Pelosi: Death of 40-hour work week means freedom to ‘follow your passion’

Americans with a lot free time on their hands thanks to Obamacare can spend it pursuing their happiness instead of earning a living, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said Sunday.

During an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union,” host Candy Crowley read Pelosi part of a letter signed by union goon James Hoffa Jr. that described Obamacare’s impact on employers as a way to “destroy the foundation of the 40-hour work week.”

nancypelosi“That’s pretty tough from a loyal Democratic constituency,” said Crowley, sometimes considered a pretty loyal Democratic constituency herself.

Pelosi was unfazed.

Some parts of Obamacare need to be clarified, she acknowledged, but losing that 40-hour work week will really free Americans to “pursue your happiness … follow your passion.”

“Overwhelmingly, for the American people, this is a liberation,” the San Francisco millionaire said dreamily, possibly confusing “the American people”  who have to make a living with her fellow guests at George Soros’s wedding Saturday in New York.

“It’s about wellness, it’s about prevention, it’s about a healthy America,” she said.

Actually, it’s about time she hung it up.

Check out Pelosi’s “liberation” video here:

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  • Christian

    Piglosi is a moron..she is a true snake

  • AmyB123

    Cut Nancy’s salary for starters….

    • lovinspoonful

      Make her and her husband spread their wealth.

      • BlessRheart

        People in CA, yes!

        • KylaGWolf

          No not all in California like or even voted for her. Personally I would love to see her unemployed.

    • lakeside227

      Of course, HER pay is out of bounds…..

      “House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said Thursday that she opposes a cut in congressional pay because it would diminish the dignity of lawmakers’ jobs. “I don’t think we should do it; I think we should respect the work we do,” Pelosi told reporters in the Capitol. “I think it’s necessary for us to have the dignity of the job that we have rewarded.”

      • Roland Melnick

        There is no dignity in building homes for Habitat for Humanity? There is no dignity in stocking shelves at a food pantry?

        Actually, Nancy, there is no dignity in being so out of touch with average Americans that you, a multi-millionaire, feel the need to take about $200k from taxpayers while we have soldiers in our military on foodstamps.

        • lakeside227

          Very well said.

        • doro3666

          so true and so sad ….sickening….but the truth..

        • Richard Sperry

          Not for long Roland, those nasty tea party guys are trying to get rid of food stamps. You know, all those military freeloaders and whatnot..

          • Glenn Smith

            Do you really believe that? Maybe those tea party guys are trying to streamline the process so that those”military freeloaders” can get the help they need. And the able to work but too lazy off of the public trough.

          • Richard Sperry

            Glen, I work at a private countywide food bank. Most of our clients are good people that bad things happened to.
            Accidents victims, medical problems, OLD people, people that were bankrupted by medical expenses, uneducated people that don’t have the tools to get a job they can live on, teens that got pregnant and kicked out of the house by “loving parents”, mentally ill, families that have had the children move home with their families because they were downsized, are now homeless…
            They are really unable to find work. Depending on where you live, there are simply NO JOBS.
            I’m most definitely not saying that there aren’t people abusing the system. But in the people we serve that would probably be 1% or less.
            If these cuts to food stamps go through, there are going to be a lot of going hungry people and kids
            We have almost 10,000 families registered, or those who have gotten some help over the years.
            Almost all of them would RATHER have a job and do for themselves. You portrayal of most of them gaming the system, or just being lazy, is not based in fact, and is going to really hurt a lot of people that need help the most.

          • carlstll

            Woohoo… lets keep subsidizing poverty instead of finding a way to get people out of poverty. Lets get rid of the 40 hour work week and jobs in general b/c those poor people on food stamps don’t need them anymore… that’s why they’re on food stamps.

          • Richard Sperry

            Sure, and I can do it without without raising the tax rates. In fact, I could probably lower them.

            All you have to do is get rid of deductions except the standard deduction, and treat bonuses as income and not tax them as capital gains, or carried interest. That will even the playing field a little.

          • BayouKiki

            Richard — I’m all about what you do. What I would like to do is eliminate “food stamps” and have local food banks like what you have — where people in need (and whose need can be monitored by the Richards of this world) can get milk and vegetables and whatever (no soda, twinkies, etc). Trying to do this on a federal level just invites graft, theft, etc. I bet every commenter here would be more than happy to help those truly in need — it’s the slackers we’re trying to get rid of. And thank you for what you do

          • Richard Sperry

            Nice idea, but there’s no way it would work. There just aren’t enough food banks to come close to doing the job You have to have retail outlets just because of the logistical considerations. My food bank has exactly 2 paid employees, and about 30-40 volunteers. We rely on private and Federal grants, along with local food donations. (a good portion of the food that gets donated is expired can goods, or odd ball stuff somebody doesn’t want.)
            You want to help a food bank? Don’t give them food. Give them money… We actually know what the clients can use, and we can buy it for less than you can…

          • carlstll

            Making our money worth more would be a start. That definitely isn’t going to happen by printing more.

          • Glenn Smith

            And I have absolutely no issue with people that need help getting it. My comment was directed to the “nasty tea party” line. Tea party people that I know are not nasty. They are not out to get military or low income people. They are honest people trying to make a living and to have some interaction with our supposedly representative form of government. Also, I’m not portraying “most” of them as gaming the system, but estimates of 5% from both The Heritage Foundation, and CBO is a lot of people. Take 5% of $80 billion a year and that adds up to about $4 billion a year. So no, don’t stop funding public assistance. Make the criteria such that those that need it get it and let’s work on cutting out the fraud.

          • Richard Sperry

            I agree we should try to reduce the waste, fraud, and abuse. Just like with health insurance, medicare, medicaid, military spending, Social Security and everywhere else. But when the Tea Party starts demanding that 40 Billion removed from the SNAP program, that’s going to hurt more than just the few that are abusing the system.
            Couple that with their determined efforts to do actual damage to the US Economy, by letting the PROFOUNDLY stupid sequestration take effect, and now again trying to hold the full faith and credit of the United States hostage with the manufactured debt ceiling antics. I as a lifelong Republican am ready to declare that the Tea Party is NOT part of the Republican party. Let them run as independants, so they can stop KILLING the GOP. They keep this up and the GOP will NEVER win another statewide or national election again in my lifetime.
            AND, after the next census, the congressional districts will be redrawn again to fix the gerrymandering that had led to this.
            And lastly, The CBO estimates that fraud is less than 1% not the 5% reported but “Faux News” and the Koch brothers funded Heritage Foundation. (which is led by yet another whack job tea partier, Jim DeMint…)

          • Glenn Smith

            40 Billion over 10 years! That is 4 billion a year from an 80 billion dollar a year program. That is not a gigantic cut. In more down to earth terms, that is 5 thousand dollars off of a 100,000 a year salary. Couple of questions: What was so stupid about the sequestration? We’re 17 trillion in debt and if we don’t start somewhere, we’ll be another Greece. All I’ve heard is “sequestration is bad,” not “we need to replace the sequestration with……” I’m more than willing to listen to other ways of debt reduction but nobody is offering. “Faux News” as opposed to all of the other pro democrat news stations? So they lean right, that’s no reason to completely disavow them. I get my news from left and right leaning sources so that I can be better informed. MSNBC is about ridiculous, but they have just as much right to spew their nonsense as every other station on the air. Whack job tea partier Jim Demint? I guess the occupy movement wasn’t whack job? We are allowed to have opinions and calling someone whack jobs, just because they don’t agree with you is just non productive. That’s the reason we’re in this position because we have a congress full of kindergartners on the playground calling the other side names instead of legislating. And just for the record, the Koch brothers are Libertarians, not republicans. A rather enjoyable debate. Have a good day.

          • Richard Sperry

            The sequestration was stupid because it was meat cleaver. 10-20% from everything. It was passed because everybody thought it was so monumentally stupid and damaging that they would have to come up with something better to avoid the across the board cuts. The economy has yet to still fell the full effects of those cuts. Yes, there was the immediate spending cuts, but the # of government contracts that just aren’t going to be renewed, will really start being felt after October.
            You are right about becoming Greece, at least the part where they pretend to govern, and the people pretend to pay their taxes…lol But, we are nowhere near them as far as debt to GDP is concerned.
            Yes, we need to reduce some government spending, along with increasing revenues, (mostly from the VERY stinking rich, that are only paying an effective tax rate of 14% thanks to all those Republican tax cuts. The vast majority of the debt was racked up by not paying for 2 wars started by G.W. Bush… Yes that money was finally accounted for by adding it to the books during President Obama’s first term, Along with attempting to pull us out of an economic disaster that was left for him. NO PRESIDENT could have done a better job given that starting position.

          • Rob Britt

            Any military folks who need food stamps are welcome to utilize the system. They aren’t the problem. You know who the problem is, but you don’t want to admit it. You can look the other way when someone with a 100 nail job drives off in a Mercedes after using food stamps. It happens every day. Lefties are too stupid to call it what it is.

          • David Dunlap

            I’m a “nasty tea party guy” in the Marine Corps. I can safely say since the government takes more than half my paycheck every 2 weeks yeah we could use some help. I saw a recent interview with Pres Obama saying he wanted to take even more. If I was married I would qualify for food stamps and WIC. Is that a problem? Yes. The solution is to give us more of our paychecks, not give us handouts.

          • Richard Sperry

            It’s not the federal government that takes all of it… And nobody in the Marine Corps makes over $500,000 a year. ( the exact ones that do need to pay more.)

            I was an E6 in the Navy, thank you for your service.

        • Thomas Burkhart

          what a pompous megalomaniac POS

    • Mark Crane

      Pass the FairTax (HR25), and Millionaire Pelosi will pay more in taxes AND get rid of the IRS at the same time. Go to for info.

    • amuncat

      You haven’t heard her speak about the potential “brain drain” we would experience if we did something like that? The sad part about it is that we would not notice a brain drain within our Congress!

  • Kcg

    Can you believe people actually VOTE for her!!!

    • Tari Lynn Axtell

      She wasnt voted in, osama appointed her

      • Kcg

        Nancy Peolsi is a Congresswoman from the 12 District in California (San Francisco Waco’s)

      • EliseR

        Tari, you need to take a government class, so you don’t sound so ignorant. The President does not appoint Senators. She was elected. Also, the current President is Obama.

        • Taylor Oblad

          I think you need a government class. She’s not a senator, moron.

        • Roland Melnick

          LOL…EliseR, if you are going to go around correcting people who are making obviously snarky, sarcastic comments as so many nagging Libs typically do, get your facts straight. Pelosi is a Representative, not a Senator.

        • Tom Markee

          You need to learn that Pelosi isn’t a Senator. She’s a Representative in the House. She must of done some really good drugs in the 60’s, her brain is melted.

        • Kcg

          Nancy Pelosi is a CONGRESSWOMAN..

        • Rob Britt

          Osama/Obama..they are both equally vile and hateful. Well, Osama was. If only….

        • Thomas Burkhart

          lol @ EliseR… she is the minority leader of the congress, not a senator…



        • Frank Tillman

          why don’t somebody do something about the treasonous butch

    • Bob Atwood

      I’m hoping you use the word “people” figuratively in this case right?

      • Kcg


  • Mlm46

    Can you believe this moron has the nerve to say this? Just how stupid does she think the American people are?

    • lovinspoonful

      As stupid as she is.

      • Ray

        It used to b the “people for the people” now it’s ” millionaires for millionaires”. Big corporations and millionaires run this country and only look out for themselves while the common citzen gets less than nothing for all they’re hard work!

    • Bubba Vol

      She did say food stamps or EBT cards stimulate the economy.



        • Richard Sperry

          And what utopia do you live in Bonnie? Oh, and would you please turn off the CAPS LOCK. It really is rude, and doesn’t help people take you seriously once you do have something intelligent to say.



    • The Deuce

      She doesn’t need to fool the American people, just her constituents in California, and they really are that dumb.

    • Sean

      She knows exactly how stupid they are, they keep voting for her.

  • Bobby Kelley

    One of the most idiotic statements I have ever heard. How does she expect folks to make a living?

    • Allison Wanamaker

      SHe is so out of touch that she doesn’t realise that’s why people go to work.

    • Notsofast

      Bobby Kelley: Right up there with Pelosi’s statement “We have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it” (referring to the ACA aka Obamacare).

  • Conspiracy Theory

    Obviously, Nancy Pelosi is completely out of touch with reality. Does she think that money grows on trees? Or that everyone who loses their jobs will just make a living off of the government?

    • lovinspoonful

      When was the last time she made a logical statement?

      • Lucia Smith Hasbun


      • Sam Moore

        Has she ever made a logical statement?

        • lovinspoonful

          I never heard her make one. She is not allowed to take communion in the catholic church anymore due to her stance on abortion. This was just announced yesterday.

          • Richard Sperry

            Didn’t your new POPE just have something to say on that…

          • lovinspoonful

            Why would you think he’s my new POPE?

    • lovinspoonful

      Her husband is extremely wealthy so she has no financial problems and has no idea what the average person goes through nor does she care.

  • Gary Long

    defund Pelosi

    • Conspiracy Theory

      RECALL Pelosi…

  • Carol

    Yes, they do want to have us be dependent on the government. It’s what they’ve worked wanted for a VERY long time. We need to keep our eyes open, because if we don’t, we will see a repeat of Hitler’s regime all over again.

    • EliseR

      Well, Bonnie “I only type in caps” Ochoa wants all Jews to go to hell, so it seems Hitler is winning, at least in this forum.

  • Steve Dollinger

    How amazingly incoherent.

  • youngka

    She IS as NUTS as we thought…..good we can save a LOT in our budget when she goes on a 40 hr. week!!! When does she plan to ‘follow your passion’????? Americans are really getting tired of all hers and the other “followers” of Mr. O.!!!! WHEN IS SOMEONE GOING TO PUT A STOP TO THIS???? FIRE THEM ALL…….Now I know what it means that the RICH TAKE CARE OF THE RICH!!! J E R K S ! ! ! ! !

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