a left winged moonbat complaining…

  • maryrose2

    I think the Robertson Family have been so popular because America use to be that way, now there is only secularism leading the country. I believe America is being destroyed by the secular culture and the American family is in a spiritual warfare. The secular culture has not won by any means …the Duck Dynasty A&E numbers show that!

    • Peggy Hall

      The communist plan, which can be seen in the congressional record, requires God is taken out of everything. The last step is to make us accept homosexuals. Then they will know God is dead in the USA. Or at least dead enough for them to take us over.

  • Howard Turner

    ok the question was is it UNPATRIOTIC to oppose the president 98% said no that means they say its patriotic to oppose the president maybe a reading comprehension class is in order

    • Patty Givens Warner

      we are patriotic…..we oppose ANYTHING that the idiot that some call president does!!!!

    • StuckInCali2Long

      It’s not Patriotic or Unpatriotic to oppose the president. Patriotism has to do with country not the president.

      • Linda P. Roberts


      • Dana Byrd

        In this case, it is definitely PATRIOTIC to oppose this president!!!

    • Linda P. Roberts


    • Linda P. Roberts


  • Memphis Sommers

    “Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does not mean to stand by the president .” ~President Theodore Roosevelt~

    • Linda P. Roberts

      LOVE IT!

  • Karen McConnell

    I look at people who support Obama and the present administration rather like kids who believe in Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny. Neither I nor anyone else who has two working cells of grey matter give them any credence at all. It’s time we dis-
    empowered them.

    • Linda P. Roberts


  • W.F. DePriest

    It is no wonder we are in the mess we are in when people are ask a simple question and have no idea what they read !

  • LST

    Anyone who does not oppose Obummer is a complete and total imbecile. Impeach and deport the Kenyan imposter.

  • Peggy Hall

    It is the fault of the education system. People do not understand what a republic is. And the politicians do not help. They keep calling us a democracy.

  • Peggy Hall

    As our founders told us many times, it is our DUTY to question the government. And if our government becomes tyrannical, it is our duty to reestablish a valid government. In other words, throw the bums out. That is one reason why they want our guns. They do not want us to have any weapons we can use to throw their commie tails out.

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