Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment to rally for truckers headed to DC

The Truckers to Shut Down America-campaign will be cheered along the way by a “patriot wave” from the Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment group when it crosses the country to meet in Washington, D.C.

Photo credit: Lisa D'Esposito Minutillo Boca Raton, Facebook

Photo credit: Lisa D’Esposito Minutillo Boca Raton, Facebook

“On Friday, October 11th, Overpasses will support the truckers going to the nations District of Corruption [Washington D.C.]!” the Overpasses Facebook page says. “We’ve gotten emails to the website, messages to the main page from truckers, thanking us for waking them up! We need to be out there, cheering them on their way to DC!”

Both groups are nonpartisan and are recruiting grassroots volunteers from across the country in support of the U.S. Constitution.

“During the Overpass events, we get a lot of response from the truckers,” Joe Kilinski, a volunteer with the Florida Overpasses group, told BizPac Review. “We hear from them that they are inundated by Obama’s regulations. The cost of gas has doubled and the general cost of doing business has increased making it harder for them to continue to stay on the road. They’ve supported us, so it’s time for us to stand by them.”

The truckers had a Facebook page that was unexpectedly removed, but their flyer explains the reason behind the effort:

Independent Truckers of America are essentially operating on slave wages; in most cases working below minimum wage, and all paying exorbitant fuel costs and fees. American truckers are also very politically astute and great patriots, and they are all well aware of what is happening to our U.S. Constitution. Through this campaign, they are leading the convoy of all Americans coast to coast who wish to restore our Constitutional Republic. America is calling out to our Patriots, and if any group can help lead the charge to save our nation, it’s the U.S. Truckers.

Kilinski can relate to the plight of the truckers.

“As a young boy, my father was a trucker, so I have a tremendous amount of respect for what they do,” he said. “But even without that, I would still support them because they work so hard to keep their head above water in today’s economy.”

Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment, which attracted national attention during June events in California, has spread throughout the country.  Links to all state Facebook pages are provided on its website.

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Cheryl Carpenter Klimek

Cheryl Carpenter Klimek has been a political consultant handling public affairs, political campaigns and PAC management for nearly 20 years.


  • Doug

    Just don’t surround my house I might need to go out for halvah.

  • Gabriel Beaven

    I support it fully, and I think they should just sit there until Congress listens to us. Go truckers!!!

  • Charles Wesley

    We really do NOT need another group trying to shut down the country. The country is suffering as it is, thanks to the dimwits in office, this will just make everyone suffer more. It’s not wise to do so. 3 days; no gas, no deliveries, no food, no parcels? There are other ways–making the whole country suffer is a poor choice.

    • Dwayne Jackson

      The whole country needs to wake up and smell the coffee.

      • Doug

        But not at Starbucks.

      • Josh Baca

        Hell Yes, and they wont do it until it hits home!

    • Chuck (Smithfix) Smith

      I’ll bet you think all Preppers are loons too. Wait till the ‘Just in time delivery system” is just too late. Wake up and see the point.

      • Charles Wesley

        I did not say anyone was loony. Don’t try putting words in my mouth; I’ll spit them back.

        I am saying that a three day shut-down is going to hurt the economy even more than it already is hurting. The truckers are making a living–more so than I am; more so than my wife… we’ve been trying for 3 da** years.

        Shut down the country. Hurt yourself while doing so. How does hurting yourself help others? It does not! It’s tantamount to suicide!

        The people who get hurt–will be blaming the truckers. Prices will go up. Brilliant! Can’t afford anything as it is, and now we’ll have less for more. Just F***ing brilliant!

        You can’t live on 1300 a month. But when you can’t get jobs to make up the difference, the problem is in the Congress and Executive Branches. You want 20 bucks an hour to flip burgers? Well, I won’t buy ’em if they’re costing 10 bucks a burger.

        Do away with the confining regulation and strangling taxes. Watch the economy boom. No more crap… THAT is what we need. Not a stupid “general strike.”

        • Susan Burns

          Well, the confining regulations are here to stay and are only going to get more expansive if we don’t stand up!!! If you think sitting at home complaining is going to help – wishing it to be so won’t get anything accomplished.

    • fartyboypointed

      We do need it. As things are going we need the second revolution. Democracy works until the government thinks it understand economics. When that happens the pols treat our money as their money and use it to get voted into office. Read about our first revolution.

      • Charles Wesley

        Just remember: The U.S. is NOT a democracy. I’m tired of people saying it is. It’s a Republic, a republic with elements of democracy. As long as we keep electing power-hungry fools, jerks and lemmings, it’s only going to get worse. How many of Congress aren’t Millionaires? The DFL has something like 15 of the top twenty rich members… Overall, the GOP holds a slight edge. You can’t run unless you’ve got the money. It’s just the way it is.

    • nancyj1922

      No way. You have plenty of time to stock up and be prepared. If you can’t do that with a months notice, you have a problem. We need statements made to this government about our dis-satisfaction with the way it is being governed. If the people in DC don’t listen to our MILLIONS of calls, emails, letters, etc., maybe they will listen to this.

      • Charles Wesley

        TIME, yes. MONEY, no. I barely have enough to cover the mortgage from month to month. We, unfortunately, have not been able to find jobs — if we manage something, we’ll probably have to travel 160 miles/day, which will eat the gas… Tell me again, how it will not hurt the average person. I LOVE fairy tales.

        • margey sebastian

          this is just bizarre.

    • Susan Burns

      Let me ask you, Charles. Would you rather suffer for a measly 3 days and just wait until the whole nation totally economically collapses. Then what? Talk about inconvenience. Only then it will be permanent. What is 3 lousy days? Get on board, Charles!!!! Show some spine!!!

      • Charles Wesley

        Susan, while I understand what you’re saying, you are missing my point. 3 days of non-productivity will hasten the economic collapse. It’s not going to delay it. We need to increase productivity, not curtail it. We need people working, not sitting on their derrieres, hoping for the best. We need deregulation, elimination of burdensome laws like ACA, reining in of the out of control bureaucracies that have inundated our books with needless inspections….

        This general shutdown will increase food spoilage, increase prices, and it does nothing to address the causes of the problem.

        I don’t sit on my rump, waiting for the ultimate demise. I write to Congress members, the President, and more. I have offered solutions, compromises…things that ought be acceptable to both sides. Some ideas get picked up, some do not. And it’s always the same…Too many playing politics, not enough working to solve the crises at hand.

        We cannot ignore politics, but neither can we let it control every aspect of our lives. We MUST be involved, yet we cannot allow to become the monster which cannot be controlled! Unfortunately, the longer this is delayed, the more difficult it becomes.

        YES, we need to be involved. We need to vote, write, protest. But to hasten our own demise while doing so is precisely what is wanted, and it is happening.

        No, I’m not a troll. I call it AS I SEE IT. Unfortunately, the way I do see it often proves accurate. I wish, for our sakes, it didn’t.

  • stargazer2012

    I fully support this! Shut’em down!!

  • seazen

    It would seem that truckers would want to have both access to health care for themselves and their families as well as a growing economy. How does “shutting down America” help them achieve that? Makes no sense.

    • betty

      no one is going to be able to afford it…and it’s unconstitutional…!!!! it’s a tax with out representation…..

      • Charles Wesley

        Strikes are not unconstitutional. This, however, is the equivalent of an unauthorized strike. I’ve seen no strike vote.

        • betty

          I’m not saying the truckers are “unconstitutional”……..Obamacare is..!!

          • Susan Burns

            Betty: Quit responding to Charles. He is just trolling here. Wouldn’t pay him any more attention. It appears that is all he is looking for here.

          • Charles Wesley

            Susan, despite your statement, I am not “trolling,” unless you have an incorrect idea of what a troll does. I noted you want off SSI. I’d love to get off SSDI. My health, as a whole, makes the types of jobs I can do quite limited and those jobs are even more rare than a job for a guy with no diploma. (Please note; I’m not saying that I don’t have one, I do.) We DO need to get off government support, as soon as we can, but the petty bickering on both sides is keeping it from happening. And then how many jobs are losing hours because of the ACA? I don’t have any figures, but I’m guessing tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands.

            We try to go our own food; the government shuts us down. We try to provide our own milk, the government shuts us down. Now, they force us into things we cannot afford, and fine us if we cannot buy. This isn’t “trolling,” it’s truth.

            This is not blaming races, this is not posting profanity…

            We need to fight back. But it must be in a way that Government won’t expect. This is the only way we can prosper. And, if you think about it, you ought to see the truth of those words.

            It’s not “YES, WE CAN.” It’s “WE CAN…IF you get off our backs!”

    • Stacy Commiekiller Lives

      It is called OUR country…those bums in DC work for US…shut her down on OUR terms…why dont you pay attention to what on earth is going on….ALL DUE TO THE ELECTED FILTH!

      • margey sebastian

        yes, indeed, those republicans are heinous.

    • annette

      Would you prefer ovomit f–k us over some more? That’s what is going to happen if America doesn’t try and stop him! I think this is a great thing the truckers are doing. The over passes and motor cycles are great too. If I wasn’t disabled I’d be right there with them and I am 67yo. Good luck truckers and God speed.

  • Carol Bush

    #MakeDCListen Go Truckers!!!

  • lorece

    If the lamestream media won’t acknowledge the DC bikers, maybe they’ll have to acknowledge the truckers. Americans are going to be asking what in the world is going on. So let’s get out there and wake ’em up!

  • Tammy Buffington

    Park ’em at the White House!

    • Richard Webb

      park on the lawn!

  • jerry renoll

    If the TRUCKERS do their 3 DAys The same way the BIKERS did theirs to show the AMERICAN REPRESENTATIVEES that The People mean Business and are tired of the old slap on the back good buddy joe that is presently going on that is erroding the COUNTRY that we live in.
    OBAMA Says we have to cut SPENDING BUT I HAVE YET TO see him make a PENNY CUT off of him spending

    • margey sebastian

      when did the bikers do something? must have been really effective.

      • jerry renoll

        The Bikers  have been effective in ptotecting   FUNERALS   AGAINST  THAT CHURCH  GROUP   AND OF  COURSE  YOU DIDN’T HEAR OF THE PEACEFUL  RIDE INTO WASHINGTON  D.C as   only small local news medias   had   coverage  on it

      • donttreadonme53

        1.2 Million at last count wasn’t good enough for you? Sure beat out the Million Man March that wasn’t.

  • jean

    okay everyone all of this rallying by different groups of people is great and although I do support every effort that is made to ” wake the government up” this is no going to change anything unless the congress under obamas thumb breaks there balls free from his grasp and get a back bone of there own to impeach the sorry ass SOB from his self made throne this will reamin the same and keep getting worse. just saying

    • Stacy Commiekiller Lives

      and what is YOUR solution…to keep making excuses and doing NOTHING? please..wise up

      • jean

        I was not saying that im not doing anything, I am doing something im trying to enjoy whats is left of being a free American. im saying that Washington is not listening to anything we do or say in protest because they all are being brain washed and controlled by ASS WAD DICTATOR OBAMA!

        • margey sebastian

          was there or was there not a general election that was won by the Democratic nominee who ran on the exact platform they’re trying to implement right now? Who’s not listening? Sounds like a bunch of whiny sour grapes losers to me.

    • IngeC

      If we had better representatives, this evil SOB would have been impeached already!
      As we’ve seen with the GOP DC insiders, they have no bollocks to do the right thing but, rather sell us out one millimeter at the time.
      I have a hunch though that he will blow a gasket before his term end; he seethes almost foaming at the mouth. We all know how thin skinned this crap weasel really is and, not even communist and actuary *resident (left out the ‘p’ on purpose) can pull his chestnuts out of the fire.
      Almost half of his twitter followers (19.3 million) are fake; more than half of mooch’s (26.2 million) are fake, with the rest of the white house gang right behind having half of their followers fake.
      Everything is fake, the imposter, mooch, Jarrett, biden among others. His backstory is fake, mooch’s is fake -nothing at all is just one iota ‘real’.
      Reality, domestic and worldwide events intruding and, he can’t control anything. His faked teleprompter reading of speeches written by someone else no longer work because, the world laughs at him. He has become a sucker worldwide having a sign placed on his rear asking ‘Kick me’.

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