James Woods calls shutdown non-events a ‘liberal nightmare’

jameswoods1002Conservative actor James Woods kept his Twitter account busy Tuesday – even if the bureaucrats weren’t – shooting off observations about the government shutdown.

And here are the takeway tweets (gleaned mostly by Twitchy.com) that conservatives will love but will drive libs nuts:

What if they gave a government shutdown and nobody cared?

That lefty nightmare gets closer to coming true every time their sky-will-fall-without-the-government-to-hold-it-up predictions get proven wrong.

Remember when the sequester was going to wipe out the National Weather Service? Foster outbreaks of food poisoning because meat inspectors would be idled? Start mobs of Head Start kids rampaging through the streets?

Well, the country’s been in sequester mode since March, and on Day 1 of the government shutdown, the apocalypse seemed as far away as ever (unless you were a Park Police squad trying to keep a phalanx of World War II vets out of their memorial.)

And on the economic part of the shutdown, at least so far, Woods was right on the money.

And speaking of money, Woods has some  — thanks to a successful career in his chosen field. That, of course, makes the class-envy crowd crazy. Fortunately, it looks like Woods has handled a heckler or two before.

Doesn’t look like that guy will be chiming in to Woods’ account for a while.

Wish him luck with that MSNBC internship, though.

And speaking of the Democrats’ fellow travelers in the media, one of Woods’ followers pointed out that government broadcasting doesn’t seem to be all that affected by the government shutdown.

The New York Times is still publishing, too.

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Joe Saunders

Joe Saunders, a 25-year newspaper veteran, is a staff writer and editor for BizPac Review who lives in Tallahassee and covers capital and Florida politics. Email Joe at [email protected].


5 thoughts on “James Woods calls shutdown non-events a ‘liberal nightmare’

  1. francoamerian says:

    I admire James Woods. He has more balls then that Liberal Alec “BALLESS) Baldwin.

    1. Tom Wolf says:

      More talent too. 🙂

  2. Doug says:

    Why isn’t this amazing man running for President?

  3. Diana Wilson says:

    I think all of the Liberals and twits who voted for Obama should volunteer to empty their bank account and pockets and send Michelle all their money so she can hire back her 16 f%^&* -ing assistants. Why would Moochelle need 16 assistants? Is this for real. The ODUMBOS act like African dictators in some third world nation where all the citizens are just slaves. Odumbo and his fat butt wife picked the wrong country to try and take over. They need to go back to Kenya.

  4. Mal Beats says:

    wow didn’t realize he was such an immature prick

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