Obama on gun control: ’80, 90% of the country agreed with it’

OBAMA-STEPHANOPOULOSAs Ronald Reagan once said, “There you go again.”

During an appearance on ABC News’s “This Week With George Stephanopoulos” on Sunday, President Barack Obama was once again pointing his finger at Republicans for the inability to move his agenda “forward.”

And equally tiresome is the great Divider-in-Chief’s penchant for getting facts wrong.

When the topic of gun control came up, Obama said “80 to 90 percent of the country” agreed with him on the issue, but a “faction of the Republican Party” prevented him from getting gun-control legislation passed, according to CNS News.

“You put gun control at the top of the agenda, immigration reform, climate change — all of it’s stalled or reversing,” host Stephanopoulos offered. “How do you answer the argument that beyond the deficit, this has been a lost year, and how do you save it?”

After saying immigration reform would pass in the House if Speaker John Boehner would put it up to a vote, Obama said: “So the question then is not whether or not the ideas we put forward can garner a majority of support, certainly in the country.”

I mean, gun control, we had 80, 90 percent of the country that agreed with it,” he continued.

“The problem we have is we have a faction of the Republican Party, in the House of Representatives in particular, that view compromise as a dirty word, and anything that is either remotely associated with me, they feel obliged to oppose,” Obama added.

Clearly, the narrative that those who oppose Obama do so out of an irrational dislike for him polls well.

Speaking of polls, a Gallup poll released just weeks after the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown,  Ct., did show large percentages of Americans favored requiring criminal background checks on all gun sales and increasing government spending on mental health programs, CNS News noted.

However, those numbers fell off considerably when it came to limiting the sale of ammunition magazines and reinstating an assault weapons ban. Darn facts.


35 thoughts on “Obama on gun control: ’80, 90% of the country agreed with it’

  1. Thomas Watkins says:

    I am trying like hell to understand the presidents point of veiw but I can’t seem to get my head that far up my ass.

    1. Jerry says:

      There is no point to his view.

  2. MaverickNH says:

    80-90% agreed … then that figure slipped away s the media stopped hyping the matter at every opportunity.

    Checks the stats at http://www.pewresearch.org/key-data-points/gun-control-key-data-points-from-pew-research/

    Only 3% of those polled who favor gun control contributed money to their chosen cause between Dec12-May13, with 4-times more gun rights supporters putting their money where their mouth is. Talk is cheap…

  3. Carl Gottstein says:

    90% disagreed with him on Syria. He did not give a hoot.

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