Romneys’ baby announcement turns into gross, racist hate

Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his wife Ann tweeted the announcement of their newest grandchild who was adopted on Friday. It didn’t take long for the Romney bashers to turn a happy, joyous occasion into a hate-filled rant.

The Romneys tweeted:

Mitt Romney grandchild

Media outlets were quick to point out that Romneys said the last grandchild was their 22nd.

“Mitt Romney, the former Republican presidential candidate and governor of Massachusetts, has apparently lost count of his rather large family,” the New York Daily News said.

But it was worse on Twitter, where liberals went wild. Some examples:

mitt romney tweet 1 mitt romney tweet 2 mitt romney tweet 3

“They are gonna slave that child,” one tweet said, according to Twitchy, which posted a number of vile comments gathered from Twitter.

Conservative black radio host Kevin Jackson, who helps over 100 abandoned black children a year find adoptive families, applauded the Romneys on his website, The Blacksphere.

“Liberal blacks can’t STAND when white folks want to actually LOVE black children in need of families,” Jackson said. “They say that these black children won’t know what it’s like to be black. Translated: Black children adopted by white families can avoid JAIL!”

Cheryl Carpenter Klimek

Cheryl Carpenter Klimek has been a political consultant handling public affairs, political campaigns and PAC management for nearly 20 years.


  • watcherofolde

    Those people are sick, and they will continue to be clueless haters until they throw off everything they have been taught by their subculture , the media pot-stirrers, and idiot hate-mongers like Sharpton.

    • Doreen Giordano

      The only haters here are you and people like Al Sharpton

      • socialist suck

        did you even read what “watcherofolde” typed? can you even read?

    • PeteZoria

      You said it better than I could have said it….Spot On!
      What a sick sick bunch of negative people in this country.
      I commend you!.

  • Esta

    Hey Hunny B…your grammar sucks.

    • noble

      Don’t you know you can’t say that? Hunny B be speaking the second English like they be doing down in th hood.

      • Jan Neely

        what was it called in the zimmerman trial “black english”…..

        • riversong1220

          They used to call it Ebonics

          • Worship Dancer

            hukd on phonix wurx fer me axe enywun

          • Hargraves Ian

            Well I guess if black math and 3×4=11 is fine by the chief black Imman Obama then stupid Blengish is OK as well!

          • Pat Murray

            Hunny B doesn’t speak cursive.

  • Doug Belt

    Liberals are always so quick to flap the lips with disgusting comments and whining about how the rich have it so much better than they do. But they make NO effort to better themselves, they just wait for a better life to come to them and whine and cry, POOR ME when someone who worked for their blessings has still more good things befell onto them because of their hard work to get better for themselves. GROW UP lazy liberal!

    • lovinspoonful

      The Romney’s are giving a better life to a child. are helping a child to a better life. Wonder what the rude liberals are doing for orphaned babies besides running their mouths.

      • David Kerr


        • Marilyn Stern

          Aborting them or using them to increase their welfare largesse.

          • PeteZoria

            Hey Marilyn? Tell us, who starches your sheets and makes your head come to a point!

          • LadyLoneStar

            WTH is your point? *crickets*…I thought so…

          • socialist suck

            you know how they do that? petezoria is in the KKK everyone!! take notice and shun the racist

        • John West

          In the case of liberals aborting their ‘after the good time and the sex was so great’ problems … I can only cheer them on … There are far too many of them stinking the place up already.

          I used to feel sorry for poor kids, but now i see them as little commies waiting to grow up into big commies. … Ah .. Maybe its just me.

          • PeteZoria

            “Too many of them”?
            Are you and Marilyn Stern in the same
            chapter of the KKK? As I look around and read some of the other replies I get the feeling that a clan meeting just let out…
            I have great timing, don’t y’all thank?
            There must be 10 racists to one non-racist
            here…..That’s ok….I love a fair fight……
            reminds me of my days back in “Jersey”
            I’ll be watching, bet on it.

          • Virginia Torres

            actually Marilyn is dead on…how’s my taxes doing for you welfare junkies…your kids need to be taken away and given to others with money and education….maybe then they won’t grow up to be crackheads standing on the corner with their pants sagging down to the ground looking to get butt rapped!

          • Mickey

            Klan nothing. Too many babies born into welfare. It should be a crime to have a “second” baby that you can’t afford. If you already have a child you can’t take care of, isn’t it just plain abuse to bring more into the world? Aren’t you condemning that child to a life of poverty. Welfare is a helping hand out of a tough time, not a way of life for generations on end. This is America, you don’t have the right to “choose the dole” like some other countries. Yes there are too many of “them” being born. The “them” I’m referring to are the innocent children (any race) born to incompetent lazy people, usually out of wedlock, who have no clue what self reliance and responsibility are. If you have a “second’ child while on welfare that child should be taken away for it’s own good and raised by the state. No “pay raise” for the dead beat mother. It sounds cruel but I bet within a generation the birth rate for welfare babies would drastically decrease. The democrat party uses welfare to enslave and farm people just for the sake of “harvesting” their votes and it’s immoral.The best path to prosperity is conservative leaders using the free market system to create jobs. Not wealth distribution in the name of compassion.

          • LadyLoneStar

            The only racist I see here is YOU.

          • socialist suck

            we know you sure are peter eater! and yes you are so racist you count as 10 racists! how many blacks did you lynch yesterday?

          • LadyLoneStar

            Yeah, it is JUST you!

      • Gary Gaynor

        they are aborting them

        • Hargraves Ian

          Think what the world would be like if Obamas mother had flushed him down the outhouse in Kenya. We would not have to put up with him!

          • Annegelinas

            Humm I wonder why she didn’t.? You think she may have loved him? God that would be unheard of amongst abortion activists. Love. It isn’t in their vocabulary. Just hate.

          • PeteZoria

            Yeah…I getcha! It would be almost as nice if your mother did the same with you….one less racist to contend with! Good point….
            almost as good as the one on your head!

          • LadyLoneStar

            Tell me PeteZoria what color of skin does the racist against Obama have? (Obama’s mother was white)

            I’m white, I didn’t vote for Obama simply because I knew NOTHING about him..was he a good leader, did he love America like I do, would he shrink government outta business’s way to get America growing again and allow Americans to seek the path to better themselves? None of these questions were answered in 2008 NOR TO THIS DAY! We still don’t know ANYTHING about Obama other than his policies and his lack of honor, integrity and loyalty to the US Constitution and American laws. He hates ALL of us.

            I’m white, you can call me any name you want or you can grow up and look beyond skin color…because white, black, brown, pink or blue…we are ALL AMERICANS.

            We need to put away the hate and the name calling, grow up and unite against those who are trying to destroy OUR COUNTRY. (Reid, McCain, Graham and Pelosi are white, I don’t agree with them, either)

            You think you’re funny…what is happening to YOU AND ME in our country IS FAR FROM ANYTHING FUNNY.

            Being white DOES NOT MAKE ME ANYTHING OTHER THAN WHAT GOD MADE ME. If I’m racist…damn straight I am, I AM OF THE HUMAN RACE.

            Use your energy to fight for the right reasons…AGAINST THOSE WHO ARE DESTROYING AMERICA.

      • Rene Thompson

        “Wonder what the rude liberals are doing….”
        The liberals would prefer them not to be born at al.

      • momoseven

        The liberals are taking votes from the foolish people that are slaves to their handouts, and they are making money off of the abortions that result from those believing liberal lies about promiscuity and the value of each life conceived.

      • Nancy

        killing them

      • Annegelinas

        They must be aborting all their babies. Tthat is why they have so much hate in themselves. Because of their self-hate, they hate everything and everyone around them. It shows the minute they open their mouths and say hateful, ugly things all the time.

      • Kenneth Clark

        They don’t want them “better”. They want them aborted.

    • poochdog

      Yeah whats wrong with them lazy people,not wanting to work for minimum wage and struggle week to week to pay their rent and feed their kids and themselves too if they have enough left,yeah whats wrong with them people.

      • Doug Belt

        I think your being sarcastic and I’ll play: If they’d work a minimum wage job, they would find an employer that would recognize their effort and reward them with pay grade above minimum wage. Possibly even another employer would hire a proven, willing worker in his plant, mill, or factory. Better yet, he could get more education and be sought by an employer for a great job. But just waiting for a better life to find him is NOT going to happen unless he/she puts in the effort to improve themselves. Trying does more than crying!

        • Hargraves Ian

          Who would employ anyone who speaks a language only other assholes can understand.

          • Doug Belt

            I would hire a good worker even if he spoke pukeish, I don’t hire an auto mechanic to talk.

          • lovinspoonful

            Oh, do you only pay minimum wage to your employees and then act like a tyrant so that they can’t even talk?

          • Doug Belt

            Lovin: You are so transparent. Did you really get that from my post?

          • lovinspoonful

            I apologize. I realized I had the wrong person and deleted it but apparently it did not delete. No, that was not meant for you.

          • PeteZoria

            That’s the first sensible reply I’ve read here. There are plenty of good workers out there who are not of my white ethnicity!
            I’d be a fool not to hire them because of their differences….So far on this thread…
            I’ve seen an abundance of fools!

          • Virginia Torres

            funny, so you don’t want him to speak so how will you know what’s wrong with the car he is fixing…you would be one easy fool to rip off!

          • Doug Belt

            Virg: Where are you goofballs getting this? I NEVER said he couldn’t talk, that would be a part of an employee. I would Not hire an auto Mechanic just for his ability to talk, Speech would be a plus in any employee but Not the primary duty.

          • PeteZoria

            I don’t know the answer to that question.
            It’s not too mysterious I guess….someone
            hired you didn’t they? How did you pull that off…who hired you? Your father, uncle, father-in-law? Maybe you belong to a lodge or a club? Tell me was that spoon sticking out of your butt Sterling or plated?
            Do you always lead with your chin and block with your head?

          • Virginia Torres

            no dumb ass I was poor and decided to do better and get an education and did not complain about those that worked for their own wealth….I got smart and learned from them and now own a business! you are dumber than obummer!

        • PeteZoria

          Poochdog is being sarcastic and he’s also right!

      • Joe

        WHat is wrong with “Them people” is they get government handouts. They have no reason to start from the bottom and work their way up. That is what the Liberals want. A permanent voting base

        • PeteZoria

          Considering where your head is….may I suggest that you do NOT yawn……on second thought belay my warning…go ahead and yawn all you want! Lol

      • lovinspoonful

        A lot of us did that and we succeeded in providing because we cared about our children. Why do you think it’s other people’s responsibility to feed your kids and pay your rent. Avail yourself of the educational opportunities and benefits available and work into better paying jobs.

        • PeteZoria

          You make sense but, you assume that the education is always accepted. Do you believe the person interviewing the black candidate is impressed if the interviewer
          is a bigot even though the black candidate has an MBA? If you believe that you haven’t been around very long OR you’re

          • lovinspoonful

            Did I say anything about race? NO I did not! How long I have been around is immaterial and your rudeness is unacceptable. Apparently, you missed the comment I responded to for the sake of being rude.

          • Virginia Torres

            actually they would hire a well dressed, well speaking black person…where have you been? your not going to get a job looking like a thug! oh, that’s right you voted for obummer because he’s black and did not even look at his background…now because of you and the rest of the retards we are being sold over to the enemy.

    • Nancy

      obama has his army on face book now to do just what they are doing so ignore the idiots we know better lol i laugh at them and say ok another obummer liberal plant lol

      • PeteZoria

        I’ll pass on you….why waste my time!

    • Annegelinas

      God has blessed this baby with wonderful parents, and a wonderful opportunity for him to become president of this country some day. What a novel idea and how great that would be. Let’s see in about 40 years we can expect this young baby to be a nice young man with an education and enough money to use to become the president. I am looking forward to that day. What a lucky baby!

      • PeteZoria

        Annegelinas, I wish there were like you!
        You make my efforts worth it!

  • bridgette outlaw

    Those tweets were about as racist as you can get. And all from black people who I’m sure are the true haters. And where are all the black people that should be standing up to adopt these children then? Does that mean that this little baby shouldn’t be allowed a loving family because of the color of his skin? Nobody is bashing Angelina and Brad or Sandra Bullock and countless other people of another color that adopted a black child.

    • Christine ONeal

      I was just telling my sister that….It’s only cuz Mitt and Ann are Conservative. I don’t hear grumblings about Sandra or Brad/Angelina and Madonna(?) adopting black children.

      • lildebrarae


      • disqus_HNokd970Ne

        Aren’t there any white babies for white families??? Why would you want a black???

        • Gail Middleton

          Why would you want a black?? Perhaps because when you love a child you don’t see the color of their skin, just the purity of their heart. This child will have a large, loving family, get a good education, have all that he needs and will most likely stay out of prison….something that can’t be said for many black youth. When you want to adopt a child and you see a face looking up at you, your heart melts and all you see is love.

        • linreis

          what are you saying? do you think this family is so devious they chose a ‘black baby’ to make a point? MAYBE JUST MAYBE, it proves what a wonderful loving family is…

          • blowass

            Liberals judge others by their own morals, or rather their lack of morals.
            They can never imagine loving a black child so they assume, based on their own hate filled hearts, that there must be some ulterior motive.

          • linreis

            totally agree with you.

          • Doug

            Love your name.

          • PeteZoria

            I think you’re big mistake is judging all people of a group be they Liberal, Conservative or anything else! That automatically cuts your credibility.

        • hears_the_rest_of_the_story

          its not about the color of ones skin it’s about loving another human being…when you learn that racism will no longer exist

        • SKG

          No, there are not a lot of white babies available for adoption. It can take years for a baby to become available; however, there are plenty of mixed race, black and other (special needs) children awaiting good homes and it seems the younger Romneys decided to adopt one of those precious babies that desperately needed a loving home.

        • lovinspoonful

          To give that baby an equal opportunity

      • PeteZoria

        I think there’s a segment of people who will never be happy if they don’t complain. That’s what we have here….some very sick pessimists.

    • PeteZoria

      There is a difference Bridgette…some of the people here are sick and miserable regardless of their race or ethnicity. They’re filled with so much hate…they’re blinded
      by everything. I’m addressing all; people…blacks too!

  • BoogieMan

    On the comments alone by these moronic liberal, left wing, Obama suck ups …. on this alone, I would rather be anything other than these fools. Dark souls … diabolically motivated, Satanically influenced..

  • Mickey

    Maybe they can prove it’s not the color of your skin keeping you down, it’s the idiots that raise you.

    • janice

      good one!!!!!

    • Independent4sure

      They’re continually proving that at every step of the way…

  • Vunderkint

    Considering the source character of these tweets a thought comes to my mind, perhaps they should tend to the order of their own house before presuming to criticize someone else’s orderly house when considering the total destruction of the intact black family, illegitimacy and incarceration rates per population comparison etc. etc. etc.

    More aptly put…

    “Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.” ~ Jesus Christ, Matthew 7:5


    • Brunetta Lynn Free-Miller


    • Imam Khalid of Basra

      The Prophet Isa (Jesus) taught us also the value of a very strong core through many abdominal crunches.

      • Worship Dancer

        No Jesus the Lord God Only Begotten Son of the One True Living Almighty God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob did not

        • Imam Khalid of Basra

          You obviously do not know the Qur’an nor even your heathen ‘bible’.

          • Wes Chapman

            Inam, Jesus was not a “prophet, He is the one true God who came to Earth to live a sinless life, be crucified on the cross dying for YOUR sins. He WAS resurrected on the 3rd day, still lives. Also, why would we want to know the untruths in the Qur’an? The Holy Bible is God’s Word, not “heathen”.

          • Michael Anderson (WB)

            Imam is putting you on. If he was really a Muslim he would know that Mohammed said to honor the people of the Book, as well as the Book itself. He would know that God would not allow corruption to His Words, and therefore calling the Bible heathen is, in the eyes of Islam, calling God heathen.

            But since he is just a troll, you have given him his daily thrill.

          • Hargraves Ian

            I read the Koran every day just before I wipe my backside on it. It came on a handy roll!

          • meme

            How about taking over the Galaxy first, Brain?!

          • meme

            I’ve always wanted to ask a muslim this question…..”Are the 77 virgins BOYS or girls?” because as I know you guys screw boys for fun and girls for family even your own family members. May be is a combination of both…right? Fag!

      • Doug Belt

        I think you just called the Qur’an and the Bible “heathen” Imam. Does the Qur’an send you to disrespect others’ religion? The Qur’an and the Bible both tell the word of our true God the same God, who you call by a name that differs from the name we call, but we both, being Godly men, are praising the same entity. Our one God of all Mankind, The Supreme Being!

      • meme

        Yeap…Brain and next time you are going to take over the UNIVERSE! lol

    • elizabeth cohen


  • Barbara Hicks

    Believe it or not HATERS there are a lot of us “CRACKERS” as many choose to call white people that truly love others no matter what color they are. This little baby deserves a chance for love,home and family as much as any other child. Bet you wouldn’t be hatin’ so much if this was a write-up about some white Hollywood star who had adopted this little boy!

    • Brunetta Lynn Free-Miller

      God knows no nor do I!

    • lovinspoonful

      Don’t see Obama and Michelle doing anything to help orphaned children

      • wildbillxxxx

        how true

      • Worship Dancer

        sure they are – it’s called late term abortion.

      • janice kraczon

        lovin, could you imagine the CLintons adopting a black baby????lol

        • Hargraves Ian

          I can imagine Hillary having a black mans child! The natural way!

          • Hargraves Ian

            I earned my hatred of minority group of the black population on a daily basis. My 14 year old daughter, a Downs was raped and subsequently passed away by a black arsehole. Am I racist NO my wife and the childs siblings were black!

          • janice kraczon


        • lovinspoonful

          Not in a million years. Thank goodness.

  • Susan van Leuven

    I think it is a great thing that this baby now has a good home where it will be loved and cared for. It is a shame that some black communities actually believe what the racists, Obama, Sharpton, Jackson and others that lie to them continually about what white people feel about them. The truth of the matter is, the majority of white people are not racist and have never, ever, owned a slave or put black people down. The black people that white people have a problem with are the ones who think we owe them everything and they choose to live their lives as thugs, stealing, beating, killing,etc,,etc…etc… and have racist feelings towards whites. The truth is these racists want us to be enemies so we don’t stand together united against their communistic ways that they are forcing down our throats. Kudos to the Romney family for the love they have that they would adopt a child and are willing to love that child no matter what color skin it has..

    • Brunetta Lynn Free-Miller

      And what is SO SAD… ever since Obama made it in we Americans have never been so divide! God forgive us even though we KNOW what we’re saying & how we’re ALL acting.And please don’t be fooled, .Obama KNOWS exactly what he has been told to do to us Americans & he’s DOING IT!! SAD SO SAD!! :(

    • DeepWheat

      “… The truth of the matter is, the majority of NO living white people… have never, ever owned a slave…”

      fify… and welcome to the 21st century!

  • Lee Workman

    How fortunate that child is to have found a loving family that is willing to give him a home and plenty of love. There are still good, honorable and decent people in this world.

    • Darren Thornton

      I hope that people really start to see these so called Liberals for the Fascists they really are!! For it is they that are the racists and intolerant ones,,,, its a sad state of affair’s when you can only have freedom of speech and choice of actions etc if it fits in with their agenda. I believe everyone should have freedom of opinion and lifestyle even if its not the same way I choose to live or feel. They cant say the same and these vile tweets etc are examples of that.

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