Arab-Americans accuse 9/11 Memorial Museum of discrimination

9/11 Memorial

Photo Credit: The National September 11 Memorial & Museum

Tourists visiting the 9/11 Memorial Museum in New York City can read its brochures in 10 different languages – but Arabic is not one of them. Nor will it be any time soon.

“Nine languages are spoken by over 97 percent of our visitors: English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Mandarin, Italian, Japanese and Russian,” a representative from the memorial told the New York Post.

The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, claiming Arabic is the world’s fourth-most-spoken language, is sending letters to memorial coordinators demanding answers on why the language is not included.

But it appears that the Arabic community is looking for more than just brochures printed in its language. An August report describes Manhattan as the area once known as Little Syria:

Less than 100 years ago, New York City’s renowned commercial district was home to the largest Arab community in the Western hemisphere. Since the 1880’s, Arab immigrants from what was then known as Greater Syria – and later divided into present-day Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine – settled in this neighborhood, the first stop in New York City after Ellis Island.

Streets that are now lined with skyscrapers housing the headquarters of world financial institutions were instead lined with low-rise Arabic coffee shops, Middle Eastern restaurants and shops. Men in traditional fezzes poured coffee for passers-by on the streets.

The group is petitioning the 9/11 Memorial Museum to include Little Syria’s history in its permanent exhibit.

“The lack of Arabic brochures and the apparent exclusion of Arab-American history suggests a pattern of discrimination towards Arabs and Arab-Americans,” Raed Jarrar, communications director for the Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee, told Al Jazeera.

9-11 Museum

Photo credit: Fred R. Conrad/The New York Times

9/11 Memorial spokesman Michael Frazier told Al Jazeera the museum had offered to include an oral history of Little Syria in a temporary exhibit, but there was not enough time to include the perspective in the museum’s permanent exhibit because of the work involved.

As for printing tourism materials in Arabic, the museum said there aren’t enough Arabic-speaking visitors to justify the cost.

“As Arabic-speaking visitors currently represent our 25th-largest group, Arabic translations are not yet among the initial foreign language editions,” the museum’s representative told the Post.

Cheryl Carpenter Klimek

Cheryl Carpenter Klimek has been a political consultant handling public affairs, political campaigns and PAC management for nearly 20 years.


  • Kenneth Clark

    To appease them they should put the Muslim Cresent on the Nose cone of a passenger plane, like the ones used by their “Brothers” on permanent display, so they understand who done this act of terroristic mass murder (attempted genocide).

    • Binah

      I Have a Better place to put their muslim cresent…

      • Kenneth Clark

        Me too, but this would keep it out front and in their face all of the time, letting them know that we fully understand what their religion is about.

  • Gabriel Beaven

    I am so sick and tired of these a** rabs trying to take over America. This is America, if you don’t like it get the hell out of our country.

    • blackyb

      They have done the same in the UK. The Brits are trying to get their guns back to protect themselves against the crimes the Islamists are committing against their citizens.

    • Richard Erwin


    • Jerry

      They have a 100 year plan to take over the world. That’s why they are spreading out all over. What I can’t understand is if they think there ways are so great why did they come here.

      • Gabriel Beaven

        I couldn’t agree more with you.

  • Shelby Metter

    That’s like the Japanese being offended over the USS Arizona Memorial

  • Lynn Schuster Driver

    LEAVE…That simple.

  • Ron Travis

    screw the Arabs they were the ones flying the planes that killed 3000 people

    • Decoy555

      Actually, 14 out of 19 of them were Saudis, while the remaining were supported by Pakistan and the UAE. Please take the time out to differentiate them. If not, you’ll make false assumptions. I agree, we should impose strict sanctions on those countries that harbored, and/or supported them financially, militarily, or otherwise. But, sadly, we’re not.

  • blackyb

    Send their Islamic azzes packing. If they do not like our rules and regulations. They can go their azz back from whence they came or even snuck in to our country. WE OWE THEM NOTHING.

  • thmiuatga

    These idiots are a joke. Little Syria? Really?! Who buys this BS?!!
    and it was Arabs that attacked us on Sept 11, 2001 and to allow Arabic to be included in the brochures is an open and direct capitulation to the Muslim world that they have won and they have defeated us just as Obama bowed before the late King Fahd Abdul Aziz al Saud. Every act of violence committed by Muslim Arabs has a significant date of history that applies to a previous act of victory to them in a war they waged against someone else and won. Symbolism is important to them and they use it.

    As for the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, they are an open contradiction in act and deed. ONLY people of the Muslim faith are allowed among them and they certainly don’t allow women in their presence unless they are wearing Muslim approved attire such as the Burqa or clothing that conceals their ankles and arms and a scarf around their heads, and accompanied by either their husband or a male relative.

    Some of us are not as stupid as you assume we are!

    • Binah

      Yes, I agree 100% thmiuatga. They keep pushing for THEIR RIGHTS! While killing others that aren’t like them, They are hate filled and not only do not accept others, they will kill others that do not agree with them.

    • NYC427

      Little Syria was a Christian-Arabic speaking community. They fought in our wars (WWI and WWII) and have been fully assimilated for over one hundred years. Please, do your research before you post such idiotic bullshit.

  • Boca Legend

    F*ck ’em.

  • disqus_HNokd970Ne

    WHO really cares what the stupid muslims want. This is OUR country and they either conform or get the hell out…

  • Boobie_The_Rocket_Dog

    Arabs and C.A.I.R. want to be this generation’s Abe Foxman and the A.D.L. Problem is they would NEVER advocate:
    “Imagine a World Without Hate .” It’s against their religion.

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