Obama supporting credit card company cuts ties with gun shop — for selling guns


A Visa subsidiary that authorizes credit card transactions for merchants has without notice stopped doing business with the nation’s largest gun store after a four-year relationship — because it sells guns. The credit card firm is also a huge Obama campaign donor.

The subsidiary, Authorize.net/CyberSource, emailed its decision to sever business with Hyatt Gun Shop of Charlotte, N.C., citing the “sale of firearms or any similar product,” according to the Washington Examiner.

The firm claimed that Hyatt’s product line violated the terms of their agreement.

Authorize.net couldn’t figure out what the merchant’s product line was four years earlier just from the business name, Hyatt Gun Shop? The store even bills itself as “America’s largest gun shop” on its website.http://www.hyattguns.com

The email said:

Dear Hyatt Gun Shop Inc,

Authorize.Net LLC (“Authorize.Net”) has determined that the nature of your business constitutes a violation of Section 2.xiv of the Authorize.Net Acceptable Use Guidelines and Sections 3.3 and 11.3 of the Authorize.Net Service Agreement (the “Agreement”). These sections include, but are not limited to, the sale of firearms or any similar product. Accordingly, pursuant to Section 4 of the Acceptable Use Guidelines, your ability to access and use the Authorize.Net Services will be terminated on September 30, 2013.

“We’ve never seen anything like this,” said Justin Anderson, Hyatt’s marketing director, telling the Examiner that it took a week and thousands of dollars to find a replacement credit card processor that was “gun friendly.”

The Examiner’s Washington Secrets reported:

Anderson suspects that the company, purchased by Visa in 2010, got cold feet dealing with a leading gun seller and he said that he’s heard of other gun stores being dropped. The company had no immediate comment.

The sudden move comes just two weeks after the Washington Navy Yard shootings, which were followed by a plea for more gun control from President Obama.

Factor in Secretary of State John Kerry’s signature on the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty this week — with the blessing of the White House — and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that in Obama’s world, politics comes before all else.


  • John Craig

    Hey if Congress doesn’t ratify the treaty it means nothing to the American citizen! It is just like a law that Obama vetos that is sent back to Congress and it is passed by a 2/3 vote. The bill would then become law. Simple political science!

  • gvw3

    Some how that doesn’t seem legal to me. If you are selling a legal product why would they do this? It is the obligation of the board of directors in any American corporation to make profit for their share holders. Not to play political games.

    • MattyIce

      They can choose to do business with whatever industries they want. Happens all the time. For instance.. Most big banks won’t handle depository relationships with adult entertainment or legal marijuana dispensaries. This is America and it is perfectly legal to do business with whoever you choose as long as you don’t discriminate based on race, religion, sex, etc. It’s funny that so many of the gun loving half wit morons don’t understand this. As much as you might want to blame Obama and the socialist agenda he supposedly is forcing upon us… the big corps still call the shots on how they do business – as it should be.

      • John Grey

        The “gun loving half-wit morons” spend billions of dollars a year & actually are the largest contributor to conservation efforts in the nation.
        If they don’t want that business, there are those who DO. We’ll see who has the deeper pockets when the tantrums’ are over.

      • gvw3

        You completely missed my point. I am not talking politics at all. What I stated was it is the duty of every corporation to make as much profit as possible for their shareholders. If they are playing political games instead of their fiduciary duty to the shareholders they can be sued.

        This has nothing to do with any liberal or conservative ajenda. Just the law that corporations are required to adhere to.

      • Link Reed

        @ Mattyice, There are Thousands of Gun Loving (Half Wit Morons) That daily put themselves in Harms way to protect Idiots like You! Instead of calling them Morons, You should get off your lazy Ass and thank All” Service Men & Women, the Police forces that protect you!

      • John

        You mean the tag team of Oblamer and the insurance giants with commicare ? I don’t like the taste of sand, therefore my head resides above it and you. Now you go back to your xbox and see if you can vote for another nobel peace prize for the war extender/starter.

  • crusader2010

    Pay with cash, it drives the government nuts, and the credit card companies lose money.

    • Anna Fabian

      Good idea! How about we boycott this visa company? Would serve them right.

      • Gottobefree

        Boycott the credit card co. Put them on notice

      • elleanna

        Cancel your visa card. I’m cancelling mine today, and they just sent me a new card in the mail.

        • Anna Fabian

          I did and I told him exactly why.
          I told him I did not appreciate them imploding on my constitutional rights.
          then they want to talk to you about it.
          No too little too late!

          • MattyIce

            Not sure what “imploding on my constitutional rights” means, but there is nothing in the constitution that requires a credit card processor to do business with specific retail establishments. I appreciate that you disagree with their business decision, but your rights have not been “imploded”. You are going to have to boycott a heck of a lot more than Visa by the way… Authorize.net processes millions of transactions for all types of credit cards for retailers all over the world. Good luck with that.

      • John Grey

        One does not boycott Visa per se’, it’s an umbrella. You focus on Authorize.Net LLC (“Authorize.Net”). Many Visa card companies don’t have a issue with firearms, adult materials, etc.

        Do your homework and find Authorize.Net LLC (“Authorize.Net”) on the net and look at what banking / financial institutions they work with. Pull funds from them and LET IT BE KNOWN AS TO WHY YOU ARE WITHDRAWING SUPPORT.
        Do NOT support any 3rd party’s finger pointing! Do the research yourself, so that you KNOW who is to be targeted. The Chicago Democrat machine will muddy the waters & you could wind up accomplishing nothing OR harming someone who believes the same way as you do.

        • stopthesocialism

          Authorize.Net is a Visa subsidiary. Better to hit Visa directly.

          • gvw3

            Like I said my NRA credit card is a visa card. I don’t think Visa is the problem.

      • gvw3

        My NRA credit card is a Visa card.

    • Charles Dykes

      Exactly!!!! Great Post!! That will get some attention!!

  • Rob

    I don’t care which Visa co. this is. From now on I will use my Amex and Discover card. My visa can kiss my — while in my back pocket.

    • elleanna

      I’m doing the same thing, cancelling visa today.

    • Anna Fabian

      Believe it or not our money still has a say.
      I went to American Express and MasterCard.
      I really do.n’t use either one very much but it was the principal

    • MattyIce

      authorize.net processes Discover and Amex too. They are owned by Visa– but they provide processing for all major credit cards. The only way you can get around them is stop using plastic altogether. Good luck with that buddy.

      • Rob

        I can do that just fine, the only reason I use any of my card is out of laziness and to keep my 800+ rating. I paid my first restaurant family meal cash last night. If I can afford having bought any of my 6 houses cash I can afford gas and meals too. Thanks but I have already been blessed with a little luck and a lot of conservative values that have gotten me where I am today. Mind you..I came to this country with my parents in 1980’s boat lift without a penny in our pockets.

        • MattyIce

          Congratulations on your 800 credit score and your 6 houses. Boasting about your greatness isn’t very conservative though, is it? Perhaps you doth protest too much? My guess is that the 6 houses are more like one trailer and an above ground pool.

          • Rob

            LMAO. It’s so hard for a lib to swallow a hispanic not part of the plantation. My house was 460k with a boat on the side and a stingray in the garage. The others are all single detached homes with yards. The cheapest at around 100k in this Obama hard times. Let me know when you want to move out of the hood. Maybe I will rent you with section 8.

          • MattyIce

            Man, nothing makes me happier than hearing about a spic making an honest dollar and paying some taxes. Such an improvement over the filthy illegals that are ruining the economy by working under the table cash jobs, cramming 32 of their relatives into a 2 bedroom apartment, and drinking Budweiser till they piss themselves with godawful ranchero music blaring in the background.
            That’s all beside the point though… My only point in the first place was that your brilliant plan to use MC and AMEX instead of Visa was pointless. Authorize.net will get a taste no matter which card you use.

          • Rob

            LMAO, this spic has done more this week to be successful and self-sustained before I retire than you in your life time. My offer still stand for when you want to move out of the hood, I’ll buy a trailer and I will take section 8 money for your rent, I really don’t want roaches in any of my properties, specially envious ones…pS, my brilliant plan works if plenty people do it. Si entiendo, pero tu no because you are a democrat. Chiquita brains you know. I never drink but when I do…I drink JW Blue.

  • Rob

    Bank of America uses them, so if you have a BOA visa card call them and tell them why you are cancelling it. I will in a bit.

    • elleanna

      First use your points to get stuff then cancel!

      • Anna Fabian

        Now girl you know I did that first. Lol

    • MattyIce

      All banks offer Visa and allow them to be processed through Authorize.net moron.
      I feel sorry for BofA though. They are going to be crushed when they find out they are losing you and your 800 credit score.

  • Edward Sweeney

    I guess it is time for every patriot to get a Mastercard and show Visa we don’t like their plan…

  • youngka

    All I can say is COWARD!

  • capnjack43

    Perhaps a boycott of VISA is in order. There are many other excellent credit card companies around.

  • butterflyinoh

    I’d like to know how much he’s paying them to do this; of course, with OUR money!!!


    Government practicing “extortion” against the will of the people

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