Truckers organizing to shut down America, DC for 3 days

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A group of freedom-loving truckers appearing almost to have accepted a baton from the 9/11 Two Million Biker D.C. rally. They plan to shut down America on the weekend of Oct. 11-13, by calling a trucking general strike.

Four days after the crowded Sept. 11 biker rally that far surpassed the paltry showing at the so-called “Million Muslim March,” the truckers set up a Facebook page, “Truckers To Shut Down America.”

The page describes its mission this way:

The American people are sick and tired of the corruption that is destroying America! We therefore declare a GENERAL STRIKE on the weekend of October 11-13, 2013! Truck drivers will not haul freight! Americans can strike in solidarity with truck drivers!

The American people are sick and tired of the corruption that is destroying America! We therefore declare a GENERAL STRIKE on the weekend of October 11-13, 2013! Truck drivers will not haul freight! Workers will call in sick! Consumers will not buy or sell anything on this date! Stay home! Buy nothing!

“The truckers are going to shut D.C. down for three days” to protest government corruption and stand up “to D.C. and the bulls**t,” activist Kevin Allen said in an audio recording he posted on YouTube.

If the group gets enough truckers to show up next month, there’s little doubt it can bring the nation’s capital to a standstill. Although the president will still be able to make it to the links via Marine-1, other politicians will find it hard making it to their round of cocktail parties.

The truckers may just do it. Their Facebook page has been up for three days, and it already has more than 22,000 “Likes.”

Listen to the audio, courtesy of Kevin Allen. It contains some mildly strong language.


  • Incognito

    I truly hope that American’s will step up and support this effort and that every trucker in America will participate.. I know it’s your paychecks but you have to draw the line somewhere and stand up for what’s right. Over 800,000 bikers did it and plenty of them had jobs as well yet America was more important to them. Stand UP people and support these Patriots trying to make a difference.. DC is out of control.. They work for US not the other way around.. It’s time we make them remember that!

    • Casey Pharr

      We need to support this, but in all of our own ways/positions. Telling everyone though, won’t matter. If it gets that bad, it will come down to weapons, force, and a police -state military. The “Gods” will never let their power be taken. Don’t you see that. Court wishing is just another way to make you feel like you have an alternative to the problem. The only alternative, is not to sanitize or clean up the mess, but to just rid the mess once and for all.

      • Incognito

        Every revolution started with ‘the dance’ so.. now we dance.

        • Grandhuff

          Amen! We fight the good fight and never give. What would have happened if Founders had had Casey Pharr defeatist attitude?

      • Grandhuff

        “Telling everyone” is what We The People have in our power. We unite as one for the oncoming Revolution. My “God” is in Heaven, and will decide the current outcome. We already know the final outcome. What we do now is fight for our rights as Americans. A defeatist attitude produces nothing. I will fight in any and every way I can. If we all join together, our numbers alone would overcome any police-state action. Many will die, but our Founders didn’t let that stop them.

        • Marlene Hessler

          If our Founders had done nothing, none of us would now be Americans. The time to do nothing is over.

      • Marlene Hessler

        Not doing anything accomplishes nothing.
        In Nov 2014, just 13 months from now, vote 5 dem senators out of office and dirty Harry loses his job. Impeachment will then pass both houses.

    • Grandhuff

      Incognito-you are so right in everything you stated. We can no longer be “keyboard Warriors”. I have been to DC protests twice. I participate in overpass rallies, I’m involved in in HWY side protests. I post signs on on the 17th of every month in support of “Signs Across America.” We have to show up and take a stand! Although the government controlled media is ignoring all this. The people aren’t. It was actually 1.2 million Bikers, The numbers were updated. I was there, I can believe it! scroll down to find groups in your area.

      Here is a month old video montage a friend of mine made.The numbers are 20 fold now.

      Search youtube “overpass rally”‘, you will get about 17,000 hits.

    • Marlene Hessler

      Police reported 1,200,000 and about 50 times that many supporting from home. This is growing like a prairie fire.

  • releggneh

    He11 yes, time to take our country back,. Everyone please back these guys like we did the bikers!!

    • user1243

      We can only hope that this event has as much of a lasting impact as the bikers event. Look at all the changes it has brought! All grievances heard and addressed! Freedom restored! American reclaimed!

      • Grandhuff

        Your sarcasm only shows your lack of information on the accomplishments of all our protests. The government controlled media will never show this type of event. It’s up to concerned Patriot Americans to see that the word of all our rallies, protests, etc, reaches the American people.

        • user1243

          And then what? What is going to be accomplished? Causing a traffic jam? That will certainly provide a clearly articulated argument against government actions.

          • rwp24382

            You laugh now, but think about the sixties. Maybe you hadn’t rusted out of a can at that time. It started with a few college students and got bigger. Even John Kerry and Hanoi Jane were part of it. The times now are in a lot worse shape than those years ago. Right now we have corruption in government, like never seen before. People are getting fed up with the status quo of people in DC.

      • patriotgal

        The Biker Rally started the snowball! If you think they didn’t accomplish anything, you have your head in the sand…..”You ain’t seen nothin yet!”

        • user1243

          Clearly the Republicans on the hill are listening. Way to go Patriots!

          • Marlene Hessler

            Time will tell Turkey.

      • Marlene Hessler

        You do not begin to know the results of the biker event. A sleeping giant has been awakened. Much much more to come moron.

  • Debbie Myers

    We will be supporting them! We will not spend one penny during that time, not one financial transaction!!

    • user1243

      Don’t forget to turn of your electricity and internet access. Your use of these services during those days is the same as you buying them on that day. Of course, you, like many others, will not really make any sacrifices, you will just put another magnetic sticker on your car and call it good.

      • Grandhuff

        What is your issue?

  • Taunna

    I’m so glad to see so many people fired up about this! We all need to support our constitution and take back our country!!!

  • Press Watchusa

    Breaker – Breaker – Good Buddies !
    Go get ’em and wake them up

    The people have had enough!

    I am so glad to see this happening!

    Another idea would be to surround the offices of the ABC, CBS, and NBC so they MUST cover this event

    ****************Godspeed and THANK YOU!

    • silentnomore

      Good idea about peacefully surrounding the MSM studios demanding coverage as they have to walk by….also hope this can start the snowball to reclaim our country. Maybe by 2014 elections all the different “protest” groups can march as one and surround DC!

    • Marlene Hessler

      Great idea.

  • Carol Lightfoot

    You have my support 110% I live in CA and my family and I will not buy one thing Oct. 11-13, 2013. God speed good buddies. Be safe out there. wish I could be in DC then.

  • ebooksdog

    but will three days really make a difference i don’t really think so but i will be supportive anyways for you guys trying

    • Marlene Hessler

      3 days with tens of millions supporting across the country will give them an idea of the numbers of disenchanted Americans.

    • Grandhuff

      3 days is more than none. Every action that is made toward showing our government that we will ‘not lie down and take it’, is one more step in the right direction. This protest is one of MANY that are taking place across America right now. We will have many overpasses full of supporters waving them on. Join us!

  • Tom Collins


    • Larry Ward

      It’s about time 110% support from this old vet. God Bless America
      Larry Ward 67 years old

  • Malaya Bagumbayan

    Potus will be out of the country – attending a meeting in Asia and visiting Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei and Philippines per the following press release:

    13 September 2013


    WASHINGTON, D.C.— United States President Barack Obama has accepted the invitation of President Benigno S. Aquino III and will travel to Manila for a two-day visit next month, the Philippine Embassy said.

    The Embassy said President Obama’s visit, scheduled on 11 and 12 October, was announced by the White House and Malacañang Palace in separate statements issued today.

    “President Obama will meet with President Aquino to discuss ways to further strengthen the enduring Philippines-US alliance, including the expansion of our security, economic and people-to-people ties,” Press Secretary Edwin Lacierda said in Manila.

    The announcement of President Obama’s visit was immediately welcomed by Ambassador Jose L. Cuisia, Jr. who said: “The visit underscores the importance President Obama places on the enduring alliance between the United States and the Philippines as well as his regard for President Aquino’s leadership,” Ambassador Cuisia said.

    “The visit to Manila is an opportunity for President Obama to personally witness the economic transformation in the Philippines that was engendered by President Aquino’s good governance agenda,” the ambassador said.

    “We are optimistic that in their discussions, President Aquino and President Obama will identify new opportunities for mutually beneficial cooperation in the areas of defense and security, trade and investment and broader people to people ties,” he added.

    • bleedinell

      Visiting Indonesia for further instructions.

    • Grandhuff

      He plans THIS as the government is shut down and the democrat majority senate refuses to hear any negotiations. So childish!

  • LostBoyPA

    Yes, because causing an economic crisis is the answer.

    How about not voting for extremist Tea Party zealots? That might allow something to get done. Because 41 votes to repeal/defund the Affordable Care Act > 0 Proposed Jobs Bills.

    • Detfan1

      Get your head out of the sand. Obummercare is losing jobs in the millions and reducing full time jobs to 29 hour per week jobs. Health care premiums are already skyrocketing! Plus, I would take the platform of most “Tea Party” candidates over any other on the planet!! You obviously do not care about our Constitution, states rights, or fiscal sanity. Your comments are NOT well taken!!

      • LostBoyPA

        Name calling and finger pointing, hallmarks of the “modern” conservative. Yes, yes, I’ve heard it all before.

        So, where is the conservative alternative to the PPACA? Oh, that’s right – the only major thing it does is ban federal funding for abortions. It doesn’t address the modern problems that have driven our health care costs into the stratosphere.

        And why are these jobs being reduced to part-time levels, hmm? It’s because your employers care more about their own bottom line – their own personal income – than they do about your ability to function.

        You cry and cry and cry about our founding documents. You seem to overlook one very, very important line – “Promote the general welfare.” No, this doesn’t mean welfare as you know it. It means that ALL Americans should be afforded an equal shake at life. The PPACA does just that. The problem isn’t the law itself, it’s the big wigs who don’t want to give up the unreal share of the pie that they’ve taken for themselves in order to allow the rest of us to even begin to get where they are.

        We’re being held down. And you’re buying right into your own oppression.

        Look, pal, it’s real simple: The PPACA might be the only shot I’ve got at being able to afford health care for my son. People like you are standing in the way of that, based on a delusion. I don’t appreciate that. Back off.

        • Detfan1

          You are so full of crap. Going to 29 hours is the prudent thing to do given the overreach of our federal government in the area of health care. As a shareholder in several major corporations through various money market investments, it is the job of these corporations to make me money, not cater to the federal government. Sorry about the reduced hours, but our government passed this monstrosity, and corporations are going to play by its new rules in order to remain profitable. They will make less money if they keep their employees full time and have to abide by the onerous federal healthcare act. Hundreds of doctors are now leaving their profession each month, leaving an even larger void of professionals left to handle the massive influx of otherwise uninsured Americans through this totally screwed up federal health care law. Why do you think your precious unions are now wanting out, eh? I’m sure that is not what you thought might happen, but that is the reality. Plus, I suppose you just love having the IRS in charge of enforcing it, given its corrupt nature, as shown over the last several months. Plus the Acorn navigators get to be the ones who work with the state exchanges. Isn’t that outstanding?

          Our federal government needs to be shrunk dramatically and get out of peoples lives. Leave it to the states as the Constitution says, and leave it to local government if they are capable. The closer the government is to the people, the more control the people have. I can’t name one federal governmental agency that runs efficiently, is not wasteful, as is not overbearing to its citizens. Not one!!! Central government is always a failure and leads to control of its citizens. We are getting closer every day.

          But you are such a moron, you can’t even see the destruction of this great nation, well beyond the federal health care issue. You are probably fine with $17 trillion in debt and 49% of people on the government tit. You are probably one of them, and I have no respect for what you support as you present them and they are not WELL taken.

          I hope you really enjoy your vote for Hillary in 2016. What a sad shame!

          • LostBoyPA

            As a shareholder, you’re part of the problem. All you care about is you and your bottom line, and you don’t care how you get it. This is why you fear a federal government: It has the power (and the responsibility) to regulate commerce. You don’t want government out of people’s lives, you want government out of your way so you can fatten your own pocket and not have to worry about who you step on to do it. Your attitude in your previous posts pretty much proves my point: You’re nothing but a selfish, spoiled child.

            The PPACA represents that which you fear the most – It levels the playing field and conflicts with your self-centered sense of entitlement. It’s just one thing in a series of “problems” you jump up and down and stomp your feet over, because it benefits someone other than you. All you know is what you want, everyone else be damned.

            You seem to forget that ACORN no longer exists. But hey, thanks for kicking that dead horse again.

            Also, you assume a lot of things about me, most of which are incorrect. For example, I’m not a moron. I’m a college educated human being, thanks. And before you scream ZOMG COLLEGE LIBRUAL ZEALOT, no, I’m not. My personal ideology was formed well before I got to college. Unlike a lot of people, I actually paid attention to the larger world when I was younger.

            I’m also not a Hillary supporter. If I had my choice, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) would be the ideal candidate for the Oval Office.

            And so, I reiterate (that means “say again,” by the way): You are part of the problem. Your solution only benefits you. Unlike you, I have all of my fellow Americans in mind.

            You want to effect positive change? Then as a shareholder, demand the companies you hold partial ownership in do two things: Create more jobs instead of using the “uncertainty” excuse, and then pay them a livable wage, along with providing for their well-being in matters of health.

            Or did nobody tell you that a healthy worker is a more productive worker? We don’t exist solely to pad your bottom line, sir. Feudalism died hundreds of years ago. We’d appreciate it if you didn’t try to bring it back.

          • Detfan1

            WOW!! Thanks for continuing to to prove that you have no clue and that you are a total idiot!! I am the happy father of two very successful adult children who have never taken a dime from the federal government, but will reap the serfdom this government will bring to all of us if it is never put in check. They are, as I, God Fearing(because we didn’t form from nothing) exemplary citizens donating our time and money to very needy organizations. My checkbook, because of my great success, is open to dozens of charitable organizations, and individuals who are hard on their luck. Yeah, I’m selfish. You ought to try the success lane. You might like it!!

          • Grandhuff

            AMEN Detfan1! You are so very right. Every aspect of what you stated is so very true. I applaud your grasp of the state of our Republic.

          • Detfan1

            Thank you Grandhuff!!

    • Leftologist

      If we can get our constitution reinstated and regain our GOD GIVEN (In your face intended) freedoms regained, some temporary economic strain would be well worth it.

      If we can stop OBAMACARE, more jobs will be retained and more will be created.

      • LostBoyPA

        Why be “in your face” about a statement like that, hmm? Oh, that’s right – you live under the delusion that the United States is somehow an exclusively Christian nation. How silly of me.

        Here’s the facts, hotshot: I’m American. I was born on United States soil, to an American mother and an American father, both of whom were also born on United States soil. Their parents, too, were born here.

        I’m also an Atheist. And I’m sorry, but this doesn’t make me any less American than you.

        • Detfan1

          But it sure shapes your warped world view!!! LOL

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