Scarborough admits Obama wasn’t ready to be president; sold to us like bag of chips


MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough is waking up to the fact that despite all the hype that accompanied President Barack Obama when he made his 2008 presidential run, he wasn’t ready for primetime.

“Barack Obama has proven over the past five years that he wasn’t ready to be president of the United States,” Scarborough said on his show Tuesday, according to Newsmax. “And he proves it still today.”

Scarborough said Obama “came out of nowhere” as a freshman senator, and “a couple years later, people elected him president of the United States.”

Obama served less than a decade in the Illinois Senate with a less-than-stellar record that included numerous instances of voting “present.”

He followed that distinguished service with less than a full term in the U.S. Senate, also unimpressive. Most of his time there seemed to be spent running for the presidency.

Yet, solely on the basis that “Barack Obama was against the [Iraq] war,” the Democratic Party “went out and sold him like he was a bag of potato chips, they marketed him [and] he becomes president of the United States,” Scarborough said.

To illustrate his point, the TV host challenged guest Donny Deutsch to “name me a major piece of legislation that Barack Obama passed in the United States Senate, that would suggest that he knew how to work in the United States Senate and would be an effective president of the United States.”

Neither Deutsch nor any of Scarborough’s other guests could.

“You have people that come out of nowhere and get in the Senate. They don’t want to be in the Senate. They don’t want to work for the people that hired them. Immediately, they start running for president of the United States a week after they get to the Senate,” Scarborough said, referring not only to Obama but also U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, who Scarborough described Wednesday as a “phony narcissist.”

Scarborough’s comparison of Cruz’s meteoric rise to Obama’s is misplaced.

The president has demonstrated time after time that he tends to take the path of least resistance. When he spoke against the Iraq war, he was among the majority of lawmakers — including many in his own party.

Cruz’s crusade to defund Obamacare is in opposition to his own party leaders. An aide to U.S. Sen. John McCain said that his boss “f**king hates” Cruz, according to The Daily Caller, and The New York Times reported that U.S. Peter King, R-N.Y., called Cruz a “fraud” who promotes “government terrorism.”

Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz described Cruz, a former student, as “off-the-charts brilliant.” Obama has steadfastly refused to release any of his college records.

Prior to being a lawmaker, Obama worked in a law firm and as a community organizer. Cruz actually ran things, directing the Texas Solicitor General’s Office for five years, serving as his state’s first Hispanic solicitor general and the youngest in the United States.

Cruz also served as the director of the Office of Policy Planning at the Federal Trade Commission, and in the private sector, Cruz led the Morgan, Lewis and Bockius law firm’s U.S. Supreme Court and national appellate litigation practice while a partner there.

But did I mention? Obama was also a community organizer.

“You can go one after another after another,” Scarborough said. “This doesn’t work. The Barack Obama way does not work.”

I agree, but Cruz is not a part of this ilk.

In 2008, GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin was more qualified for the presidency. She had successfully run a city and a state. Obama, on the other hand, had only run for office.

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  • James Crooke

    Time and again I have said Sarah Palin was more qualified than any of the other three on the main party tickets. I love her dearly but she was not qualified to be president either. It is a known or well KNown fact that Governors make the best president and we send an old man and a young man with NO experience out to the electorate.

    • JohnXPublic

      “Governors make the best president”?

      So you voted for Georgia Gov. Jimmy Carter (against Ford in ’76)? Illinois Gov. Adlai Stevenson against Ike in ’52 and ’56? Massachusetts Gov. Michael Dukakis against HW Bush in ’88?

      Somehow, I doubt it.


        three of the past 5 presidents wee ex governors after Carter, Reagan, Clinton, Bush.

        • JohnXPublic

          Carter, Reagan, Clinton, and Bush were THREE of the past 5 Presidents? I guess that’s because, under the Texas Constitution, the governor has almost no power.

          • AFZoomieTim

            Johnny boy! Read the post again and this time punctuate it properly.: “Three of the last 5 presidents were ex governors after Carter.(period) They were Reagan, Clinton and Bush.” I’m pretty sure that totals 3, AFTER Carter! You’re welcome.

      • carol harp

        why don’t u run for overnor of some state?

    • jayleigh

      Sarah was certainly qualified! She turned Alaska totally around during her administration! Yes, governors with experience in non-political arenas, such as CEO of a corporation, may make good candidates for the Presidency. However, The real qualifier to me is whether the candidate knows and supports the tenets of the U.S. Constitution. i say all candidates for Congress, POTUS, and VP should have to take a 400 question test on American History, the Mayflower Compact, and the U.S. Constitution. We had to do that in order to graduate from High School back in the 1960s! Now, we don’t require it of anyone who wants to earn big money by serving in Congress! We just let anyone run who can put together a big enough PAC plus smear the opposing candidate rather than hold honest debates! We now have gangland, Mafia tactics at the polls, and whoever plays the dirtiest wins! harumph! i’ve had enough of both parties!

      • JohnXPublic

        This is a joke, right? President Obama TAUGHT constitutional law at the University of Chicago Law School. Meanwhile, Sarah Palin couldn’t name a single Supreme Court decision other than Roe v. Wade.

        If the 2008 election had been based on a 400-question test about the Constitution between Barack Obama and Sarah Palin, President Obama would have won unanimously.

        Of course, there’s the real Constitution, and then there’s the Rush Limbaugh-Marc Levin-Sean Hannity faux Constitution. Remember all of the right-wing Free Exercise Clause propaganda spilling out in the wake of the HHS contraceptives regulations? That was the faux Constitution — the right wing spinning an interpretation of the Free Exercise Clause that even Justice Scalia has rejected (in Employment Division v. Smith (1990)).

        • Jane Doe

          After 5 1/2 years, you are defending Obama? Are you a welfare receipient receiving free food stamps, free cells phones, free get out of jail cards? As to his so called “teaching” law… have you seen or heard of ONE student praising him? Go back and lay on the couch and drink your free Kool Aid, provided by your free food stamps. And make sure to share it with an illigal immigrant or two.

          • JohnXPublic

            “After 5 1/2 years, you are defending Obama?” Yes.

            ” Are you a welfare recipient receiving free food stamps, free cells phones, free get out of jail cards?” Not even close.

          • stecraig

            Well, if you are not a entitled individual playing goof with the half breed than you must be his butty to stick up for the prick this ardently! If he taught constitutional law or the constitution he sure did not learn any of it nor does he follow it. Don’t overdose on the Kool Aid!

          • iitywybad

            It’s obvious to me what you are! What I don’t understand is how you’re staying above ground long enough to post. I’m surprised that you skin hasn’t dried out to match your brain. You’d better slither back under that rock soon!

          • Lee Rubba

            And yet u still see nothing wrong with what he’s doing to the USA?? REALLY?? I think u either need new glasses or need to get some. Because this Obamacare is bullshit and no one can afford it. And I am not on welfare, I have worked all my life and paid my debt to society along the way. How can u support him when people are getting kicked out of their own homes because of him?? Man, u need lots of help!! smh in disgust and u call urself American…..

          • TIMedWork

            And though he may have taught the Constitution as a lecturer (his school stated that he was not a professor), he also publicly stated that he is opposed to much of it. He called it a ‘flawed document’ which needs to be rewritten, allowing for the redistribution of wealth, i.e. taking from those who earn and giving to those who take. He vowed to “totally transform the United States of America”. This is not the best choice to run a country… one who never ran anything in his life, but would change a country from what it was, when he was hired to run it as an employee. not a king, a savior, a magician.

            He was hired as an employee to get the job done. The job isn’t close to done, but from all appearances, the country nearly is. Any CEO hired to run a company, who did so poorly, would have been ousted in a few years. Even Obama knew that when he said, “If I can’t fix this economy in 3 years, then it will be a one term proposition”. That he is still here proves what liar he really is.

            But then we didn’t really know him when we hired him. As he says, “People who don’t disclose the truth (e.g., all records sealed) are those with something to hide”. Only now do we see that those who voted for him are becoming as wise as those who did all in their power to prevent the destruction of the U.S. at the hands of this inexperienced renegade liar of a narcissist.

        • DrZarkov99

          Correction: Obama did not teach constitutional law. He was listed as a “associate instructor”, and there’s been no evidence produced that he ever so much as taught a single class.

          As for his knowledge of the Constitution, he either is abominably ignorant of that document, or extremely arrogant in the assumption that none of the American people know enough to catch on to his repeated violations of the restraints on Executive power.

          • Doug

            Say hello to Flash and Dale.

        • perfectlyaged

          For years, Obots claimed that “Obama” was a Constitutional Law Professor” at U of C. Well, that was debunked. Turned out he was a part time, temporary guest lecturer, viewed by the staff as lazy and incompetent.
          Apparently, Obama (like everything else) floated through by his name tag only!!!

        • infidel1375

          Just want to clarify: Obama did not “teach” Constitutional Law; he was an occasional guest lecturer.

        • GOTBOOTH

          Affirmative Action got him that teaching gig, as well as his so called college education. If you can prove different, show it. But since your President(who according to the PC Lib crowd is the smartest Prez EVER) has his college records sealed tighter than Dick’s hatband, I doubt you can show anything substantial.

          • Rose Walsh

            His father was a Harvard alumni, so he got into Harvard as a legacy. This is common in the Ivy League.

        • wildeagleone

          You are not in the right state of mind so I suggest the guns you own should be taken away from you

        • Ikaros3

          Obama was a substitute teacher, or as they called it, “guest lecturer”. He was NOT a tenured professor. I live in Chicago, and I have relatives that work at the university. They hardly ever saw him there, and when they did, the only thing they could say of him was that he seemed mad at the world; very dismissive of people. He always gave people the impression that he knew more than anyone else. The only reason, in my opinion, that he studied the constitution, was to figure out how to circumvent it. That’s due to the at least dozen times he’s gone against it since he’s been in office. The way he treats it, government has more power over the people. Is that what you want? Mark Levin, at least, tries to point out all the times the constitution is not followed in the presidency or the government, whether it’s republican or democrats involved.

        • iglood

          Seems some people have not noticed [because the MSM has been protecting Barak H O since 2008 – that Obama couldn’t answer the simple Q; How many states are there in the USA” in 2008 & knew nothing & embarrassed himself & the country since always about numerous serious issues incl. the military. He was never qualified for office but function as a BIG COMMUNITY organizer i.e. Trojan horse quite well. Governor Sar P would certainly make a better ANYTHING than this fraud from hell

        • Tony Zambos

          better recheck your facts….he never taught constitutional law classes…..

        • Frank Enfinger

          sorta like he been in 57 states so far and had two or three more to go

        • AFZoomieTim

          Johnny….Talking to you is like talking to a horses ass. You’ll never learn anything and all you do is blow hot, stinkin’ air! You remind me of our faux president!!

        • ElderAmbassador

          He may have knowledge, but only because he is doing all he can to go around it, finally to the point of violating it. To do so knowingly should be treason, if it isn’t.
          Throw the illegitimate bastard out!

        • Kaiser

          The only way Obama can pass a test is with his teleprompter. Have you ever heard him speak ‘off the cuff’? He can’t put a sentence together without stumbling. And he wasn’t a Constitutional Law Teacher. He was a guest speaker.

      • Doug

        I think a 625 question test is even more thorough.

    • Kaiser

      I too love Sarah Palin. Please give me your reason why she was not qualified to be president? Was it her statement about seeing Russia from her house? She didn’t make that statement, Tina Fey did on SNL. I didn’t vote for John McCain, I voted for Palin. Unfortunately, John was going to have to come along. Just like the last election, I voted for Rand Paul, not what’s his name. The GOP seems to want RINOs to be our spokesman while we want conservatives.

  • bvdees

    So, now he finally “gets it?” Terrific…now that its too late to prevent the damage that has already been done and maybe too late to prevent future damage that this narcissistic ideologue is intent on inflicting. Joe can take at least some of the blame for this sad state of affairs. I give him some credit for beginning to realize that.

    • Rich Mars

      If you let someone else’s opinion swing your vote then you deserve what you get.

      • jayleigh

        It didn’t swing MY vote, but the media has not told the truth in at least 50 years. Print media journalists used to be taught to report news and news only from an unbiased point of view, and editors were cutthroat in axing articles that even hinted of bias or opinion. “Just the facts, Ma’am” was the mantra. i was a journalist, and i had one of those tough editors. In a personal column, i could express my opinion – but not in what is known as “hard news” – That used to be true of the Edward R. Murrows of the TV journalist school, but no longer. In fact, most of the “stars” of TV “news” programs are just celebrities with an opinion – they aren’t “fact finders” who present both sides of an issue in an unbiased report. And yes, start-struck America allows these hucksters to sway their vote. The Blacks of America have forgotten that it was the good ol’ boy Democrats who opposed integration, good old Ark. Gov. who sent the “guard” to try to keep the Little Rock high school from being integrated – they forget that the southern democrats murdered black boys for simply looking at a white woman! They forget that the shanties of the south were the the blood price for their white master’s getting to live in luxury and pay less than poverty wages for thier “niggers” (don’t take offense, that’s what they called them, and i’m old enough to remember those years). But now, the Democrats have played the race card and claimed to be the party of multliculturalism, unity, love, peace and the whole American Pie dream! Journalists are one of the least respected professions today, but while no one believes them, “everyone” believes they should vote the way their favorite TV con man tells them they should!

        • Rich Mars

          It was a general statement, not directed towards you. Sorry for any misunderstanding.

    • Mark Kuykendall

      Seems a bit late for old Joe to beat this particular dead horse. Ultimately, it just seemed to be a way to attack Cruz.

      • TIMedWork

        Or… to indirectly promote Hillary?

  • raycom4rt

    Ya’ll kinda let slip that both his wife and him have been disbarred from the Illinois Bar…….that used to be a shameful thing!

    • Beau Canine

      pls do some fact checking b4 you post…
      Was Barack Obama disbarred?
      In: Barack Obama

      No, this is an internet myth. Both Barack and Michelle were practicing attorneys in Chicago, but when Barack began his political career, gradually he phased out his practice to focus on politics. His wife phased hers out and went to work for a non-profit organization; later, she decided to concentrate on raising their daughters and helping her husband with his political career. So, they voluntarily put their law licenses on “inactive” (expired) status. But since both of them left the legal field in good standing, they could resume the practice of law whenever they want to renew their licenses. And no, neither was disbarred.

      • Martin Rayner

        Silly dog, you should know that pesky “facts” never get in the way of the wingnuts’ irrational hatred of Obama.

        • TIMedWork

          “It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.”
          Mark Twain

      • jayleigh

        That’s not true – that’s spin. Technically, it’s “true” neither was disbarred, but both were threatened with disbarment and surrendered their licenses! Your fact-checker is SPIN! Neither of them is free to apply for a law license again – that was the agreement when they surrendered their right to practice law! Better check again with a reliable source – not the spin doctor!

        • Beau Canine

          ok…were they disbarred? NO they were not. Do you have a problem with this statement? I wonder why? the fact is the Obama’s were NOT disbarred, period. End of story.

      • Josiah Victor Hoffman

        Did you ever realize a half true is nothing more than a lie dressed up? Better check on their records again…there is a whole lot of informatin you missed….these two puppies are real racist and their records show it very clearly! I love the way you use “Voluntarily”…they were given a choice it is called an real “either or situation”. In other words do it or face prosecution.

        Good Standing??? Take a look at Michelle´s racial track record…..The truth hurts!

        • Beau Canine

          We are talking facts….his post was wrong. we weren’t talking records. the TRUTH IS THE OBAMA’S WERE NOT DISBARRED.
          Q: Did Barack and Michelle Obama “surrender” their law licenses to avoid ethics charges?
          A: No. A court official confirms that no public disciplinary proceeding has ever been brought against either of them, contrary to a false Internet rumor. By voluntarily inactivating their licenses, they avoid a requirement to take continuing education classes and pay hundreds of dollars in annual fees. Both could practice law again if they chose to do so.

        • jayleigh

          Yeah, i don’t know that “beautiful dog” keeps trying to press he point that that pair wasn’t “technically” disbarred! They can’t get the licenses back – that was part of the agreement not to officially disbar them! They will never be given law licenses again. So the point of actual disbarment is moot. But there are none so blind as those who refuse to see!

          • Josiah Victor Hoffman

            2000% correct my friend!

          • Rose Walsh

            Wrong. All either one of them has to do is reapply and pay the fees.

      • Rose Walsh

        Thanks Beau. I get tired of having to repeat myself in the effort to keep the facts straight.

    • jayleigh

      You mean the Obama’s don’t you? Your post made it seem as though you were talking about Cruz.

      • raycom4rt

        I mean Oby and Mooch, and thank you…….there’s still shame!

      • Doug

        You have to love the fact that Cruz left Texas to attend Princeton and Harvard the two finest institutions of higher learning in the U.S. That’s why he’s so smart.

        • wildeagleone

          I understand that Obama is going release his school records as soon as he returns to Kenya where they don’t give a crap about that or him

          • Doug

            What school records?

          • jayleigh

            nah, he has to get them from Indonesia. The school forgot to forward them to Kenya, and anyway, there’s a war going on over there, haven’t you heard? He can’t “go home again,” after helping his Muslim brother get a job there in a gov position. He campaigned for him in Kenya, which, because that used to be one of the few stable African countries, has now degenerated into a country bound by fear. Who knew the POTUS would make such a revolutionary change just by getting his bro elected? hehheh

    • raycom4rt

      well, beautiful dog, the page I read it on was purported to be the website of the Illinois Bar. You got time, go look it up………I have a job and no time for mahjong and kool ade.

  • Ron Sagle

    I agree, but Mccain is just an ignorant fool. Needs to retire!

  • jtak101

    The media dumped Obama in our laps with a blue ribbon tied around him..and have run cover for his lies from day one…how dare any member of the main stream media now come out and pretend that they didn’t know he “may” not have been ready to be President….my only hope is that one day the media will be held accountable for their actions, malpractice, lies and the wrongs they stood by and applauded…unlikely but we can hope.

    • newattitude1

      Didn’t vote for the dumbest donkey ever!!

    • jayleigh

      No, no! The ribbon was RED! Are you color blind?

  • chiefpontiac

    Hey Morning Schmoe. EVERYONE with a brain knew this back in 2008. You just admitted what SUCKERS you and EVERYONE who voted for Obama are. In fact, all you demented liberals can call yourselves all day suckers for voting for Obama a second time knowing full well what an empty suit he is, and what an absolute disaster his first term was. The damage Obama has done in just a few short years will take decades to undo, if ever. All you liberals should take a bow for this, since that’s what liberals are best at; bending over…..

    • garyrose

      Your right on with the Super Conman Puppet its bad? Cant even get the crook into an Honest Court of Law and an Honest Lawyer if such a thing in U.S.A.?? If Americas Great Security Force had been doing Their Job I say IF? Why the Monster would not be in American Goverment to day or Yesterday. My My Where is Americas Top Security People and do they do anything Productive except Kiss???

  • Doug

    Salt and vinegar chips.

    • TerryChapman


      • Doug

        That’s the kind of chips that were in the bag. Don’t you read the articles?

  • GeneralQuarters

    Thanks to a corrupt media and Democrats, the past 6 years has been a cluster FUBAR. Will the Republic survive?

  • TraderJo

    The Moron Media Lefties can take credit for the economic, social, racial, financial, employment and foreign policy disaster that is Barack Obumble.

    And NBC led the way.

  • WeimMom

    KUDOS to Joe Scarborough for being honest with the public! I wish more of our broadcasters, commentators, etc…. would do the same.

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