Wasserman Schultz: GOP needs to reject tea party, ’embrace sanity’

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While you may get an argument on whether U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla., is an authority on what’s sane or not, the head of the Democratic National Committee said Friday that the GOP needs to “embrace sanity” when it comes to funding the government.

“This is about an internal civil war going on in the Republican Party where clearly the tea party has won,” Wasserman Schultz said in an interview with CNN after the Republican-controlled House passed a continuing resolution that will fund government while defunding Obamacare.

“They are hurdling us toward government shutdown and economic crisis. It is unconscionable, irresponsible and entirely avoidable,” she said. “The ball is firmly in the Republicans’ court. They need to embrace sanity.”

Adhering to rigid ideology in defending the Democratic Party’s disastrous health care law, Wasserman Shultz added: “The Republicans continue to rigidly adhere to dogma and ideology. They are slavishly bowing at the altar of the tea party and that’s what this is about.”

The dirty little secret here is that, while few politicians openly advocate for shutting down government, it’s not the catastrophic, end-of-the-world event that the far left wants Americans to think it is.

In fact, according to The Washington Post, there have been 17 shutdowns since 1977, with the longest in U.S. history lasting 21 days during the infamous budget battles between Democratic President Bill Clinton and Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

From the Post:

Six shutdowns occurred between fiscal year 1977 and fiscal year 1980, ranging from eight to 17 full days, according to the report. From fiscal 1981 to 1995, nine shutdowns occurred, lasting no longer than three full days.

In fiscal 1996, the first budget impasse led to a five-day shutdown from Nov. 13-19, 1995. The second shutdown, the longest in U.S. history, stretched 21 days from Dec. 15, 1995 to Jan. 6, 1996.

Tom Tillison

Tom Tillison

Tom is a grassroots activist who distinguished himself as one of the top conservative bloggers in Florida before joining BizPac Review.
Tom Tillison


  • bill

    LOL –The INSANE giving advice to the SANE!!!! Yeah Wasserman, you trying to audition for comedy hour or what??? You made me laugh!! Really!!

    • lovinspoonful

      She is a laugh!

  • Doug Belt

    You want us to trade our country for your kind of Sanity??? LMFAO!!! Not a chance.

    • Abunchofbullshit

      She obviously has a district full of ‘sane’ people to keep re-electing her!! That’s scary for me, since I am in her district. Does that qualify me as a minority since I don’t support her; think I will run out and get me some food stamps and a phone on her!!

  • Dalene Kolk

    This woman wouldn’t know sanity if it slapped her upside her empty head!

  • Marianne Marie Munger

    Yea Republican party! Obama-care is insane! Threatening a shut down if they don’t get their way….kind of sounds like blackmail!

    • Brenda

      You need to read obama’s and reid’s comments before you start blaming the republicans. Even before the bill was introduced obama said HE would not sign it and was wanting a large tax increase. Reid threaten to table the bill before he even saw it. So who is blackmailing who. Now reid and the dems not only want to keep the obamacare portion of the bill, but want to increase spending.

      • CuriousMeJax

        You are 10% correct. If you and I are trying to get something done and one of us says okay to 99% of it and you refuse then you have to ask yourself was the other party really interested in “trying to get something done?”

    • lovinspoonful

      Republicans did not threaten to shut down the government. That’s Obama’s propaganda.

    • Roy Mallmann

      Isn’t it amazing how the Democrats will blame the other party when they do not get there way. Would it not be Obama who shuts down government if he and his cohort Harry Reid stop the continuing resolution and or do not sign it. He doesn’t have to shut the government down as all he has to do is sign it. I personally think that we should let Obamacare take hold because then the Democrats will have to explain to their constituents why they now have to pay for healthcare that they never had to pay for before. What do you mean, I have to pay $500.00 per month per healthcare now when I never had to pay before? (It’s going to be much more). And I have to pay it or I have a fine taken out of my paycheck??? Do you Obama constituents think they hired 16 thousand new IRS agents to address Christmas cards. How many working families can afford an additional $500.00 to $1500.00 per month taken out of their checks that they never had to pay before????

    • Jeanninne Bassinger

      Why are you cheering? Nancy Pelosi said so herself, “But we have to pass the bill so we can find out what is in it.” THAT to me is blackmail AND insanity……..

  • bvdees

    I love this pic of Debbie talking about sanity. From all appearances she doesn’t know much about it…but, then, we knew that.

    • lovinspoonful

      Only what she’s read.

  • colnzgprnts

    Say mean things about the dem party if you must, but they are charitable – always making constructive suggestions to make the repub party stronger and more of a force in political battles. It is almost like a football team sending its head coach to the opposing team’s locker room before a super bowl game!

    • lovinspoonful

      Charitable to whom? What have they done for the people since they have been in power – NOTHING

      • colnzgprnts

        Lovinspoonful, I sincerely hope that you recognized may comments to be sarcasm!

        • lovinspoonful

          I thought as much but I did verify what you said, I hope.

  • Brenda

    So Wasserman Schultz is accusing the republicans of “slavishly bowing at the altar of the tea party” and “rigidly adhere to dogma and ideology” does she!
    Well debbie, you need to take a good long look in the mirror. I have never seen anyone who is more a slave to dogma and ideology than you. And the altar of obama is the wrong place for anyone to kneel.

    • Jeanninne Bassinger

      It looks like she’s been ‘bowing’ for a very long time…drinking out of the toilet bowl, to Obama………..

  • Jerry

    Looks like Debbie is having another bad hair day.

  • BubbaTex

    Ms wASSerman you have one big rear to embrace. Ms wASSerman is from planet Stupider. Everyday is a bad day when she looks in the mirror. I wonder what color the sky is in demoRats world

  • Thomas L. Stafford

    Democrats are dependable. They will always tell us what they are afraid of. The failure of the leadership of the Republican Party to embrace the “Tea Party” and the millions of Americans that believed we are regulated, spied upon, and Taxed Enough Already is a primary reason behind both 2008 and 2012. A whole lot of potential conservative voters simply stayed home rather than hold their noses and vote for the choices of the party elite. The current leadership of the Democrats should look at many of their usual supporters as well. A “Reagan” like “Revolution” is in the offing if the GOP will embrace the TEA Partiers and the Democrats continue their regulating, taxing, snooping and spending ways.

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