Laura Ingraham posts ‘best bumper sticker ever!’ slamming Obama

A picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes it’s what lies underneath the picture that tells the full story, as a response to a tweet demonstrated Friday.

Conservative pundit and radio host Laura Ingraham found something that caught her eye and posted it on her Twitter feed as follows:


Um, it’s “quadrillion,” but don’t let the White House know.

Her tweet received the normal replies and re-tweets one would expect, including comments such as “best bumper sticker ever!” “LMBO” (meaning “laughing my butt off”), “funniest bumper sticker ever” and “funny but scary.”

The best response came from a very observant reader who didn’t reply directly to Ingraham on Twitter.

When her tweet was posted on Michelle Malkin’s site, Twitchy, a reader named Craig Swinson observed, “Notice how it covers an Obama/Biden bumper sticker?”

Now look at the photograph again. Peeking out from the bottom of the bumper sticker is another one — red, white and blue. And one can clearly see the bottom sliver of what appears to be the circular Obama logo.

Proof that elections have consequences, and the Obama foundation is crumbling — one year too late.

Read all the comments at Twitchy.


  • drjgarrow

    We are already heading toward a google (that is a 1 with 100 zeros behind it). Dr. Jim Garrow

    • johnnyjihad

      No, that is a website. You are thinking of a googol.

  • Randy Lamb

    It is to bad that it took some people this long to figure out that Obama is the worst president ever, even worse than Jimmy Carter. I never voted for this man, because I saw that he was a con artist and a liar from the beginning. And yes, elections do have consequences, so be very careful who you vote for.

  • NanNJ

    My Fave……”In Poland they tell Obama Jokes.”

    • Richard Erwin

      now thats funny love it

  • enosfolly

    Read some of the twitter posts, and OMG there is one fellow that must have something seriously wrong with his fact detector. He is adament the debt has gone down, and that we are foolish enough to believe it has gone up…and if it did go up it is due to…guess who….yep! I wonder if Obama might have changed his name again…

    • George Blumel

      Yeah, he actually said that Obama has reduced the deficit every year! That guy is the perfect picture of a low-information voter. He simply believes what his party tells him. Probably on welfare.

    • Kenneth Clark

      What’s the new math called? It doesn’t matter the answer as long as you can explain it away…

      Gee Whiz, I could only imagine, in my day, 30 year olds still in the first grade trying to explain to Mrs. Merritt how 1+1=11

  • Jim McCormack

    He’s a sociopath. He believes is own lies.

    • Kenneth Clark

      Brainwashing and Indoctrination. The direct product of our Illustrious Public Educational System.

  • Abunchofbullshit

    I like the “Dump the dog-eater” bumper sticker with a photo of him munching on a leg bone. There are a lot of classics out there.

  • sgtmajornipmuc

    In re: “Proof that elections have consequences, and the Obama foundation is crumbling — one year too late.”; it’s NEVER too late for something like that.

  • disqus_HNokd970Ne

    Can’t stand our HALF WHITE president. He doesn’t know what he is doing and if he is following orders then who ever is giving orders doesn’t know what they are doing. We will just have to suffer thru 3 more years of this idiot but hopefully don’t get the idiot Hillary in there, she’ll be just as bad. These politicians all think they are the greatest when in reality they are the lowest of the low.

    • JerryS

      If we don’t want Hillary, somebody on the Republican side had better step up to the plate, someone who can hit the ball and be a winner, not just a place holder destined to lose in a landslide. It’s about time we wake up and present a candidate who can win on a national level and appeal to independents.

      • disqus_HNokd970Ne

        I absolutely agree with you Jerry. Hillary is not the answer for the dems either, what has she even accomplished?? Really, nothing when you look back at it except for Benghazi and we all know how that turned out.

      • JerryS

        You’re right. The problem is that the candidate who is popular on the Republican side generally loses on the national level because he/she lacks broad appeal. What good is it to put up someone we like only to spend four more years with someone we hate because we can’t win. There has to be the realization that to accomplish anything we need to gain the office first and maybe accept some leeway on social issues to succeed financially and in world affairs.

      • Kenneth Clark

        Cruse, West, a few others but definitely not McCain, Graham, Rubio or the like.

        For the most part, the majority (85-90%) of Congress must be replaced.

        I would also like to see Mrs. Palin in an area like Home Land Security or IRS or maybe Secretary of State. I bet know one would die under her watch without a hell of a fight.

      • JerryS

        Any mention of Sarah Palin makes me ill. She has no place anywhere on this ticket if you want any chance of winning this election. I for one will not vote for anyone who would even dream of making her Secretary of State. Tht is exactly what I am talking about. If you want to have a prayer of winning, her name cannot even be whispered let alone seriously considered. Propose her name for a Cabinet position and you hand the election over to Hillary. If someone like me can’t vote for the Republican ticket, then there is close to a zero chance of winning. Can I be more clear? I speak for myself and many hundreds of others who I know locally, including most intelligent women.

    • Karen Lee King

      If we even have that.

  • Butch

    1,000,000 trucks to DC on 11/11/13 honor the vets! P.S. they ain’t got no stinken permit!!!

  • seazen

    Solid article on one of more important issues today – Bumper Stickers!! And that was a really, really funny example! Seriously. Maybe it should be put in the Smithsonian. Along with the article as a crucial review of the most vital developments in the world on September 16, 2013. Just one example of the hard work at BizPac.

    • Kenneth Clark

      or maybe along side the indecisiveness of the current administration and their scrambling to see whats on the main stream news so they can be misinformed and confused more than they already are… Now there is something the History books should be publishing and I suspect they will one day, if their data collectors can calculate the destruction they have caused.

    • Jerry

      Nothing wrong with a change of pace once in a while. It must be true if it bothers you, you socialist.

      • seazen

        You need to check on the definitions and characteristics of conservatives and progressives. Progressives/liberals are focused on change and the future. Conservatives are focused on past and the way things “used to be.” Besides, this article is not a change of pace. It is just sillier than most.

        • Jerry

          You liberals are focused on demonic debauchery. Those demons have a hold on you and you can’t see what we see. Our peace will come when our kind will never have to be associated with you regressives ever again.

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